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So this is my first fanfiction so hope you enjoy it.
It's a Michael and Niall fan fiction.
this book is about Haley, she is 19 almost 20 years. She goes in school like all humans. She is one of the most popular people in her school, she loves football and are her school quarterback.
She has everything. That is what everyone think.
But Haley hate her life, always same old shit. What she is missing is someone to talk to, have a real friend that doesn't just like you because you are popular.
Will Haley find someone? Or not?
if she does are they gonna fall in love?
like i said It is a fanfiction. If i says like this five humans that she didn't know exist gonna be big trouble, fantastic, amazing and absolute turn her life upside down.


6. Chapter 6 my place?

Hailey's POV
"Okay boys let's begin and if you guys thought for one second that i would go easy on you.....then you're wrong" i said with a smirk.
"Oh i didn't thought that for a second" Niall said and winked.
What the hell? Okay shake it off and concentrate on the game.

We all started play and it was me vs them. Now you think well isn't that unfair? And i know it is...for them.
They weren't too bad. I mean i'm so much better but they were okay.
"Okay guys that was a good match, maybe after some more practice you all could join the team" I turned around and saw them all laying on the ground, all of them breathing like crazy.
"Guys.....What's wrong with your lungs?" i asked, okay i'm not dump but i just felt like asking why.
"We...are...tired" Ashton said like it was obviously.
"Well i take back the opportunity, i mean if you are this exhausted after one little match then i don't think this is something for you guys".
They all nodded.
I went to the dress room and got some water.
They stood up so i ran up to them and gave them a water bottle each.
"Never again" said Luke dead serious.
I just rolled my eyes and looked at the others "So what did you guys thought?"
Ashton and Calum were like "It was okay" or "It could have been funnier".
I looked at Niall and asked "Well?". 
Niall snapped out of his thoughts and said "Oh it was fun, really thank you for playing with us". I smiled and nodded "Thanks for joining me".
"Michael?" i caught Michael staring at me.

Michael POV 
"Michael?" i heard and all eyes were on me.
"What?" i asked completely confused.
"What did you thought about this whole thing?" she giggled.
Oh my so adorable giggle.
But i shouldn't get used to it because she looks like one of those that doesn't giggle so often.
"Well i actually think about joining the team" i said completely shocked what i just said. Well i thought it was really fun but have trainings and all this things, no i don't think so.
"That makes me glad to hear" she smiled.
"So what next, maybe we can go to my place" she said excited.
Wonder how her place looks like.
"Of course only if you want to" she said shyly.
"I'd love to" Niall and i said at the exact same time.
"Well we can't" said Luke to Calum and Ashton.
"Okay, well i guess it's just us then" she said to me and Niall.
Oh my i'm going to be alone with her at her house... Wait no i'm not Niall is there, why does he need to ruin everything?!

Niall's POV 
Why does he need to ruin everything?!

A/N okay I gonna start with saying that i'm sorry for being inactive for this long.
i'm going to be honest with you, i really don't know why i haven't updated. I mean it feels like no one actually read this story anyways but yeah so now you know. just so you know i'm one of those people that upload when i feel like i wanna do it. Well that's all i wanted to say, Please comment if you want me to update, sorry for not the best chapter. Xx


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