Taken {n.h. Fanfiction}

Caroline and Taylor love One Direction. They end up winning tickets to their party. From the moment Niall saw Taylor he fell in love with her. What happens when Taylor is reported missing. Will the cops get involved? Read to find out...


14. Heading Home

Taylor's POV

The next morning, I got up and Niall was still asleep. I looked at my phone and it was 7:15. I got a text from Steve that said:

Are you guys up? ~ Steve

I am are you and Danny on your way? ~Taylor

No we're gonna call the gang then pick u up. ~ Steve

Ok just don't let Harry near me ~ Taylor

Got it ~Steve

See you in a while ~ Taylor

I decided to go get breakfast and left Niall a note. I walked out the door and headed for the elevator. I walked in and went down to the lobby. I walked out of the elevator and into the lobby. I got my food and sat down at a table and read my book.

I looked at the time and it was 8:15. After breakfast I went up to the room and walked in. Niall, of course, was still asleep. I had a plan to wake Niall up and it involved water. I got an empty tub from the laundry room and filled it with water. By then it was 8:45. "Niall get up. You need to pack." I yelled from the bathroom. "I don't want to" Niall mumbled. "You have to I don't want to miss our flight." "What time is it?" Niall mumbled. "9:00. Danny and Steve are picking us up in a half hour." I replied. "Ugh" Niall sighed.

Niall's POV

I heard Taylor get up and walk out the door. I was still asleep and had to pack but I was too lazy. I turned over and read Taylor's note:

Good morning love,

I'm going downstairs to get breakfast. Don't forget to pack.

Love you


I looked at the time and it was 7:20. I had time to sleep so I did. Taylor came back after an hour and went to the bathroom. "Niall!" Taylor called. "What" I mumbled. "Get up you need to pack." Taylor said. "I don't wanna" I whined. "You have to I don't want to miss our flight." Taylor said. I heard water running so I thought Taylor was taking a shower. "What are you doing?" I asked. "Shower" she said. "Ugh what time is it? I asked. "9:00. Danny and Steve are coming in a half hour." Taylor said.

Taylor's POV

I came out of the bathroom when I heard the door open. It was Danny and Steve. They waved and Niall didn't get up. "Hi guys" I said. "Is he gonna get up or not?" Danny said. I shook my head. "If Niall's not gonna get up then we have to get him up." I said. "How?" Steve asked. I motioned them to the bathroom and showed them the tub full of ice cold water. "Would you two mind getting that for me." I said sweetly. Danny and Steve nodded. We walked over to the bed and on three Danny and Steve poured the tub of water on Niall. "AHHH!" Niall screamed and got out of bed. "TAYLOR!!" Niall yelled. "You need to pack and we need to leave." I spat. Niall got out of bed and raced to changed into some dry clothes and packed everything. "Ready" Niall said. "Great! Let's get going" Danny said. By then it was 9:15.

The four of us left and drove to the jail to get Harry. Niall and I stayed in the car. Danny and Steve got out and walked over to the gate exit and signed some papers for Harry's release. They came back with Harry and they got in. I sat next to Niall and Harry sat next to him. After that we drove to the airport.

Danny's POV

Steve and I drove over to Niall's hotel and parked. We got out and went in and headed for his room. We walked in and found Niall asleep and Taylor in the bathroom. "Why isn't Niall up?" I asked. "We need to go." Taylor motioned Steve and I to the bathroom and showed us a tub of ice cold water. Steve and I poured the tub on Niall and he screamed. "TAYLOR!" "We need to go." Steve said. Niall got up, changed and packed and we went to pick up Harry.

We drove up to the jail Harry was in and Steve and I got out and Niall and Taylor stayed in the car. We got Harry and drove to the airport. While we were driving, I looked in the rear view mirror and saw Taylor and Niall asleep and Harry looking out the window. We made it to the airport at 9:45. "We're here" I said. Taylor and Niall woke up and we all got out of the car and walked into the airport.

Harry's POV

We all got out and went into the airport and headed to the terminal to wait. We saw Kono, Chin and Catherine waiting for us. I didn't say anything and sat down. "Taylor, Niall" Chin called. Taylor waved and ran towards them and hugged them. "Hey guys how r u?" Taylor asked. "We're fine we just wanted to be here when you, Niall and Harry left." Catherine said. "That's sweet thank you" she said. Niall and Taylor were talking to everyone while I just sat there looking into space. I heard the last call to board the plane to Britain. "Hey Niall, we need to go" I said. "Ok" Niall said. "Taylor we should go" Niall said. "Ok" Taylor and Niall said bye to everyone and we walked onto the plane.

Catherine's POV

Steve called the gang and had us meet them at the airport. We drove to the airport and parked. We walked in just as Steve, Danny, Taylor, Niall, and Harry came up. "Taylor, Niall" Chin called. Taylor saw us and ran over to hug us. "Omg I can't believe you guys are here!" Taylor said excitedly. "We wouldn't leave w/o saying goodbye to our little sister." I said. "Awe you guys are great!" Taylor said. Kono, Taylor and I talked for a bit. Niall was talking to Steve, Danny, Chin, and Harry.

"Second call for the flight to Britain" I heard the lady at the desk say. "Well you, Niall and Harry should get going" I told Taylor. "Yea I'll miss you girls" Taylor told Kono and I. Taylor hugged us and then went over to the boys and Niall came over to us. "I'll miss you girls" Niall said. "We'll miss you too Niall." Kono said. We hugged him. "Have a safe trip back" I said. "We will" he said.

"Last call for Britain" I heard the speaker. Taylor was saying goodbye to Danny, Steve and Chin. "Taylor, I hope you have a safe trip home. Check in sometime and we'll miss you." Steve said. "I will and I'll miss you too Steve" Taylor said. They hugged and Taylor moved to Chin. "Have a safe trip home Taylor." "Thank you Chin. We will" she hugged him. Last but not least Taylor said bye to Danny. "Have a safe trip home sis. If you need anything just call. I'll miss you. Love you." Danny cried. "I will and I'll miss you too. Love you too" Taylor said.

"Taylor we need to go" Niall said. "Ok" Taylor said. Taylor, Niall and Harry waved from the desk and left.

Taylor's POV

Before Niall, Harry and I left we said bye to everyone and Danny was crying hard. "Don't cry Dano! Your making me cry." I said. "I'll be back in no time" I smiled and hugged him. I really didn't want to leave but I had to. Niall, Harry and I headed over to board the plane and waved to everyone. I saw everyone tear up and we left.


Niall and I looked at our tickets and we were in first class. Harry was also in first class but luckily in a different seat than us. Niall and I put our stuff in the compartment and sat down and talked until the plane took off.

Harry's POV

I looked at my ticket and I was in first class but didn't sit with Taylor and Niall. I went to my seat and sat down. Two old men about 50 and 65 sat next to me. I wasn't a happy camper. The plane took off and I looked out the window. It was getting late so I fell asleep until we landed.

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