Out Go The Lights

All dazed. All confused. All in grave danger.


4. Becky's task

Everyone turned to Becky, who was looking mortified. "Why me?" She wondered. However now was not the time for wondering. "What's my challenge?"

"Your task is to find Arthur's missing shoe. It has been hidden inside the room opposite you".

They all spun around. Arthur's shoe had vanished from where it fell from the air vent and somehow, a blue rusted door stood before them.

"Your objective is to survive".

Becky manned up and opened the door. It felt cold in there to Harry. Not freezing but cold enough. She walked in tentatively and shut the door behind her. What Becky saw made her blood run cold. What stood in front of her were the remains of her infants, their eyes ripped from their skulls and their limbs torn from their bodies. Becky screamed in shock and ran for the door, but it had disappeared. She was trapped in a room with her decomposing children. Gasping, she put her hand inside one of her children's open wounds and began rummaging for Arthur's shoe. Somehow this was a key out of this Hellhole? She cried as she felt the rotting insides of her oldest child. Both bodies fell apart as she touched them and she observed that the shoe wasn't in either of the children. She finally located the shoe dangling from the ceiling when suddenly the walls began to close in on her. She jumped as high as she could but she couldn't reach it. The walls were getting closer. She jumped. The walls were getting closer. She jumped. the walls were getting closer. She jumped. The walls were getting closer. She jumped. She could no longer jump as the walls had crushed both of her legs by now. She felt her eyeballs popping as she let out her final scream.

Meanwhile, Sam was trying to find wifi and Quentin was playing catch with one of the marbles in his pocket. Harry could sense that something was wrong; it had been over an hour and Becky had not come out of the-

"Holy shit, the door's gone!" He pointed at the door.

"It's like Wally from the "Where's Wally?" books!" Quentin replied.

Delphina was less than amused at Quentin's jokes. "Stop being so immature all the time! For all you know Becky and Arthur are dead!"

"Sorry, ma'am" Quentin joked a curtsy. "Didn't know you were the queen of maturity!"

"What are you, the Archbishop of Banter-bury?" Sam replied.

"Everyone, shush!" Harry told them. "The phone's ringing".

He picked up the phone with caution. "Yes?"

"Bang bang, out go the lights!" The voice said calmly.

Suddenly, Harry had to put the phone down as two gunshots were heard, blasting out the lights in the room, turning it pitch black. Some rustling was heard as well as the sound of Quentin repeating, "the power of Christ compels you". Several candles were lit somehow, making the room bright again. A horrible sight was before them: Becky was hanging from a rope, bloodied and crushed by the walls. A note was stapled to her forehead. "Philip's turn".

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