Taken {n.h. Fanfiction}

Caroline and Taylor love One Direction. They end up winning tickets to their party. From the moment Niall saw Taylor he fell in love with her. What happens when Taylor is reported missing. Will the cops get involved? Read to find out...


20. Fun at the Beach

Danny's POV

The next morning I got up and had breakfast. I walked down the hall and toward the kitchen. Niall was asleep and so was Taylor. After breakfast I called Steve, Kono, Chin, and Cat and told them to meet Taylor, Niall, Grace and I at the beach. We all got ready and drove to the beach.

We pulled up and got out. We walked to a nice spot and put our stuff down then relaxed. Taylor and Niall were cuddling, Grace was in the water, and I was reading while watching her. Steve, Chin, Kono and Cat were walking up too. "Hey guys" Steve said. "Steve!" Taylor got up and ran up to hug him and the rest of the crew. We all talked and had a great time.

Taylor's POV

I woke up and went to get breakfast. Niall was still asleep and Danny and Grace were in the kitchen. "Morning Taylor" Grace smiled. "Morning guys" I said. "What are we having?" "Pancakes" Danny said. "Sweet! I love pancakes" I sat down and started eating. I made a plate for Niall and myself. After about an hour, Niall finally got up and walked into the kitchen. He had major but cute bed head. "Morning love" I said. "Morning babe" he replied. Danny and Grace were almost done eating then went to change. "What are we doing today?" Niall asked and put his arms around my waist and kissed me. "We're going to the beach. You can call the boys and have them meet us there." I said. "Ok" Niall said.

While we were eating, I could feel water being sprayed on me. I looked at Niall and he was over at the sink washing his hands. I looked away but I could feel him looking at me. I got up and went to the pantry and got a small bag of flour then walked up behind Niall and poured it on him. He cringed up and we had a food fight. There was flour in our hair, syrup on our clothes and other things. Afterwards, we want to take a shower and got ready.

After my shower, I changed into a light blue bikini and matching sandals. I walked out of my room and Niall followed. Danny and Grace were waiting for us and we left for the beach.

Chin's POV

I was at home with Kono when Danny called me.

The call

"Hey Danny" I answered.

"Hey Chin" Danny said.

"What's up?" I asked.

"Taylor, Niall, Grace and I are at the beach if you and Kono want to meet us there." Danny replied.

"Sure. Sounds fun!" I said.

"Great! See you in bit" Danny said.

End call

I hung up and told Kono and we got ready then left for the beach.

We got to the beach and saw everyone. "Hey guys" I yelled. They saw me and waved and Taylor ran over and hugged Kono and I. "How are you Taylor?" I asked. "I'm good" Taylor replied. "It's great to be back in Hawaii" "I'm sure it is" I said. Kono, Taylor and I went over to the group and sat down and talked.

Kono's POV

Chin and I drove over to the beach and saw everyone. Taylor was excited to see us. We went over to the group and hung out. I saw Niall and whispered to Taylor. "Taylor what's Niall doing here?" I asked. "Oh you know how you said that Niall will regret what he lost" she replied. "Yea" "Well he came back here to win me back" "Oh nice" "Yea your not mad are you" Taylor asked. "No I think it's cute" I replied. "Thanks Kono" Taylor smiled. I smiled back. "Taylor do you want to go surfing?" I asked. "Sure" she replied. We got up and went over to the surfboard shop then went into the water. "Be careful" Danny shouted. "I'll be fine" Taylor shouted back. Taylor and I had a fantastic time. I'd have to say she's really good for a beginner.

Niall's POV

Taylor and Kono went surfing and they were having a great time. I waved to them and Taylor waved back. I decided to call Harry and have them meet us at the beach.

The call

"Hello" Harry answered.

"Hey Harry" I said.

"Niall how are you?" He asked.

"I'm good. Danny, Taylor, Steve, Catherine, Kono, Chin and I are at the beach. You guys should come." I replied.

"Sounds fun! I'll tell Liam and Louis and we'll meet you there" Harry said.

"Great see you then" I said.

"Bye Niall"


End call

I hung up and Taylor was still out in the water with Kono. They came back in after about an hour. I saw Harry, Liam and Louis show up but they were by the showers hanging out. Louis texted me and said

We're gonna scare Taylor 😜~Lou

You guys are mean 😂~Niall

Taylor and Kono came towards the group and grabbed their towels and went to the showers to rinse off.

Taylor's POV

Kono and I went surfing and we were having a great time! I admit I've gotten better than before. After about an hour of surfing, we decided to head in and rinse off. It was starting to get late anyway. Kono and I got our towels and headed towards the showers to rinse off.

While I was rinsing off I could feel someone behind me. I shrugged it off and kept rinsing. They scared me. "AHHH!" I shouted. I turned around. "Niall that not funny!" I spat. It wasn't Niall. "Louis!" I said excitedly. I jumped in his arms and hugged him. I saw Liam and Harry as well. "Omg! What are you guys doing here?" I asked hugging Liam and Harry.

"You probably heard that Niall wanted you back so we wanted to come along and surprise you." Liam said. "Well you sure did surprise me" I laughed. I wrapped my towel around my body and put my sandals on. "Why don't you come over to the group and hang out with us." I offered. "Ok" Louis said. We walked over to the group and they had started a bonfire. Grace was sitting in Niall's lap. "Wow I guess someone likes you" I said to Niall. "Niall is so cool" Grace exclaimed. "Thanks Grace" Niall smiled. Everyone was talking and having a great time.

Liam's POV

Harry, Louis and I drove to the beach bc Niall wanted us to meet him there. I knew there was something going on with Taylor and Louis but I didn't say bc I didn't want Niall to blow up. I just kept it to myself. We drove up and parked and got out and headed to the showers bc Taylor was there.

Louis scared her and she was excited. "Hey guys what are you doing here?" She asked. "Well you probably heard that Niall wanted you back. We decided to come along and surprise you as well." I said. "Well you sure did" Taylor laughed. Harry was talking to Kono and Taylor so I had to ask Louis. "So Louis what happened at the mall?" I asked. "Well I talked to Taylor, we were chased by paparazzi, then we drove to Danny's." Louis replied. "Anything else?" I asked. "No why?" Louis asked. "I know you like Taylor Lou" "What are you talking about Liam?" Louis asked. "I saw you guys outside the hotel" "So you assume we like each other." Louis looked confused. "Yea" Liam said. "We're best friends nothing more" "Oh really" I smirked. "Shut up liam" Louis laughed. "I knew it!" I said.

"Knew what?" I asked. "Louis likes-" I started to say. "Nothing" Louis cut him off. "I know" Taylor said. "Taylor" Niall shouted. She turned around and waved. "Let's go guys" Taylor said. "Great!" I said. We all went over to the bonfire and hung out.

Harry's POV

Niall had Liam, Louis and I meet him at the beach so we got ready and drove over. He saw us but we were by the showers and Taylor and Kono were heading over. Louis texted Niall and told him we were gonna scare Taylor. We did and she freaked out. "Niall that's not funny" she spat and turned around. "Louis, Liam, Harry! What are you guys doing here?" She asked and hugged all of us. We told her and she said "Well you sure did" she laughed. "Why don't you come over to the group and hang out?" Taylor asked. "Sure. Sounds fun!" I said. We all went over to the group which were having a bonfire.

We talked and hung out all night. It was great! It was 9:00 when everyone started to get tired. Danny's daughter was sitting on Niall's lap and they were asleep already, Taylor was on her way, Steve and Catherine had already left then slowly everyone started to leave. It was a great day! I'm glad Liam, Louis and I got to tag along.

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