Taken {n.h. Fanfiction}

Caroline and Taylor love One Direction. They end up winning tickets to their party. From the moment Niall saw Taylor he fell in love with her. What happens when Taylor is reported missing. Will the cops get involved? Read to find out...


11. HARRY!!!!

Catherine's POV

Taylor and I were hanging out which was fun. "Catherine how did you meet Steve?" Taylor asked. "In the navy" I replied. "Nice! I bet you can kick some butt then" Taylor laughed. "I don't deserve all the credit even tho I should. I've saved Steve a few times." I said. "Really?" Taylor asked. I nodded. "Steve's a great guy. How do you know him?" I asked. "When Danny became a cop, I tagged along and met Steve at the police academy. He gave me his number in case I needed anything. Danny was a little mad but got over it. Taylor laughed. "Oh nice!" I said. "Yea" Taylor replied.

Taylor and I continued talking when there was a knock on the door. Taylor looked out the window and saw someone she didn't want to see. I got up and fetched Steve's gun. Taylor was behind me and I opened the door. "Hey Taylor" Harry said. "What are you doing here Harry?" Taylor asked. "Who are you?" I asked. "Just Taylor's past" "What do you mean?" I asked. Taylor told me what happened and I said "Get out now" "Catherine don't" Taylor said. "I can handle this idiot" "U sure?" She asked. I nodded.

Harry walked towards Taylor and said "Taylor have you thought about my offer?" "No I'm staying with Niall. Why would I ever be with you?" Taylor asked. "Boys like you get all the girls and Niall isn't like that." Taylor spat. Harry touched her inappropriately. She screamed and Harry hit her. "Get your hands off of her!" I pushed Harry away and punched him. "Don't you ever, ever touch a girl like that!" I yelled. "Oh feisty aren't you" "Don't you ever come near her again or I'll call my boyfriend!" I yelled.

Steve's POV

Danny and I pulled up to my house and saw the same Prius that was at the warehouse. "Harry!!!" Danny yelled.

I walked in and found Taylor crying in Catherine's lap. "What happened Catherine?" I asked. "Get Danny" Catherine replied. I ran out and saw Danny punching Harry. I ran toward them and pulled him off. "Danny go tend to Taylor I got this." I said. Danny looked at me then at Harry and went inside.

Harry was lying on the ground with blood gushing from his nose. "Alright Harry get up" he did and I cuffed him. We were walking to my truck when Niall showed up. "Hey Steve" Niall waved. I put Harry in the car and told him to stay. I then went inside and told Danny and Taylor. "Hey sorry to barge in blur Niall's here."

Danny's POV

Steve and I pulled up and saw the same Prius that was at the warehouse. "Harry!!!" I yelled. Steve went inside while I dealt with Harry. I ran up to Harry while he was getting into his car. "You pervert!" I yelled. "Don't ever come near my family again." I punched him. Harry tried to stand and I went at him again and again until Steve came out and pulled me back. "Danny go tend to Taylor I got this." I looked at Steve then to Harry and bolted into Steve's house.

I walked in and saw Taylor lying in Catherine's arms crying. "Catherine what happened?" I asked. "Harry" Catherine said. "I know. Taylor?" I asked. She looked up at me with tears in her eyes, there was a black and blue bruise on her cheek and hugged me. "I'm sorry Danny I shouldn't have left. I didn't know that Harry would be here." Taylor sobbed. "I'm gonna give you guys a minute." Catherine said and left the room. "Don't be sorry Taylor. Steve's taking Harry to jail. You won't see him again." I said. "Really?" Taylor asked. I nodded. I helped Taylor to the couch. "I wanna stay in Hawaii with you Danny." Taylor said. "Now why would you want to do that?" I asked. "You have everything you could ask for in Britain. You have Niall, Caroline, and all your friends." I said. "Yea but Niall has a girlfriend and he probably forgot about me." Taylor said. "No he didn't. He would never forget about you. While we were at the beach, he asked me if there was any news on you." I smiled. "Really?" Taylor asked. "Really. Taylor, Niall still cares about you even if he has a girlfriend." "Ok" She said. "What are you gonna say to Niall when you see him?" I asked. "The truth. I've been hiding it from him for too long." Taylor said. "Hey sorry to barge in but Niall's here" Steve said.

Niall's POV

I drove everyone back to the hotel and dropped them off. I drove over to Steve's to see if they found Taylor yet. I pulled up and saw Steve arresting Harry. I got out and yelled. "Steve" I yelled. He saw me and put Harry in his car then went inside. He came back out with Danny carrying his girlfriend. "Steve, Danny" I yelled again. Danny's girlfriend was crying. "What happened?" I asked. "Harry happened" Steve said. "I'm gonna kill him!" I said. "We got that covered. He's going to jail for a while." Danny said. "That's great!" I exclaimed.

Danny's girlfriend was clinging to his arm like a scared little puppy. "Are you ok?" I asked her. She looked at me with teary eyes and shook her head. "Hey I gotta go do paperwork" Steve said. I'll catch you guys later." Steve left and drove to 5-0 headquarters. It was just Danny, his girlfriend, and I left. "Danny I can't do this" his girlfriend said. "Yes you can" Danny replied. "I'll give you two a minute to catch up. I'll wait in the car." Danny walked to car and waited.

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