Taken {n.h. Fanfiction}

Caroline and Taylor love One Direction. They end up winning tickets to their party. From the moment Niall saw Taylor he fell in love with her. What happens when Taylor is reported missing. Will the cops get involved? Read to find out...


6. Interrogation

Niall's POV

The next morning, I got up, went downstairs and made pancakes. Liam, Caroline and Harry were still asleep. Although Harry kept fidgeting. I assumed Taylor went on a jog. When I make pancakes, they are the best and everyone loves them. While I was making breakfast, the boys and Caroline woke up and drifted to the kitchen. "Morning Niall" Liam said. "Morning guys" I said. "Where's Taylor?" Louis asked. "On a jog" I said. Harry was quiet this morning. I wanted to ask him what was wrong but I didn't.

Harry's POV

Niall was making pancakes so I got up and walked into the kitchen and sat down. I was quiet today and everyone was talking about the party. "Has anyone seen Taylor?" Liam asked. "I think she went on a jog" Niall said. I knew what happened to Taylor but I didn't say anything. Niall looked at me with a confused look then snapped out of it.

Caroline's POV

I was sitting next to Liam when he asked where Taylor was. I was starting to get worried. Niall was giving Harry a confused look and Harry was quiet. If Taylor was on a jog then hopefully she'll be back soon.

After breakfast, the boys went upstairs and got dressed so Niall and I cleaned the kitchen. "Niall what's wrong?" I asked. "Nothing why?" "You seem nervous" "Everything's fine Car" "You sure?" Niall nodded. "I just hope Taylor's ok" I said. "Me too Car" Niall said.

The boys came downstairs and hung out with us. "What do you guys want to do today?" Louis asked. "Let's go to Nando's!" Niall said excitedly. Nando's is Niall's favorite restaurant ever. We were getting ready to leave when there was a knock on the door.

Louis's POV

We were getting ready to leave for Nando's when there was a knock on the door. I opened it and there stood four ppl. Three guys and a girl. Two guys were white and the third guy and the girl looked Hawaiian.

"How may I help you officers?" I asked and winked at the girl.

"I'm Commander Steve McGarret, this is officer Danny Williams, pointing to the short white guy. "Detective Steve it's detective" Danny said. "Sorry detective Danny Williams. This is Kono Kalakaua, pointing to the girl, and Chin Ho Kelly, pointing to the Hawaiian looking guy. We are 5-0." Steve said.

"Is something wrong?" Liam asked.

"Yes we got call from someone at this address and they said one of your friends was kidnapped." Steve said. "Do any of you know which of your friends was kidnapped?" Danny said.

Niall was stressing out and Harry was quiet. "Caroline have you seen Taylor? She's not answering my calls." Niall said. "No I think she went on a jog." Caroline responded.

"Taylor?" Danny asked. "She's my sister" "Well she's my girlfriend!" Niall said. Everyone looked at him. "We were going to tell you guys" "You have a sister" Steve said. "I'll tell you later" Danny said.

Danny's POV

We headed over to Harry's place and knocked on the door. A young guy opened the door. "How may I help you officers?" He asked and winked at Kono. I glared at him as Steve introduced us and told them that their friend got kidnapped. The young man who answered the door introduced us to his buddies. When Niall asked where Taylor was, I was in shock. "That's my sister!" I said. "You have a sister?" Steve asked. "Yea I'll tell you later" I said.

"Well she's my girlfriend!" Niall shouted. We all looked at him and I was in shock. There was a bunch of bickering and arguing until Steve had everyone shut up.

I couldn't believe Taylor had a boyfriend. I mean I'm happy for her and all but the number one thing right now is to find her and bring her home. Niall seems like a nice kid and I hope he treats her right. If he does something stupid then he better watch out.

Steve's POV

I didn't know Danny had a sister. But we should find her first and bring her home safely.

"Hey guys! We need you to be quiet right now. We are going to take you back to our headquarters to interrogate you all ok." I shouted. Everyone nodded.

5-0 headquarters:

We walked into headquarters and had everyone relax and take a breather before we started. I saw Danny in his office so I walked in. "How are you feeling Danny?" I asked. "Not good not good at all."Danny said. "If you don't want to interrogate Chin and I can do it." "Would you mind? I have a lot on my mind." "Sure buddy and if you need to talk, just know we are here for you." I said and left. I had Kono talk to Caroline and Liam. Chin and I talked to Niall, Harry, and Louis.

Kono's POV

Steve told me to talk to Caroline and Liam. Steve and Chin took Niall, Harry and Louis down to the interrogation room. I was left with Caroline and Liam.

"Hi guys, would you mind if I asked you a couple questions about Taylor?" Liam nodded. Liam was holding Caroline's hand. "Caroline how long have you and Taylor been friends?" I asked. "2 years" "How did you and Taylor meet Liam?" "We were waiting for Liam and the rest of the boys to make an announcement. They were giving out tickets to their party which was later that night." Liam jumped in and said "Caroline and Taylor came on stage after their names were called and we have them the tickets. We talked for a bit and then they went back to their apartment to get ready." "Anything happen after?" I asked. Caroline said "After we got ready, we waited for the limo. We talked about Niall and I knew that Taylor liked him. It was pretty obvious of course." "Is there anyone you can think of that would want to hurt Taylor?" Caroline and Liam shook their heads. "I miss her so much" Caroline started to cry and Liam hugged her. "Thank you. We'll update you on our search." I said. "Thank you Kono" Liam smiled.

Chin's POV

We took Niall, Harry and Louis down to the interrogation room. Louis was shocked, Niall was freaking out, and Harry was still quiet. "Steve who should we start with first?" I asked Steve. "We should start with Louis" he said. "Ok Louis come on in" I ushered him in while Harry and Niall waited outside and closed the door.

"So Louis do you mind if we ask you a few questions?" I asked. "Chin you sound like Kono when asking questions." Steve said. "No I don't" "Yea you do" "Steve we are trying to find answers. Can you stop please?" He nodded.

"Anyway, how do you know Taylor Louis?" "Caroline and Taylor were waiting for the boys and I to make an announcement." "Which was what exactly?" "We were giving away tickets to our party which was later that night. The girls came on stage and were given their tickets. We talked and we told them to come over at 6:00 to hang out." "What time did the party actually start?" I asked. "Not till 8. We wanted to get to know the girls better. When the limo pulled up, the girls got out and came in. Niall was looking at Taylor and thought she was cute. Niall got mad and left bc I told Taylor that Niall liked her. She went outside and talked to Niall. They came back in and we all got ready for the party." Kono came in and said "You guys need to hear this" "Ok" I said. "Stay here" Steve said.

We walked out and Kono told us what Liam and Caroline told her. "So Caroline told me that her and Taylor won tickets to the boys party and they got ready. They waited for the limo and talked about Niall." "Louis told us that the boys wanted them over at 6:00 PM to hang out." I said. "Well I'm pretty sure Harry knows something so I'm gonna talk to him." Steve said.

Steve's POV

Danny came out of his office and told me that he want to talk to Niall. "Are you sure Danny?" "I'm sure. I want Taylor back asap and I bet Niall does too. Taylor's my sister and Niall's girlfriend so yeah I'm sure." "Ok well I'm gonna interview Harry" I said. Danny nodded and we went to grab the other boys and interviewed them.

Danny's POV

"I want to talk to Niall" I said to Steve. "Are you sure Danny? You don't have to." "No I'm sure. I want to find my sister as bad as Niall does." "Ok well I'm gonna interview Harry" I nodded. Steve left and interviewed Harry. I followed Steve to get Niall and took him on a ride.

"Niall I need to talk to you" I said. "What about?" "Let's go for a ride" he nodded and we walked out the door. We got in the car and drove to my favorite spot. "Niall I know you love Taylor but she's my sister. So I'm not gonna interrogate you." I said. Really?" Niall asked. "Yea and you seem like a great guy and I just want the best for Taylor. You get me?" "Yea I would do anything for her." "I bet you would" I said.

While we were driving, Niall got a call.

The call

"Hello" Niall answered.

"Niall Horan" someone said.

"Who is this?" He asked.

"I have your girlfriend" the guy said.

Niall slapped me on the arm and I said "What!" "Call Steve" "Put it on speaker" Niall did and I called Steve.

"Is Taylor ok!" Niall said.

"She's fine"

"Listen you monster, if you hurt Taylor I'm gonna come after you." I said.

Steve's call

"Hello" Steve said.

"Steve it's Danny can you do me a favor?" I asked.


I asked Niall for the number and he gave it to me.

"I need you to track a number" I said.

"Go for it"

"Ready? 888-505-2435" I said.

"Got it. Tracking it now"

"Thanks Steve"

End call

Niall's call

"Now I'm gonna give you instructions. If you want to see your precious little girlfriend again, you better do what I say." The guy said.

"What do you want me to do?" Niall asked.

"Niall, Steve's tracking the call" I mouthed. He nodded.

"First drive to Paradise Hotel and you'll see a van. Get 2 million dollars and put it in the van. You have 2 hours to get the money and I'll call you in 45 minutes for further instruction."

"We need proof of life before we make this deal." I said.

The guy handed the phone off to someone else. "Niall?"Taylor said. "I'm scared." "Taylor don't worry we'll find you. I love you." "I love you too"

"That's enough now do what I say and I'll call you again with more instructions."

End call

"Danny how are we gonna get 2 million dollars in 2 hours!?" Niall was freaking out. "Let's head back to headquarters and talk to Steve and finish interviewing." I said.

We drove back to 5-0 Headquarters and finished interviewing everyone.

Steve's POV

I was interviewing Harry when Niall and Danny got back. "So Harry how did u meet Taylor?" I asked. "The boys and I were giving away tickets to our party which was that night. We had the girls over early to hang out so we could get to know them better." "Did you ever like Taylor?" "No we are just friends, besides I wouldn't hurt Niall." "Don't lie Harry" "I'm telling you the truth." "Fine. Now how about you tell me what you heard or saw that night?" Harry became quiet but had to tell me. "Well after the party, everyone crashed and I watched tv. I was getting hungry so I headed towards the kitchen. I heard someone coming downstairs and I looked and it was Taylor." "Do you guys talk at all?" "No but I saw this man, about 5'5, and wearing all black. He grabbed Taylor and I tried to stop it but she was gone. That's when I called you." "Thank you for you corporation Harry. We will update you once we find who did this." "Thanks Steve. Oh and Steve?" "Yea" "Please bring Taylor back. We all miss her." "I'll do my best"

I let Harry go and be with his buddies which probably wasn't a good idea bc Niall was there and him and Danny were freaking out.

"Steve, Niall got a ransom call and we have to have 2 million dollars within 2 hours." Danny said. "Ok i need to talk to you later" I said. Danny nodded.

There was another ransom call but this time by video. I told Niall to play along but to not make the deal unless there's proof of life. "Do you have my money yet Niall?" "No but we will get it" he said. "If I don't have my money, your girlfriend will die." "I need to need to know if she ok." The guy turned the camera on Taylor and she was scared. "Niall! Danny!" The camera was turned away. "Where should we meet?" Niall asked. "Paradise Hotel you have 1 hour."

Do you know where he's holding her?" Danny asked. "In a warehouse" I said. "Chin look up any warehouses on the island." "Ok" Chin said. Chin searched for all the warehouses on the island and found one. "Ok so there's a warehouse in Waikiki. That might be where our guy is keeping Taylor." "Great. Just great." Danny said. "Kono do you have an id on our kidnapper?" "Yea his name is James Court. He was arrested for kidnapping young girls and sexually harrassing them." "Great. Now we have a rapist on our hands." Danny said. I nodded. Niall was shocked and a little mad about this. "Niall, your coming with Danny and I" I said. "Kono take Liam, Harry, Louis and Caroline back to their hotel and meet us there." "Got it" Kono said. "Chin head over to the paradise hotel and wait for us." I said. "Ok" he replied.

Niall's POV

"Niall, your coming with Danny and I" Steve said. "Kono take Liam, Caroline, Louis and Harry back to their house and you meet us there." "Got it" Kono said.

Danny, Steve and I got in Danny's car and drove off to the warehouse to rescue Taylor. "Steve?" I said. "Yea Niall" "We still need 2 million dollars" "Chin's meeting us at the paradise hotel. Aren't you a celebrity?" Steve asked. "Yea but I'm not using my own money." "Ok" Steve said. "Steve Niall's right" Danny said.

"How bout we make the money in the car" Steve suggested. "And how are we gonna do that?" I asked. "Do you see some boxes of sponges and a duffle bag?" Steve asked. I looked around and said "Yea" "Take them out and stuff them in the duffle bag." "Ok" I replied. I did what Steve asked as we pulled up to the Paradise Hotel which wasn't at all paradise.

There was a van in the parking lot when we pulled up and I grabbed the duffle bag and walked towards the van. I saw Chin and Kono as well as Steve and Danny in position. I walked towards the van and dropped the bag in the van and walked away. All of a sudden the van blew up and I broke my leg.

Danny's POV

"Ahh" Niall yelled. Niall!" I shouted and Steve and I ran over to him. "Are you alright?" Steve asked. "No does it look like he's alright Steve!" I said. "Sorry" "Guys can you help me?" Niall asked in pain. Steve and I sat Niall upright and Steve asked "Can you walk?" "No!" Get him up" I said. Steve and I helped Niall up and he held onto me while Steve went over to the car and cleared the backseat. Niall hobbled to the car and slowly got in and we drove to the warehouse.

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