Taken {n.h. Fanfiction}

Caroline and Taylor love One Direction. They end up winning tickets to their party. From the moment Niall saw Taylor he fell in love with her. What happens when Taylor is reported missing. Will the cops get involved? Read to find out...


12. The Truth

Taylor's POV

"What do you want to do?" Danny asked me. "Tell Niall the truth. I've been hiding it from him for too long." I replied. Steve came in and told Danny and I Niall was out front. We got up and walked outside. I was clinging to Danny's arm and cried. "Danny, Steve what happened?" Niall asked. "Harry happened" Danny replied. "We got it covered don't worry." Steve said. "That's great!" Niall exclaimed.

Niall looked at me and saw the bruise on my cheek and asked "Are you ok?" I nodded. "Well I gotta go do paperwork." Steve said. "Catch you guys later" he left and drove off to work. After Steve left, it was just Danny, Niall and I there. "Danny I can't do this" I said. "Yes you can. You want to be with Niall right?" Danny replied. I nodded and let go of Danny arm. "I'm gonna let you two have a minute. I'll just wait in the car." Danny said. I looked at him and smiled. He gave me a thumbs up and walked to the car.

"Do you want to talk about something?" Niall asked. "No I'm just gonna stand here and look pretty. Yes I want to talk." I said. I looked down at my promise ring. Niall said "I've seen that promise ring before." Niall said. "Really? Where? I asked. "I gave my girlfriend a ring just like that." "What happened?" I asked. "She was kidnapped and we were looking for her. It would've been 5 months and I still miss her." Niall started crying. "I want her back in my arms. I've tried to move on but it didn't work until I met Ashley. She made me happy but Taylor made me even happier." I was tearing up but was mad that he moved on. "Danny told me that you still care about her even tho you have a girlfriend." I said. "Yea I do Ashley was just temporary until I found Taylor." "Did you ever find Taylor?" I asked as I walked closer. "No" "Niall I got to tell you something." I said. "What is it?" I took his hands in mine and said "She's right in front of you" I took off my glasses and hoodie and looked at Niall. "Taylor?" He said. He touched my face. "Niall it's me. It's really me!" I smiled and cried. Niall wiped a tear from my face and hugged me and picked me up. "I've missed you so much Taylor!" "Me too Niall" I said. We stood there hugging and kissing for a while until Ashley stormed over.

Niall's POV

"I'm gonna give you two a minute to talk. I'll wait in the car." Danny said. He left and went to his car. His girlfriend looked at him and he gave her a thumbs up.

"Do you want to talk about something?" I asked. "No I'm just gonna stand here and look pretty" Danny's girlfriend said. "Alright then" I backed away. "Of course I want to talk." She said. She looked down at her promise ring. "I've seen that promise ring before." I said. "Really. Where?" The girl said. "I gave my girlfriend one just like that." I replied. "What happened?" "She was kidnapped. We looked and looked for her but we couldn't find anything. It would've been 5 months. I still miss her tho." I started crying. "I just want her back in my arms so I can kiss her. I've tried to move on but it didn't work out until I met Ashley. She made me happy but Taylor made me even happier." Danny's girlfriend was tearing up. "Danny told me that you still care for Taylor even tho you moved on." She said. "Yea I do but Ashley is just temporary until I find Taylor." "Did you ever find her?" She asked and got closer. She was three inches from my face. She was so pretty I wanted to kiss her but didn't. "No and I don't think we ever will" I replied. "Don't say that. You will find her" Danny's girlfriend smiled. "Thanks er-um I don't know your name." I said. "Niall. I need to tell you something." She said. "Anything" I exclaimed. She took my hands in hers. "She's right in front of you" she said. She took off her hoodie and glasses and looked at me. "Taylor?" I asked. "Niall it's me, it's really me!" Taylor smiled. I touched her face and wrapped her in a hug and picked her up. "Taylor I've missed you so much! I'm never, ever gonna let you go again." I exclaimed. "Me too Niall" she said. We stood there hugging and kissed for a while until Ashley stormed over.

Danny's POV

I waited in the car and had my window down. I overheard Taylor and Niall talking. "Danny told me that you still care about Taylor even tho you moved on." "Yea I do but Ashley's just temporary until I find Taylor" "Did you find her yet?" "No" "Niall I need to tell you something." Taylor said. I saw her take off the hoodie and glasses and Niall's face. It was a grieving moment. They hugged and cried which made me smile. Then I saw Ashley storm up and push Taylor on the ground and yelling and fighting. I got out and walked over and Niall and I grabbed the two girls. I got Ashley and Niall got Taylor.

Ashley's POV

I was out walking and saw Niall and Danny's girlfriend talking. I didn't want to bother them but then they hugged for a while and were about to kiss. I stormed up to them and pushed Danny's girlfriend away from Niall. "Don't touch my boyfriend!" "Your boyfriend! Honey do I see a promise ring on that finger? Don't think so!" "Niall what are you doing with this girl anyway? I asked. "We were talking until you showed up." "Well I wanted to hang out with you but I guess not." I gave Danny's girlfriend a dirty look and kissed Niall in front of her. "That's it" She said and punched me. "No" I punched back and we fought, scratched, and punched until there was blood. I saw Danny get out and run towards us. He and Niall tore us off each other. Danny grabbed me and Niall grabbed the other girl.

Niall's POV

I saw Ashley storm over. "Omg! I've already been beat up today" Taylor whined. "Niall!" Ashley yelled. "Don't touch my boyfriend!" Ashley pushed Taylor away. "Your boyfriend! Taylor laughed. "Honey do I see a promise ring on your finger?" Taylor looked at her hand and flipped Ashley off. I tried not to laugh but it just came out. "Niall what are you doing with this girl anyway?" Ashley asked. "Well we were talking before you showed up" I said. "Well nilly boo, I wanted to hang out with you but I guess not" "Nilly boo?" Taylor tried not to laugh. "Taylor shut up!" Niall joked. Ashley gave Taylor a dirty look and kissed me. I tried to pry Ashley off and Taylor was pissed. "That's it! Niall hold my ring!" Taylor yelled. I finally got Ashley off me and grabbed it. Taylor punched Ashley. "Bitch!" Ashley yelled and punched Taylor back. There was a bunch of fighting, pinching, scratching, and pulling hair. Danny saw everything and came over.

"Niall's mine!" Ashley yelled. "No he's mine" Taylor yelled. "Niall and I have been dating for 4 months. How long have you guys been dating?" "Longer than you" Ashley yelled back. "Doubt it" Taylor shouted. Danny and I finally broke up the fight. I grabbed hold of Taylor and Danny grabbed Ashley.

"That's enough!" Danny yelled. "What happened?" "Your girlfriend is trying to take Niall from me." Ashley yelled. "Taylor's not my girlfriend..she's my sister." Danny said. "Niall is her boyfriend." I nodded. "Ashley your such a bitch. Idk why Louis had us meet. Taylor is my girlfriend. You were just temporary. We are through!" I spat. "Fine. Be that way!" Ashley yelled and stormed off.

Taylor's POV

"Thank god she's finally gone" I said leaning against Niall. "I never liked her" "I know" Niall said. "Niall let's go home" "Ok. Let me make a call." I nodded. I turned to Danny and said "I'm gonna miss you Danny" "Me too Taylor. Why are you leaving now tho? Why don't you stay for a little bit longer?" Danny asked. "I think I've stayed for too long." I laughed. "Yea before you go, we all should go out to dinner." Danny said. "That would be great!" I exclaimed. "I'll call the gang" "Ok" I said. Danny left and Niall came back. "What was that about?" I asked. "It's a surprise!" Niall exclaimed. "Why so many surprises" I whined. "Just wait." Niall said and kissed me. I walked behind him and jumped on his back. "What were you and Danny talking about?" Niall asked. "Danny, Steve, Cat, Kono, Chin, you and I are going to dinner before we leave." I replied. "Great!" Niall said.

Niall's POV

"Thank god she's gone" Taylor said. "I never liked her" "I know. Idk what I saw in her. It's whatever. Now I got my princess in my arms and I'm never letting go." I said as I wrapped my arms around her. "Niall let's go home" Taylor smiled. "Ok just let me make a call" I said. She nodded. I walked away and called Liam. Louis, Caroline, and him were back home.

The call

"Hello" Liam answered.

"Liam" I said.

"Niall! How r u? Have they found Taylor yet?" Liam asked.

I looked over at Taylor. Her hair was blowing in the wind which was perfect. "Yea they did" I said.

"That's great!" Liam exclaimed. "Should I tell Louis and Car?"

"We were going back to Britain but can you guys throw a party?" I asked.

"Whatever you need" Liam replied.

"Great! Thank you" I said.

"When are you guys heading back?" Liam asked

"Tomorrow" I replied.

"Ok see you tomorrow" Liam said.


End call

I walked back over to Taylor and put my arms around her. "What were you and Danny talking about?" I asked. "We are going out to dinner with the 5-0 crew before we leave." Taylor said. "Great! That reminds me" "What?" Taylor asked. I'll show you later" I replied. "Ok babe" Taylor said. "I love you Taylor" I said. "I love you too Niall" Taylor responded. She jumped on my back and put her arms around my neck. I kissed her and she kissed back. "Promise me you'll never let me go" Taylor said. "Promise" I replied. We kissed for a while until Danny walked over.

Danny's POV

"Before you go we should all go out to dinner" I suggested. "Yea that would be great!" Taylor exclaimed. "Awesome! I'll call the gang" "Ok" I walked away and called Steve.

The call

"Hey Danny what up?" Steve answered.

"Hey Steve. Just so you know, Taylor and Niall are leaving tomorrow and I wanted all of us to go out to dinner. Are you up for it?" I asked.

"Yea where and what time?" Steve asked.

"Koolina Hawaiian BBQ at 8" I replied. "Could you let Kono and Chin know too."

"Yea sure thing." Steve said.

"Thanks Steve" I said.

"Np I'm almost home. I'll see you in a bit." Steve said.

"Great!" I said.

End call

I walked back over and saw Taylor and Niall talking and kissing. "Woah! Save it for the bedroom." I joked. Taylor and Niall laughed. "What's the plan?" Taylor asked. "We are going to Koolina Hawaiian BBQ at 8" I said. "Everyone's gonna meet us there." "Great!" Taylor replied. "I have to head back to the hotel to pack." Niall said. "I'll come with you" Taylor said excitedly. "I'll just hang out with Catherine and Steve." I said. "Ok could we drive your car back?" Niall asked. "Sure I'll text you directions" I said. "Great! See you then" Taylor said.

I watched Taylor and Niall drive off to the hotel. I stood there and waved then walked into Steve's house. I hung out with Catherine until Steve came home.

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