Taken {n.h. Fanfiction}

Caroline and Taylor love One Direction. They end up winning tickets to their party. From the moment Niall saw Taylor he fell in love with her. What happens when Taylor is reported missing. Will the cops get involved? Read to find out...


8. Help me!!

Taylor's POV

I barged out of the warehouse crying. I didn't even realize there was a black mustang outside so I fled to 5-0 headquarters. Kono and Chin were there. I didn't want to barge in looking like a mess so I cleaned myself up. Chin was in his office doing paperwork. Kono was doing something on the computer. I limped into 5-0 trying to not tear up. Chin saw me and ran out. "Taylor are you ok? What happened?" "I hurt my ankle" I said in pain. "Follow me" Chin said. He helped me into Danny's office and I sat down at his desk.

"Taylor is there anything you want me to do?" Chin asked. "Can I have some water?" I asked. "Sure" Chin walked out and got some water for me. I wanted to tell them what happened but I couldn't. It was horrifying. Chin came back with some water and comforted me until I calmed down. "Taylor do you want to tell me what happened after the party?" I nodded. "After the party, I wanted some water so I went downstairs and got some. I thought I heard Niall come down but when I turned around it wasn't him. I was then dragged to the warehouse and I can't remember anything else."

"Do you remember what your kidnapper looked like?" I asked. "He wore all black" "Ok I'm glad your ok" Chin said. "Thanks Chin" I replied. "When Danny, Steve and Niall get back can you not tell them I'm here?" I asked. "Sure thing" Chin said. I smiled and Chin left to tell Kono what happened and not to tell Danny, Steve and Niall.

Danny, Steve and Niall walked in and I hid under Danny's desk. Niall's face was red and it looked like he was crying. Steve carried the laptop.

Danny's POV

"Steve, Niall and I went to the warehouse and Taylor wasn't there but we found this laptop with a very disturbing video on it." I said as Steve, Niall and I walked in. Steve put the laptop on the counter and pulled the video up. We all watched again and Kono and Chin were shocked but didn't say anything. "Why would Harry be there in the first place?" Kono asked. "To assault Taylor" Niall said. "I can't bear to watch this again. Steve can you take me back to the hotel?" "Sure Niall" Steve said. Steve drove Niall back to the hotel.

"Kono have you tracked Taylor yet?" I asked. "Not yet but she's really smart and hid very well" Kono said. "I think she's proud to have a brother like you." "Really? Thanks Kono" No problem" she smiled. "If we find Harry we'll find Taylor" Chin said. "Thanks Chin" I replied.

I walked into my office and saw a cup of water on my desk. "Chin" I waved to him. He walked in and said "Yea" "Why is there water on my desk?" "Maybe you wanted some when you got back." Chin lied. "So did the water just magically appear on my desk or did someone put it there. I'm not thirsty right now, all I want to do is find Taylor." I sat down and Chin said "I know you do but Kono's found her near the docks. Do you want to come or just have Kono and I go?" Chin asked. "You and Kono can go. I'll stay here cuz I got a lot on my mind." "Good choice" Chin said and left with Kono.

I sat at my desk for a while looking at the picture of Taylor and I when we were younger. I wanted her back and kill Harry. I heard someone crying. "Hello is anyone there?" I asked. I thought it was a mouse then I saw my desk move. I jumped back and fell. "Steve this isn't funny!" I yelled. I got up and walked out of my office but I realized that everyone left and I was left alone. I turned back around and saw Taylor standing in my office.

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