Taken {n.h. Fanfiction}

Caroline and Taylor love One Direction. They end up winning tickets to their party. From the moment Niall saw Taylor he fell in love with her. What happens when Taylor is reported missing. Will the cops get involved? Read to find out...


9. Siblings Reunited At Last

Taylor's POV

I was sitting at Danny's desk when Steve, Danny and Niall walked in. I immediately hid under the desk. I heard the video in the background and Harry's name. I couldn't stand Harry at all. I wanted to cry but held back. I heard Steve and Niall leave and Kono and Danny talking. "Danny Taylor's proud to have a brother like you" "Really? Thanks Kono" Danny replied.

I heard Danny walk in and Chin walk in a few minutes later. "Chin why is there water on my desk?" Danny asked. "I'd thought you'd be thirsty" Chin lied. "So did the water magically appear or did someone put it there. I'm not thirsty right now. All I want to do is find Taylor." Danny said. I smiled at the thought and Danny sat down. "I know you want to find Taylor and Kono's got a lead on her whereabouts. She's at the docks. Are you up for coming or not?" Chin asked. "No it's ok I've got a lot on my mind right now" Danny replied. "Ok" Chin got up and left with Kono.

Danny was sitting at his desk for a while then I started crying. He heard it and said "Hello is anyone there?" I didn't answer so Danny shrugged it off. Then I bumped my head which made the desk shake and Danny jump and fall. "Steve this isn't funny!" Danny yelled. He stormed out and I crawled out from under his desk. Danny realized there was no one else there except him and I. He turned back around and saw me standing in his office.

Danny's POV

I couldn't believe Taylor was actually here. We are reunited at last. I walked back into my office and gave Taylor a hug. "Taylor I was so worried about you. I thought you were dead. What happened?" I asked. "Well hello to you too" Taylor replied. "You saw the video" "Steve and Niall did too. I'm gonna kill Harry when I see him." "I bet you are" Taylor said. "I've missed you so much Taylor." I cried. "Me too Danny" She replied. We stood there hugging for a while then let go.

"Niall will be thrilled to see you!" I said excitedly. "Really!" Taylor said. "Yea he's been waiting for you to return." I replied. "Where is he?" Taylor asked. "Probably with the Liam, Louis and Caroline. We can go see him if you want." I replied. "Not right now" Taylor said. "What do you want to do?" I asked. Steve came back from dropping Niall off and he went into his office. "We should scare Steve then go surfing." Taylor said. "Sounds great! Why surfing tho?" "I've always wanted to go" Taylor said. "Ok" I replied. I gave Taylor a hoodie to wear.

I walked into Steve's office . Hey Steve" I said. "Hey Danny how are you holding up?" "I'm getting better but I really want to kill Harry." "Yea you and Niall" "Really?" I asked. Steve nodded. "Well I'm going surfing to clear my head." I said. "I thought you didn't like water" Steve laughed. "I don't but somethings changed." I said. "Oh" Steve said. Steve looked over at my office. "Danny who's that?" Steve asked pointing to Taylor but I walked out his office and grabbed Taylor's hand. "Have fun!" Steve yelled after us.

Steve's POV

I dropped Niall off at the hotel and headed back to 5-0 headquarters. I saw Danny talking with a girl and assumed it was his girlfriend. I went in my office and did some paperwork. Danny walked in a few minutes later. "Hey Steve" Danny said. "Hey Danny how are you holding up?" I asked. "I'm better I just really want to kill Harry" Danny replied. "Yea you and Niall" "Really?" I nodded. "Well I'm going surfing to clear my head" Danny said. "I thought you didn't like water" I responded. "I don't but something changed." Danny said. "Oh" I looked over Danny shoulder and asked " Danny who's that?" "That's my friend" Danny replied. "Really? What her name?" Danny left without saying a word and grabbed the girls hand and left. "Have fun!" I yelled. "Thank you" Danny said.

Danny's POV

Taylor and I drove over to the beach and talked. "Did you scare Steve?" Taylor asked. "Not exactly. He's onto me." I replied. "How?" Taylor asked. "He asked who you were so I played it off as you were my friend." I replied. "Oh" Taylor said. I looked at her then back at the road. "Hey we're here" I said. We pulled up to the beach and parked. We got out and walked toward the beach. "This is amazing!" Taylor said. "Yea lets get some surfboards and go surf." I said. "Are you sure you can surf Danny or do you need some lessons." Taylor laughed. "I can surf no problem" "No you can't, you need lessons" Taylor said. "Ok" I replied.

Taylor and I got surfing lessons and after about 3 times we were ready to go out in the water. We had a blast! I fell a few times but it was fun anyway. The day was about over and Taylor and I were coming in when I saw Niall, Liam Louis, Caroline and another girl. Niall waved. "Great!" I mumbled under my breath. "What?" Taylor asked. "Nothing Taylor" I replied. Taylor turned around and saw Niall talking to another girl.

Taylor's POV

Niall ran towards us to talk to Danny. I wore sunglasses so Niall wouldn't see me cry. Niall came up to us and luckily Danny got out of the car. "Danny any news on Taylor?" Niall asked. Danny looked at me and said "No but we'll keep you updated." Danny smiled. "Ok I hope you find her" Niall said. "I hope so too Niall" Danny replied. Niall looked over Danny shoulder and looked at me. "Danny who's that?" Niall asked. Danny looked at me then back at Niall. "My friend" Danny said. "I'm his girlfriend actually" I said as I got out of the car. "Oh how long have you guys been dating?" Niall asked. "4 months" I said. I looked at Niall and couldn't bear to cry. I wanted to tell him that I was ok and I'm back but it was probably better for him not knowing. I then saw his little friend come towards us.

"Niall" "Hey babe" Niall kissed her. "Babe?" I asked." "Yea this is Ashley btw" Niall said. "Oh" I said. "How do you guys know each other?" Danny asked. "Louis introduced us" "Cool. How long have you guys been dating?" He asked. "2 months" "Nice!" Danny said and looked at me. "Hey well it was nice meeting you Ashley. Can I talk to Niall for a minute?" Danny asked. Ashely nodded and walked away.

I wanted to punch Ashley in the face but cooled down. "I'm going for a swim" I said and walked toward the water. Louis saw me and walked over to see if I was ok.

Louis's POV

I was hanging out with Harry, Liam, and Caroline when I saw a girl storm over to us. I thought it was Ashley but the girl was wearing a hoodie, shorts and sunglasses. It looked like she was crying so I decided to see if she was ok. She was also very beautiful so I didn't refuse.

"Hey guys I'll be right back" I said and got up and walked over to where she was. "Hey are you ok?" I asked. She nodded. "I'm fine" she said. "U sure?" I asked. She ripped off her glasses and looked at me with tears in her eyes so I knew she wasn't ok. "No" she cried. "What happened?" I asked. "Listen dude you don't know me and I already have enough problems to deal with." She spat. "Gosh I was just trying to be nice and this is how you treat me." I rebounded. "I'm sorry it's just that I've been gone for so long and I don't know what to do." The girl started crying.

It was quiet for a moment.

I gave her a hug and she calmed down. "I can help if you want." I said and held her hand. "Really?" She looked into my light blue eyes and I looked into her hazel eyes which seemed really familiar. "Yea here let me give you my number in case you want to talk ok." I offered. "I'd like that." She smiled.

We continued talking then all of a sudden we saw a big crowd of ppl in the parking lot. We ran over and saw Danny and Niall fighting. I looked for Ashley and she was already there trying to break up the fight and so was the girl. She was trying to pull Danny off but needed help. "Louis help me!" She yelled.

How does this girl know me? Have we met before? I wasn't sure. "Louis help me!" The girl yelled again. I came back to reality and helped her pull Danny off of Niall. "Everyone can leave we have it taken care of" I said and everyone left.

"You need to calm down Danny. Get in the car." The girl spat and put her sunglasses on. She turned to us and apologized. "Sorry about him, he is very overprotective of me and will beat anyone up who hurts me." She looked at Niall. "I bet he is" I said. She nodded.

I turned my attention to Niall. "Are you ok Niall?" I asked. "I'm fine Lou. Let's get out of here" Niall spat and grabbed Ashley's hand and walked away. I looked at the girl and she was crying. I wanted to comfort her but Niall called my name again. "Go I'll be fine" she said. I nodded.

Danny was in the car and honked his horn. She looked at him then looked at me. "Talk later?" I asked. She nodded and walked over to Danny and opened the car door. I walked away but turned around at the last second. "I forgot to ask but what's your name? I asked. "You already know just remember" she said. She got in the car and they were about leave when Niall came up.

Niall's POV

Liam, Louis, Harry, Caroline and I went to the beach to hang out when I saw Danny and some other girl walking to Danny's car. I thought it was Danny's girlfriend but I shrugged it off. I ran up to them and wanted to talk to Danny about Taylor. "Danny, is there any update on Taylor?" I asked. Danny looked at the girl, who had her back to me, then back at me. "No there hasn't but I will definitely update you, the boys and Caroline." Danny said. "Ok I hope you find her" Niall replied. We will don't worry" Danny said.

Then Ashley-my girlfriend-showed up and we talked and Danny's girlfriend got out of the car and stared me down. It looked like she was crying. I wanted to ask what's wrong but held back. I looked at her finger and saw the promise ring I gave her a while back ago then realized I was stupid. "Well it was nice meeting you Ashley. Can I talk to Niall for a minute?" Danny asked. Ashley nodded and left.

"What do you want to talk about Danny?" I asked. I looked for Danny's girl and turned around and saw that she was talking to Lou. Out of nowhere Danny punched me. "What was that for!" I yelled. "For hurting Taylor!" Danny yelled back. Danny's girl and Lou came ran over and she tried to stop the fight. Ashley ran over as well. "I told you if you hurt Taylor I would come after you. Well you did and she's hurt!" Danny shouted. "Danny! Stop!" The girl shouted. "I'm sorry but can you at least hear me out." I said. Why would I?" Danny asked. "Cuz I love her!" I shouted. "No you don't." Danny went in for another punch but his girlfriend and Louis pulled him back. "You need to calm down Danny" she said. "Sorry about him he's very overprotective of me." She turned to us. "It's ok" Lou said.

"Niall are you ok!?" Ashley and Lou ran over to me. "I'm fine guys don't worry about it. Let's get out of here." I said. I put my arm around Ashley and we left. Lou stayed there and him and Danny's girl were talking. I called Lou's name again and he finally walked away.

I looked back at Danny's girlfriend and she was crying. I wanted to go back and apologize bc I felt bad. "Ashley go wait by the car I have to do something." I said. "Ok hurry back" she replied. I hugged her and went over to Danny's girlfriend. They were getting in the car when I came up. "Hey I'm sorry" She didn't say anything. "Why would you care" Danny spat. "Bc I do" "Go be with your freaking girlfriend since you obviously don't care about my sister." Danny spat and they got in the car and left.

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