Taken {n.h. Fanfiction}

Caroline and Taylor love One Direction. They end up winning tickets to their party. From the moment Niall saw Taylor he fell in love with her. What happens when Taylor is reported missing. Will the cops get involved? Read to find out...


19. Niall?

Danny's POV

I got back from work and saw a white corvette in the driveway. I got out and walked towards the car with my gun out. I walked up to the window but no one was inside. I walked up to the door and unlocked the door. I threw my keys down on the desk and watched tv.

While I was watching tv, I heard someone in the kitchen. I grabbed my gun and went to investigate.

I walked into the kitchen and saw a certain blonde sitting at the counter eating a sandwich. "Niall what are you doing here?" I asked and put my gun away.

Niall's POV

"Niall what are you doing here?" Danny asked putting his gun away. "What?" I asked with my mouth full. "What are you doing here?" Danny asked again. "Oh I want to win Taylor back. I know she hates me and I know I messed up but I miss her." I replied. "I know you do and I know what happened." Danny said. "Really?" I asked. Danny nodded. "Can you tell her that I wasn't here then" I said getting up. "Why in such a rush. You gotta be somewhere?" Danny asked. "No I just don't want to start drama" I said. "No it's ok. Why don't you sit down and stay for a while." Danny said.

Danny's POV

Niall sat back down and we talked for a bit. I found out Liam, Louis and Harry were here too. "Hey I gotta call Steve but don't go anywhere." I said. "Ok" Niall said. I left the kitchen and walked into the living room.

I instantly took my phone out and texted Taylor.

I'm home where are you? I need to show you something~Dano

Mall we'll be home in 5~Tay


I came back in and Niall was in the same position when I left. He was eating pizza. "What did you and Steve talk about?" Niall asked. "Nothing of your concern" I replied. "Oh ok" Niall said. We talked for a while until Taylor and Grace came home.

Taylor's POV

Louis, Grace and I pulled up to Danny's house and got out. I scrambled for my keys and opened the door. "Danny we're home" I yelled. "Hey guys, hi Louis" Danny said from the kitchen. "Hello" Louis said. "How was the mall?" Danny asked. "It was the best day ever! I got some cute clothes." Grace giggled. Sounds fun!" Danny said. "Yea Taylor is the coolest person to hang out with. I love her!" Grace smiled and hugged me. "I should let her watch you more often." Danny laughed. "Please!!" Grace pleaded. "Sure thing" Danny smiled. "Yay!" Grace yelled with joy. "Hey Grace I need to talk to Taylor. Why don't you go in your room." Danny said. "Ok" Grace skipped towards her room and closed the door.

"Hey Louis how are you?" Danny asked. "I'm good. We were chased by paparazzi on the way here." Louis replied. "Really why?" Danny asked. "It's a long story I'll tell you later" Taylor said. "Ok" Danny smiled.

"What's up Danny?" I asked. "Someone's here to see you" Danny mumbled. I looked at Louis. "Taylor?" I heard a Irish accent. I looked over and saw Niall. "What is he doing here?" I gritted my teeth. "Taylor just hear him out ok" Danny pleaded. I looked at the ground then back at Danny and Niall. "Fine" I rolled my eyes.

Louis what are you doing here?" Niall asked. "Haha funny story actually" I laughed. Niall gave Louis a death glare. "Anyways so Liam, Harry and I went to the mall and we ran into Taylor. Louis said. "Yea and we talked about how you felt really bad about what happened and all." I butt in. "Yea then we were chased by paparazzi" I said. "Did anything happen between you two?" Niall asked. "No!" Louis and I said together.

"Ok then. Taylor can you hear me out please!" Niall begged. I sighed and looked at Niall, then Danny then back at Niall. "If it's about Ashley I don't want to hear it." I spat. "Taylor just hear Niall out. He means well" Louis said. "Fine" I rolled my eyes again and looked at Niall.

"Taylor I know I messed up and I know you don't want anything to do with me. Honestly, Ashley is a real bitch and I never meant any of those things. I love you Taylor. I always will and nothing can change that. I want to get you back cuz I miss you and so does everyone else." Niall was balling at this point. "Niall I know you love me but your with Ashley. Those things you said hurt me." I spat. He walked towards me and I backed up to the door. He took my hand in his. "Taylor you have to believe me and I'm truly sorry if I hurt you" Niall cried. "You make me happy" I was tearing up and said "I believe you Niall and I miss you too." I cried and we hugged and Niall kissed me. Louis looked at me and Niall and bolted out the door. "Louis!" I shouted.

Niall's POV

I told Taylor how I felt and she was crying. I hugged her then kissed her. She pulled away and looked down. "What's wrong?" I asked. "I'm gonna go for a walk" Taylor replied. "Let me come with you" I said. "Niall it's ok you don't have to" Taylor said. "U sure?" Danny asked. "I'm sure" Taylor said opening the door. "If something happens I'll call you guys" Taylor said looking at Danny and I. "Ok" I said. "Be safe" Danny yelled. Taylor left which made me sad but luckily Danny made me feel better. "Grace you can come out now" Danny yelled. Grace did and Danny introduced me to her. "Grace this is Niall, Niall this is Grace" Danny said. "Nice to meet you Grace" I said putting out my hand. Nice to meet you too Niall." Grace replied and shook it. We talked for hours until Taylor came back.

Taylor's POV

After Niall told me how he felt he kissed me. I pulled away and looked at the ground. "What's wrong?" Niall asked. "Nothing I'm going for a walk" I said. "Let me come with you" Niall said. "No it's ok Niall you don't have to" I said. "U sure?" He asked. "I'm sure. If something happens I'll call you guys" I said looking at Danny and Niall and opened he door. "Ok" Niall said. "Be safe" Danny yelled as I closed the door.

I walked to my car and drove to my favorite spot so I could clear my head. I pulled up and parked and got out. I saw Louis sitting on the ledge crying. I walked to the ledge and sat down next to him.

Louis's POV

I was sitting on the ledge looking out at the ocean when Taylor sat next to me. "Louis?" I looked at her. "What!" Taylor backed away. "I just wanted to see if you were ok" Taylor said. "Sorry" I apologized. Taylor took my hand and we looked out at the water for a while.

"Louis I know you like me and your my best friend but I think we should keep what we have a secret." Taylor said. "I don't want to though" I whined. "I know but I don't want Niall to find out and I don't want to break up again." Taylor said. "I see. I promise you babe, I won't let that happen." I answered. "U sure?" Taylor asked. I nodded. "Ok" Taylor replied. I kissed her and we talked until it became dark.

The paparazzi was near by and I'm pretty sure they got plenty of pictures of Taylor and I. Niall will be pissed if he found out.

Taylor's POV

Louis and I hugged then let go. He was looking at me weird. "Well I better get going Danny might be mad that I'm not back yet" I laughed. "Oh yea don't want to keep you or anything" Louis said. We stood up and he walked me to my car and we stood there for a while. "Do you want a ride back to the hotel?" I asked. "I mean if you want to" Louis replied. "It's no problem" I said. "Ok" Louis said. We got in the car and drove to the boys hotel.

We pulled up to the hotel and parked. Louis and I got out and walked up to the entrance. We stood there for a bit then Louis leaned in and I did too but Liam came down to the lobby and saw us. Louis then turned away quickly. "What are you guys doing?" Liam asked. "Nothing" Louis and I said together. "I have to get going anyway. Nice seeing you Liam. Bye Louis." I said quickly. I went back to my car and got in and started it up and drove back to Danny's.

It was getting late when I drove up to Danny's. I walked up to the door and opened it. I saw Niall and Grace asleep and Danny reading a book. He looked up from his book and smiled. I smiled back and sat down next to him. "How was your walk?" He asked. "It was good. Can we go to the beach tomorrow?" I asked. "Sure" Danny replied. "Great! I love you." I kissed his cheek and went to change into my pjs. "Love you too sis" Danny smiled. When I was done changing I came out and Danny and Grace had gone to bed leaving Niall asleep on the couch.

I walked over to the couch and put a blanket on him. Then I kneeled down next to him and looked at him. Idk if he felt me starring at him but I didn't care bc I loved him. "Niall" I whispered. "Hmm" he opened his eyes and looked at me and smiled. "How are you love?" I asked. "Great! Now that your here" he smiled and went back to sleep. I smiled. "I love you Nialler" I whispered and laid next to him. My eyes were getting heavy and slowly went to sleep.

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