Taken {n.h. Fanfiction}

Caroline and Taylor love One Direction. They end up winning tickets to their party. From the moment Niall saw Taylor he fell in love with her. What happens when Taylor is reported missing. Will the cops get involved? Read to find out...


16. Leaving Again

Taylor's POV

Louis and I were in the bathroom talking. "I can't stay here. I need to take a break from everything, I'm sorry Louis." I said. "I know. Take all the time you need. I'll take you to the airport when your done packing." Louis said. "Thank you" I hugged him.

Louis wiped the tears that were flowing down my face and looked at me. All of a sudden he kissed me then pulled away. "What was that for?" I asked. "Idk I guess I've started to have feelings for you." Louis replied. "Really" I said. Louis nodded. I kissed him back and we stood there for a while. Louis had his arms around my waist and I had my arms around his neck. We were inseparable. I didn't want to let go but I had to.

"Well I'm gonna go pack" I said pulling away. "Oh right I'll see you downstairs then" Louis said.

We left the bathroom and Louis went downstairs to hang out with everyone and Niall was down there. I walked into Niall's room and got my suitcase out and started packing.

Niall came back up and went in his room and saw me. "Taylor what are you doing?" He asked. I didn't respond. "Taylor talk to me" Niall said and grabbed my arm. "Don't touch me" I spat. "Don't leave I love you" Niall begged. "Louis!" I called. "Yea" I went downstairs and saw everyone. "I'm ready" I saw everyone was surprised.

"Taylor you just got back, why are you leaving again?" Caroline asked. "I just have to clear my head. I'm leaving for a few days but don't worry I'll be back." I lied. "U sure?" I nodded. "Ok have a safe trip." Caroline hugged me and I hugged back. I went over to Liam and Harry and said the same thing. "We'll miss you Taylor" "I'll miss you guys too" I teared up. "You ready Louis?" I asked. "Yea lets go" I waved to everyone and looked at Niall and gave him a dirty look. "Taylor please!" Niall cried. "Have a nice life Niall. I'm done trying to be in it." I turned around and Louis and I left for the airport.

At the airport:

Louis and I pulled up to the airport and parked. We got out and walked in. My flight left at 9:00 PM. It was only 8:30 so I had a half hour. Louis and I talked until I had to leave. "Where are you gonna go?" Louis asked. "Hawaii to be with Danny." I said. "I'm gonna miss you Taylor" Louis teared up. "I'll miss you too Louis. Don't cry. I'll be back in a few months. I just need to clear my head for now." I cried. "I know you do" Louis said. "Last call for Hawaii" I heard the girl announce. "Well I better get going" I said. "Have a safe trip" Louis said. "I will thank you." Louis kissed me. "I love you Taylor" Louis said. "I love you too Louis. Bye." I walked over to the terminal and waved to Louis one last time before I boarded the plane.


I walked onto the plane and put my suitcase in the compartment above my seat and sat down. I was on my phone and waited until the plane took off. A young guy about 20 sat next to me but I wasn't paying attention. "Hey" he said. "Hi" I mumbled. "What game are you playing?" He asked. "Candy Crush" I replied. "I've never played it" he said. "It's addicting" I said. I looked up from my phone and looked at him. He had blonde hair and blue eyes which made me think of Niall. I started tearing up and looked away. "What's wrong?" He asked. "Oh nothing you just remind me of someone I knew" I said. "What's his name?" "Can't remember" "Oh ok" he said. "Why are you going to Hawaii?" I asked. "On a break from filming" he replied. "Why are you going to Hawaii?" He asked. "To stay with my brother" I replied. We continued talking until we landed. I found out he loves playing the guitar, acting, and his favorite movies.

We landed in Hawaii at 10:45 PM and we got off the plane. I was walking away when I heard the guy call. "What's your name?" "Taylor. What's yours?" I called. "Draco" he ran over to me and gave me his number. "Call me" Draco said. "It was nice talking to you Taylor" Draco smiled. "It's was nice talking to you too Draco" I smiled and waved and drove over to Danny's.

I pulled up to Danny's and parked. I was pissed off at Niall but also sad bc I left him again but it was for a good reason. I looked at the promise ring Niall gave me 6 months ago and cried my eyes out. I couldn't go into Danny's like this so I cleaned myself up and got out and went up to the door. Since it was close to 11:30, I didn't want to wake Danny up so I tried to be as quiet as possible but it didn't work out. I opened the door which was loud. I walked in and walked over to the couch, set my things down and watched tv until I fell asleep.

Danny's POV

I was asleep when I heard rukus from the front room. I got out of my bed and grabbed my gun. I walked down the hallway quietly and went to the front room and saw someone watching tv. I walked toward them and it was Taylor. "Taylor! What are you doing here in the middle of the night?" I asked. She looked at me and said "You can't let your sister watch tv" she spat. "I don't care about the tv but why are you here?" I asked again. "I staying with you for a while is that ok?" Taylor replied. "Sure" I said. I sat down next to Taylor and watched tv until we fell asleep.

The next morning:

Taylor was still asleep but I got up and drove Grace to school. I came back and Taylor had gotten up and we had breakfast. "What's wrong sis?" I asked. "With what" Taylor replied. "Why are you acting like a bitch?" I asked. "Cuz I am" she said. She walked into the living room and sat down. I followed her and sat down. "Taylor stop lying" I said. She turned the tv on and it was the Ellen show. She had all the boys on.

The Ellen Show

Ellen: "Welcome everyone to the Ellen show. Our special guests today are One Direction."

The audience applauded and the boys came on stage and sat down.

Ellen: "Hey guys how are you all doing?"

One Direction: "Good"

Ellen: "Before we start with questions. I like to show you a clip of how I met Officer Danny Williams from Hawaii 5-0 from a few days earlier. I was gladly invited over to his house to talk about his sister Taylor and Niall. Let's take a look shall we."


Ellen was sitting in the living room talking to Danny. "So Officer Williams how are Taylor and Niall doing? She asked. "Well Ellen they have been having some problems lately." Danny replied. "What types of problems may I ask?" Ellen asked. " Well Ellen the big one is he cheated on her with Ashley when her and Niall flew back to Britain. Taylor seems pretty upset about it." Danny replied. Ellen was astonished.

End of video

Taylor was blown away and punched my arm. "I'm sorry Taylor. I should've told you." I said. "You think" she said. "Let get back to the show" I said.

Ellen: "So Niall your big news as implied from the video. Is it true that Ashley is your new girlfriend?

Niall: "Well Ellen everything you heard is true and I feel really bad about what happened. And I'm pretty sure Taylor hates my guts."

The audience gasped and started booing.

Ellen: "Let's hear what the rest of the boys think about it.

Harry: "I think it's pretty messed up. I mean Taylor and Niall were happy together. We all loved her. They were dating for 4 months and now those 4 months went down the drain."

Liam: "Niall the thing I don't get is why you would cheat on Taylor in the first place? She was so sweet and innocent but you did it anyway. I'm dating her best friend Caroline and I would never hurt her like that.

Louis: *shakes head in agreement*

Ellen: "There you have it folks. Taylor was a nice girl. Everyone seems to agree except Niall. What should he do? Should he break up with Ashley or win Taylor back? Message Niall and the boys and let's help him figure this out. Thanks for watching. Tune in next week and watch as we talk to a single mom and her kids about their life. Have a great day!"

The audience applauded and the screen went dark.

End show

Taylor's POV

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Liam and Harry were defending me and Niall didn't even care. I guess Ashley was way better but it's what ever. I don't care I just want to sleep.

I took a nap for a while and Danny was on the phone with Steve and he came over.

Steve's POV

I was in the backyard when Danny called me.

"Hello" I answered

"Hey Steve" Danny said.

"What's up?" I asked.

"You won't believe what I just watched! You might want to come over." Danny replied.

"On my way" I hung up and drove over to Danny's

End call

I pulled up to Danny's and parked. I walked over and knocked on the door. Danny opened it and told me to be quiet cuz Taylor was sleeping. "What happened?" I mouthed. "Niall" Danny said. I nodded. We sat on the couch and talked. Danny had his arm around Taylor and I was sitting in the chair. We kept talking until she woke up.

Taylor's POV

The next morning, I got up and had breakfast and watched tv. I watched the Ellen show and One direction were the guests so j had to watch it. Ellen showed everyone a video and they talked about the incident. Liam and Harry were defending me which was nice of them to do. Afterwards, I fell asleep and Danny called Steve I believe. He came over and they talked until I woke up.

I woke up and Steve and Danny were still talking. "Morning Taylor" Danny said. "Hi" I mumbled. "Taylor?" Steve asked. I looked at him. "Yea" "I heard what happened. Do you want to fill me in?" Steve asked. "I'm not in the mood to talk about it." I replied. "Ok how was your flight?" Danny asked. "It was fun!" I replied. I texted Catherine.

Hey Cat its Taylor ~xx

Hey Taylor, what's up? ~ Cat

Nothing do you and Kono want to hang out? ~xx

Sure! Where do you want to meet? ~ Cat

Kamekona's shrimp truck ~xx

Ok what time? ~ Cat

Does 9:30 work? ~xx

Yea see you then. I'll call Kono :) ~ Cat


I looked at the time and it was 8:45. Who are you texting?" Steve asked. "Cat. The girls and I are gonna hang out later." I replied. "Sounds fun!" Steve said. I got up and went to the bathroom to change. I came out wearing shorts and my beach tank top. I grabbed my purse and said bye to the boys and drove over to Kamekono's.

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