Taken {n.h. Fanfiction}

Caroline and Taylor love One Direction. They end up winning tickets to their party. From the moment Niall saw Taylor he fell in love with her. What happens when Taylor is reported missing. Will the cops get involved? Read to find out...


23. A Dead Body

Louis's POV

After the show was over Taylor bolted. I knew why. I should've gone after her but there were paparazzi everywhere so I didn't.

The boys and I took our time meeting fans and taking pictures. We made it out of the show and walked over to the suburban. Niall was in the passenger seat while Harry, Liam and I were in the back. We waited for Taylor but she didn't show. "Where is she?" Niall asked. "Probably in the bathroom." Harry said. "I'll go check on her." Liam said. Liam got out of the car and went to check on Taylor. The rest of us waited in the car.

Liam's POV

I walked around looking for Taylor and found her talking with Danny. Taylor you were great!" I heard Danny say. "Thanks Danny" Taylor smiled. "Can I get a ride back to your place Danny?" Taylor asked. "Sure. I'll bring the car around" Danny replied and left. "Hey Taylor are you ready to go? Everyone's waiting." I said. "I'm gonna go with Danny but I'll see you guys later." She hugged me. Danny honked the horn and Taylor walked over. "Ok see you later" I shouted after her. She got in the car and they left.

I walked back over to the suburban and got in. "So is Taylor coming?" Niall asked. "She's gonna meet us at home" I replied "Ok" Niall said. We drove back to Taylor's house and got out of the car. Taylor wasn't there so we walked in and waited for her to get home.

Taylor's POV

Danny and I drove back to his house and I was quiet. "Taylor what's wrong?" Danny asked. I looked at him. "Nothing why?" I asked. "Bc you haven't said anything." Danny replied. "It's nothing don't worry about it" I spat. "I'm not gonna worry about it!" Danny exclaimed. "Just tell me" "I like Louis!" I shouted. "Oh I know" "Who told you?" I asked. "Liam" Danny replied. "Oh well I guess I have to talk to him." I said. "Are you gonna tell Niall?" Danny asked. "No. If I do he's gonna go ballistic and break up me or make me choose between him and Louis." I replied.

We started fighting which led to crying and Danny driving away leaving me alone.

I couldn't believe Danny and I got in another fight but this time it was over something stupid.

I was walking along the side of the road when I saw a dead body laying in the middle of the road. I was already crying so I freaked out. I called Steve and told him and he came right over.

Steve's POV

Catherine and I were driving home from the show when I got a call from Taylor.

The call

"Taylor what's up" I answered.

"Steve! There's a dead body. I don't know what to do." She sounded scared. "Come quick!"

"Taylor just stay calm. On my way" I replied and hung up.

End call

Cat and I drove up and of course there was a dead body and Taylor was sitting on the wall. We got out and went over to Taylor. "Taylor" I said. She looked at Cat and I. "Do you know what happened?" I asked. She shook her head. "All I know is Danny and I were driving home from the show and we were fighting then he kicked me out of the car and drove away. I was walking along the road when I saw the dead body." Taylor said. "Do you know what you guys were fighting about?" I asked. "I don't remember" Taylor replied. "I just hope that the dead body isn't one of the boys." She sobbed. "Taylor I think you need to go home and rest. We will take care of this. I'll let you know who the vic is." I said. Taylor nodded and I had Catherine take her home.

Danny's POV

I kicked Taylor out of the car and drove home. I did feel bad and I shouldn't have done it. I drove up and parked and got out. I scrambled for my keys and went inside. I sat down on the couch and watched tv until I had to pick Grace up from school.

I went to pick her up and we were driving home when I saw HPD and Steve's truck. I pulled up and parked and got out. I told Grace to stay in the car.

I walked up to Steve and Max. "Hey Steve what happened?" I asked. "Hey Danny, so Taylor told me that you kicked her out of your car and she was walking and she found our vic." Steve replied. "Do we know who he or she is?" I asked. "No but I sent a picture to Kono and she'll identify our vic." Steve replied. "Ok" I said. "Taylor freaked out and told me that she hopes its not one of the boys." Steve said. "I hope it's not" I said. "If you don't want to work this case Danny you don't have to. I'm pretty sure you have enough on your plate already." Steve said. "Yea I do could you? I have to go apologize to Taylor and take Grace home." I said. "Yea" Steve said. I went back to the car and got in and drove Grace home then went to apologize to Taylor.

Taylor's POV

Catherine drove me home. I wanted ice cream tho so I asked Catherine if we could get some and we did then she drove me home. As we were driving Catherine asked me what was wrong. I told her and she gave me advice. "Taylor if you like Louis then tell him how you feel." Catherine said. "I did but the thing is I don't want Niall to find out and break up with me." I replied. "It's better to tell the truth then to keep it a secret." Catherine said. "Your right Cat thanks" I smiled. We drove up to my house and I saw the suburban out front. Cat and I got out and she walked me to the door.

"Thanks for understanding Catherine. I know I can count on you." I smiled and hugged her. "Remember if you need anything, I'm only a call away and I'm pretty good at kicking some ass." Catherine replied. We laughed and said our goodbyes and she left.

I walked in and was attacked with hugs from the boys. "Taylor I thought we lost you" Liam said. "Where were you?" Harry asked. "We were scared out of our minds" Louis said. "I'm fine" I said. We sat down on the couch and I calmed down. "What happened?" Liam asked. "Well Danny and I got in a fight then he left me on the side of the road and I saw.." I was cut off bc my phone rang. I looked at the caller id and it was Steve.

"I have to take this brb" I said to the boys. I walked into the kitchen and answered.

The call

"Hello" I answered.

"Hey Taylor" Steve replied.

"Hey Steve any news?" I asked.

"Yea I talked to Max and he said the vic isn't one the boys." He replied.

"Oh thank god" I sighed. "Who is it then?" I asked.

"James Court. Remember him?" Steve replied.

"Yea I remember but why is he dead?"

"Idk that's what we're trying to figure out. Could you and the boys come down to the office?" Steve asked.

"Sure thing. Be there in 20" I said.

"Great! See you then"

End call

I hung up and put my phone away. I walked back into the living room and sat down. "Who was that?" Harry asked. "Steve" I replied. "He wants all of us to go down to the office." "Why?" Liam asked. "Don't know" I replied. We hung out until it was time to go.

The boys and I drove over to 5-0 and parked and went inside. "Hey Steve what's up?" I asked. "Hey Taylor I need to ask you and Harry a few questions. It won't take long don't worry." Steve replied. "Ok" I said. Louis, Liam and Niall stayed up top while Harry and I went down to the interrogation room.

Harry's POV

Taylor and I were taken down to the interrogation room. "Taylor what's going on?" I asked. "We'll find out" she replied. "Taylor you first" Steve said. I watched Taylor walk in and Steve close the door. I waited outside for her until she was done.

Taylor's POV

I walked into the interrogation room and sat down. "Now Taylor I know we already asked you questions about your kidnapping but there's just one thing missing. This will be super quick." Steve said. "What would that be?" I asked. "Why would Harry be at the warehouse in the first place?" Steve asked. "Well when I was kidnapped, James wanted money for my release which he didn't get. Then he just let me go and left and never came back. After a while, Harry showed up and you know." I replied. "Did Harry say anything to you?" Steve asked. "Yea he told me that I should dump Niall and be with him. Then he came to your house and asked me again. I denied yet again and he hit me. That's when you and Danny showed up." I replied. "It seems like Harry has a bad reputation." Steve said. I nodded.

"I think I know who killed James." Steve said. "Who?" I asked. "Harry" Steve replied. "Why?" I asked. "Well Harry is the boss of James and he couldn't get the money to give to Harry. And Harry was furious so he killed James." Steve replied. I stood up and walked around. "That's good but I believe that James had me for leverage and the money was a distraction so Harry could have me all to himself. Since Harry was James's boss, James didn't want to disappoint him but James felt bad for me so he let me go. James didn't want Harry to know but I guess Harry found out and killed James." I said. "Taylor I think you just helped us solve this case!" Steve exclaimed. "Really? Great!" Steve gave me a hug then let go. "Now let's bring Harry in." Steve said. We walked to the door and Steve asked, "Do you want to stay in here while I talk to Harry?" "No. I'm going to go back and hang out with the rest of the boys." I replied. "Ok see you later" Steve said opening the door. I walked out and Steve had Harry come in.

Harry's POV

I was waiting for Taylor to come out which seemed like forever. In reality it wasn't that long. She was in and out. I just hope my interrogation won't take as long either. Taylor finally came out. "How was it?" I asked. "Your in trouble" she replied and walked away.

I turned to Steve and gave him a confused look. I walked in and Steve interviewed me. I couldn't believe whoever was dead but I told him everything I knew. It took a pretty long time then I was in handcuffs and off to jail once again.

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