Taken {n.h. Fanfiction}

Caroline and Taylor love One Direction. They end up winning tickets to their party. From the moment Niall saw Taylor he fell in love with her. What happens when Taylor is reported missing. Will the cops get involved? Read to find out...


18. Watching Grace

Taylor's POV

I said bye to Kono and Cat and drove back to Danny's. Steve had already left and gone home. I scrambled for my keys and opened the door. "Danny I'm home" I yelled. "Hey how was your day with the girls?" Danny asked. "It went well" I replied. "What'd you guys talk about?" He asked. "You already know" I replied. "Oh ok well I have to go to work. Would you mind watching Grace for a few hours?" Danny asked again. "Sure" I smiled. "Great! Grace" Danny called. "Yea Dano?" "I'd like you to meet someone" Danny yelled. Grace walked out and stood there. "Grace this is Taylor. She gonna watch you until I get home from work ok." Danny said. "Ok" Grace replied. "Great! I love you" Danny said to both of us. He grabbed his things and drove to work.

Grace's POV

"Grace" Danny yelled. "Yea" I replied. "Come out is like your to meet someone." Danny said. I walked out of my room and into the family room. "Grace this is Taylor, she's gonna watch you while I'm at work ok." Danny said. "Ok" I said. "Great! Love you guys." Danny hugged both of us and grabbed his keys and drove to work.

"So Grace since your dad left, what do you want to do?" Taylor asked. "Make ice cream sundaes!" I said excitedly. "Sounds like a plan" Taylor smiled. We went to the kitchen and found ice cream in the freezer and root beer in the fridge. We got the ingredients out and started making ice cream sundaes. After we made ice cream sundaes we went shopping. Taylor and I were having a great time! I love hanging out with Taylor. She's the coolest person on the planet.

Taylor's POV

Grace and I were in the kitchen making ice cream sundaes which were great! We made a mess which we cleaned up then we hung out for a bit. "Taylor your the best person to hang out with" Grace said. "Really?" I asked. "Yea you're cooler than uncle Steve" Grace laughed. "I don't think so but whatever" I replied. "What do you want to do now Grace?" I asked. "Shopping!" Grace said excitedly. "Ok let's get cleaned up then we'll get going." I smiled. "Ok" Grace replied and went to get changed.

While Grace was changing, I decided to text Draco.

Hey Draco its Taylor :) ~T

Hey Taylor what up? ~D

Watching my brothers daughter ~T

Cool would you mind showing me around the island?~D

Yea we're going to the mall so you can meet us there :) ~T

Great! See you then :) ~D

"Grace are you ready?" I yelled. "Yea" Grace walked out of her room wearing a cute tank top and shorts. "How do I look?" Grace asked. "You look fabulous" I said. "Thanks Taylor!" Grace smiled. "Your welcome" I smiled. "Let's go shopping" I said. "Ok" Grace replied. We walked out the door and drove to the mall.

Draco's POV

I drove over to the mall and waited for Taylor by the fountain. While I was waiting I saw three boys walk in. All three were brunettes. I might have been hallucinating but I wasn't sure. I then saw Taylor walk in with a girl that was about 11. "Draco" Taylor waved to me. I looked again and the boys were walking away. Taylor walked up to me wearing shorts, a hoodie and sunglasses. "Hey Taylor" I said. "Who's this?" I asked looking at the girl. "This is Grace" she replied. "Nice to meet you Grace" I smiled. "Nice to meet you too" she replied. "Grace and I were gonna go shopping. Do you want to come with us?" Taylor asked. "Sure" I replied.

While we were walking around, Taylor showed me some of the stores that were great. Some stores were Forever 21, Target, Ross, Kohl's, and Papaya. We walked into Forever 21 and Grace got some clothes. We walked out of the store and walked around for a bit.

Taylor's POV

Grace and I drove up to the mall and parked. We got out and walked in. I saw Draco sitting at the fountain looking at some people. I turned in his direction and saw Harry, Liam and Louis. I also saw the paparazzi as well. "This day just can't get any better" I sighed.

Louis saw me and walked over. "Don't come over here" I whined. "God damnit" "Hey Taylor" Liam smiled. "Hey guys" "What are you doing here?" Harry asked. "I'm meeting my boyfriend and taking Grace shopping." "Cool. Niall feels really bad about what happened." Liam said. "He doesn't care about me at all. He'd rather be with Ashley." I said angrily. "What do you mean?" Louis asked. "You know I would love to stay and chat but I really have to go. Nice running into you guys." I smiled as Grace and I walked over to the fountain where Draco was.

Grace and I walked toward him. When we got closer I introduced him to Grace. "Nice to meet you Grace" Draco said. "Nice to meet you too" Grace replied. "Well are we ready to shop" I said. "Yea!" Grace said excitedly. "Ok let's go" I said.

The three of us walked around and I showed Draco some stores that had really great deals and clothes. In Hawaii, the best stores to go to were Forever 21, Target, Ross, Kohl's, and Papaya. We walked into Forever 21 and helped Grace pick out some clothes. We went to the dressing room and Grace tried some clothes on and she liked a few. After we paid for the clothes we walked out of the store and walked around.

Draco was quiet. "Draco what's wrong?" I asked. "It's nothing" He replied. "U sure?" I asked. "Yea" "If it's about the three boys you saw, I saw them too" I said. We walked towards the front about to leave when I got a text from Danny that said:

I'm home where r u? I need to show you something~Dano

Mall. We'll be home in 5 minutes~Taylor


"Hey Draco I have to take Grace back home but we'll definitely hang out some other time." I said. "Ok" Draco hugged me."It was nice meeting you Grace" Draco said. As Grace and I were leaving Draco turned around and said "Taylor" "Yea" I said. "Never mind I'll tell you another time" Draco smiled and waved. "Ok bye" I said.

Louis's POV

Liam, Harry and I walked out of the mall towards Harry's Range Rover when I spotted Taylor about to leave. "I'll catch you guys later" I said. "Ok" Liam said. They left and I walked over to Taylor. "Taylor" I yelled. She looked up and we made eye contact. She looked away quickly. I walked up to her and kissed her on the forehead. "Hey babe" She pushed me away. "What are you doing here?" She asked. "I wanted to see how you were doing." I replied. "Well I'm fine" she spat. "Why are you such a bitch? Niall feels really bad about what he did." I said. "Well he shouldn't have cheated on me with Ashley" she spat. She looked in the distance and paparazzi was everywhere. "I'm sorry I didn't know she would do that." I apologized. "Well she did but we really have to go" Taylor said. "Why?" "Paparazzi" "Right lets go" I said.

While we drove to Danny's house, I sat in the back and talked to Grace. "How was your day Grace?" I asked. "It was fun! Taylor and I made ice cream sundaes and went shopping." She replied. "Sounds fun!" I said. "Is the paparazzi still behind us?" Taylor asked. I looked behind me and said "Yea" "Great!" Taylor spat. "I was hoping to have a paparazzi free day but it didn't go as planned." "What do you mean?" I asked. "Grace and I drove to mall and we walked in and saw you, Liam and Harry. I also saw paparazzi." Taylor replied. "Oh that sucks I hate paparazzi" "I said. "Of course you do your a pop star" Taylor said.

We pulled up to Danny's house and parked.

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