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So this is my first fanfiction so hope you enjoy it.
It's a Michael and Niall fan fiction.
this book is about Haley, she is 19 almost 20 years. She goes in school like all humans. She is one of the most popular people in her school, she loves football and are her school quarterback.
She has everything. That is what everyone think.
But Haley hate her life, always same old shit. What she is missing is someone to talk to, have a real friend that doesn't just like you because you are popular.
Will Haley find someone? Or not?
if she does are they gonna fall in love?
like i said It is a fanfiction. If i says like this five humans that she didn't know exist gonna be big trouble, fantastic, amazing and absolute turn her life upside down.


5. Chapter 5 football anyone?

Chapter 5 Hailey's POV

*skip to the parking lot*

I stopped and turned around. I looked at the confused boys in front of me.
"What?" i asked.
"Is this your favorite place?" asked Ashton, still little confused.
I laughed hard. And the boys looked more confused now then what they did before.
"No, this is a parking lot, why would it be my favorite place?" I asked still laughing.
"We thought it was your favorite place because you said that we gonna go to it" answered Luke.
"True, but no, we are just gonna get the keys to a room that leads to the secret place" i said. Wow that sounded so yeah. 

We walked up to Willow's car because she has the keys and of course stood her there and make out with some guy. 
I chuckled and Willow gave me a death glare and continued with kissing that anonymous boy.
She then stopped and looked at me and back at the boys behind me.
"There you go girl, why have one boy when you can have five" she said and looked proud.
"Excuse me?!" i said started to be mad. I continued "You can't just say that, i'm not like you i don't need any guy to confirm that i'm whatever you call what you are, so shut your big mouth and give me my keys!". I was so pissed right now, but i really know why. I mean she had done things like this before but why does i get pissed of now.
She just glared at me and the boy whispered something in her ear and she smirked at him. I really don't wanna know what he whispered.
She then threw the keys to me and of course did i catch them.
They jumped into the car and drove away.

I stood there and just stared at the red lamborginie as it drove away.

"So...." Calum started.
i turned around and saw them stared at me with sympathetic look.
"So... Let's go" i said. 
Honestly i didn't like the way they looked at me with the sympathetic look, they are changing me and i don't like it. I really want to know how they do it.

*skip walk to the secret location*

I stopped at the well familiar door.

Niall's POV

'Dressing room' did it stand on the note on the door.

"Dressing room?" Michael asked.
"Yeah so go in and change to football clothes now" Hailey said and unlooked the door.
oh that's why we needed the key.

We all went in to the dressing room and changed to the football clothes. 
It took time but hey it's not my fault, i mean i had never played it in my entire life and that means i had never wearied those protections and clothes. 
I mean i had freaking protection on every body part i have.
We heard a knock on the door and Hailey came in and stared at us.
She shocked her head and laughed at us.

"What?" Ashton asked, with furrowed eyebrows.
"You have the protection backward" she answered, now laughs hysterically.
"Oh, excuse us because, we had never played football" Calum said serious., but he also blushed a light shade of pink.
She looked shocked. 
She went to the room that i think is another dressing room.
We changed so we had the protection right and before we were done, did she came out. Wow she looked amazing in her football uniform, it really suits her.

"How did you change so fast" i asked.
"I does this almost everyday, let me say like this, you get used to it" she answered.
"So is everything right now" Michael asked and spun around.
She nodded and waved with her hand, you know the way people does when they wants another human to follow.

We walked to a big green door and walked out. When we came outside did we see a very big and actually pretty nice football field. 

I looked over at Haley and saw the biggest smile i ever seen and then it hits me, i remembered how some people told us about her being the schools quarterback. 
Everything makes sense now.

Michael's POV

We went out and let me just say she looks very good in her uniform.
I looked around and was little amazed about the field, It was so big.
I looked at the others and they have the same face i had, except Hailey. She looked so happy and excited, her smile is breath taking, stop think like this you and Niall said this wouldn't come between you.
Yeah wonder how long that will hold.

"So are we gonna start?" Haley questioned.
Oh i could see that coming. Shit, no i suck at all sports and everything that is related to it.
The others nodded. Damn it, okay it can go okay or it can go straight the opposite...
I gonna go with the second one but, hey it's only one way to find out.

A/N sorry for the short chapter next will be longer, i promise. Sorry if it's bad the clock is 1am and i'm very tired.



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