Taken {n.h. Fanfiction}

Caroline and Taylor love One Direction. They end up winning tickets to their party. From the moment Niall saw Taylor he fell in love with her. What happens when Taylor is reported missing. Will the cops get involved? Read to find out...


17. Girls Day

Catherine's POV

I was at home in my pjs watching tv when my phone buzzed. I looked at it and it was Taylor. I wondered how she was doing.

Hey Cat its Taylor

Hey Taylor :) how are you?~Cat

I'm good. Do you and Kono want to hang out?

Sure! When and where?~Cat

Kamekona's at 9:30

Ok I'll call Kono. See you in a bit :) ~Cat


I looked at the time and it was 8:50 so I decided to get ready. I went upstairs and changed into skinny jeans and a cute flowery top. I called Kono and told her Taylor was in town.

The call

"Hello" Kono answered.

"Hey Kono" I replied.

"What's up Cat?"

"Well Taylor's in town and she wanted us girls to hang out today!" I exclaimed.

"Great! What time? Adam has to work?"

"9:30. Do you want me to pick u up or are you gonna meet us there?" I asked.

"I'll meet you there" Kono replied.

Ok I'll see you in a bit"

"Bye Cat"

I hung up and grabbed my purse and drove over to Kamekona's. I pulled up and parked and got out. I saw Taylor sitting at the table and waved. I don't know if she saw me but it looked like she was crying.

Kono's POV

I was at home when Catherine called me. She told me Taylor was in town and she wanted us to hang out today.

"Great! What time? Adam has work" I said.

"9:30. Do you want me to pick you up or are you gonna meet us there?" Cat asked.

"I'll meet you there" I replied.

"Ok see you in bit"Cat said.

"Ok bye Cat" I hung up and looked at the time. It was 9:15 so I got ready and drove over to Kamekona's.

I pulled up and parked and got out. I saw Cat and Taylor sitting at the table talking. It looked like Taylor was crying. I walked over and sat down. "Hey guys" I said. "Hey" Cat and Taylor replied.

Catherine's POV

We got our food and it was quiet for a while until I broke the silence. "So Taylor how have you been?" I asked. "I've been ok just got a lot on my mind right now." Taylor replied. "What's wrong?" I asked. Kono looked concerned as well. "If you don't want to talk about it you don't have to." Kono smiled. "No it's ok I'll tell you guys" Taylor mumbled. She began the story.

Taylor's POV

"If you don't want to talk about it you don't have to." Kono said. "No it's ok I'll tell you guys" I mumbled. "Ok" Cat said. I began the story.

"When I left Hawaii after the fight with Ashely, Niall, Harry and I went back to Britain. The rest of the boys and Caroline threw me a welcome home party. It was really fun! What I didn't know is that Louis started dating Ashley and she came to the party." I started tearing up. "Taylor it's ok" Cat said. "Like I said, you don't have to keep going" Kono said. "No I'm fine don't worry. Anyway, so Ashely came to the party and obviously I didn't want her there. Niall and I talked to Louis then Ashely and Niall went upstairs and never came down. Hopefully you know where this is going." I said. "I think so" Kono said. "What else happened?" "Louis and I walked upstairs and found Niall and Ashley making out. I ran to the bathroom and then came here." I finished. I was crying my eyes out at this point.

"So Niall cheated on you with Ashley?" Cat asked. I nodded. "What the heck!? That's messed up! I'm gonna kill this bitch." Cat shouted. "And here's the best part..this morning when I was eating breakfast, I turned on the tv and it was the Ellen Show. She was talking to the boys about what happened and had their opinions. Liam and Harry defended me but Niall didn't care. I don't know what Niall's gonna do now but I don't care."

"Well if it makes you feel better I'm gonna kill this Ashley bitch cuz no one messed with our sister." Kono said. Cat nodded in agreement. "I would love to see that and thanks guys." I said. Kono and Cat laughed as well and both held my hand.

Kono's POV

"We should have never gone public" Taylor said. "Why not?" I asked. "Bc of the paparazzi being on us 24/7. And since the break up, I'm afraid the paparazzi will be asking me questions." Taylor replied. "You know what if the paparazzi do show up, you've got your own bodyguards." Cat said. "Really? Thanks guys!" Taylor exclaimed. "And so what if Niall has a girlfriend, some day down the road, he will regret what he lost and come find you." I said. "Idk but it's whatever. We've been dating for 6 months and if he doesn't, I've got someone way better than him anyway." I said.

"Now that you've gotten that off your chest. Anything else new?" I asked. "Well now that you mention it, I met a guy." Taylor replied. "What's his name? We'd love to meet him!" Cat exclaimed. "His name's Draco. We met on the plane and he reminds me a lot of Niall but he's an actor." "Nice!" I said. "Yea he wants me to show him around town." "He's never been to Hawaii before?" I questioned. "I guess not" Taylor laughed.

"Thanks for understanding guys" Taylor said. "I couldn't have gotten through everything w/o you." She smiled. "No problem" I smiled. "Remember we are always here for you no matter what." Cat said.

We were done eating by now so we got up, said bye to each other and left Kamekona's.

Taylor's POV

I said bye to Cat and Kono and drove back to Danny's. Steve had already left and went home. I scrambled for my keys and opened the door. "Danny I'm home" I yelled. "Hey how was your day with the girls?" Danny asked. "It went well" I replied. "What'd you talk about?" He asked. "You already know" I replied. "Yea well I have to go to work. Would you mind watching Grace for a while?" Danny asked. "Sure" I said.

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