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So this is my first fanfiction so hope you enjoy it.
It's a Michael and Niall fan fiction.
this book is about Haley, she is 19 almost 20 years. She goes in school like all humans. She is one of the most popular people in her school, she loves football and are her school quarterback.
She has everything. That is what everyone think.
But Haley hate her life, always same old shit. What she is missing is someone to talk to, have a real friend that doesn't just like you because you are popular.
Will Haley find someone? Or not?
if she does are they gonna fall in love?
like i said It is a fanfiction. If i says like this five humans that she didn't know exist gonna be big trouble, fantastic, amazing and absolute turn her life upside down.


3. Chapter 3 like?

Niall's POV (suprise to every human that read this probably)

So me and Michael said bye to Hailey and walked the opposite direction as her.
I really like Haley she is just so chill, she doesn't care about all the bullshit in the world. 
I like that, and when you are with her you just feel so comfortable like it is a person you had known your whole life.

I was lost in my thoughts but got interrupted by Michael.

" I think i like Hailey" Michael said.
stopped in my steps and looked at him straight in the eyes.
" Are you serious?" i asked just to confirm what he said.
"Yeah, i mean sure we had only talk to hear this lesson but it feels like i had known her so long" he answered.
I sighted and started go again.
I mumbled a little and Michael noticed 
"Excuse me, what did you say?" he asked.
"You know i think i like her to" i spoke up.
" Well good damn it" said Michael and i couldn't say it better self.

We walked down the long halls in an awkward silence.
We made it to our lookers and i opened if and lay back my book i had a pond took out the new books and that things i needed to next lesson.

" We are nit gonna let her come between us right?" Michael questioned me.
"Of course not we had known each other to long now for that" i answered.

Michael smiled and started running.
"Come on lazy ass we gonna meet the others" i screamed as i ran down the hall.
People started look att us but i didn't care and joined him.
We ran to the end of the school and there did we meet up with Calum, Ashton and Luke. 

" Sup guys" Michael said.
" Hi" they all said.
"So how had it been for you guys so far?" i asked.
" Fine i guess, i mean it is school" Calum answered.
"Now over to the important stuffs" Luke said.
I gave him a confused look.
Calum and Luke smirked at us.
"Just doing that with your face and tell us your dorks" Michael said.
Ashton sighted at Calum and Luke and said "who is the chica?"

Me and Michael started blushing like hell.
"Who?" i asked trying to sounds so innocent as possible.
Ashton gave us a glare.
"You know who" Luke said.
I looked at Michael and he looked at me, we both looked back to the three boys that now had their arm crossed. 
"You know the girl that sat in the middle of you two in art class, the girl you both laughed and flirted with, her name start with a H, does it ring any bells?"
"Oh you mean Hailey" Michael said.
They sighted and just shake their heads.
"So you both like her have i right?" Calum said.
Seriously wasn't that clearly enough how we reacted.
I nodded and started blush again like hell.
Michael's face was almost the same red as his hair.
"You guys doesn't have a change?" Luke said and shook his head at the same time as he laughed.
"We know, and we can't do that to each other or make her diced between us" Michael said and you saw how his face dropped.
"Maybe she doesn't even like us that way" i said. I mean maybe she doesn't even have those feelings for one of us at all.

Michael POV 
"Maybe she doesn't even like us that way" Niall said. 
He has a point, what if she doesn't even like us that way none of us.
I drifted away in my own thoughts, when i got interrupted by Ashton.
"If we don't want to come late to next lesson most we go now".
We all had math together, thats pretty cool but i think i saw on Hailey's schedule that she also had math. 
I don't want the others to se her, maybe they also flak for her. I swear if that happens is all my chances or how Niall would say it chonces gone.
(sorry i just love when Niall says it).

We walked to the lesson and talked about random things, i'm happy that they actually dropped the subject.
When walked i saw Haley sat in the back of the classroom.
We all walked to her and the other presented them self.
She gladly said hi and talked with them like she did with us.
Maybe she does that to everyone.
I feel my smile fade from my face. I looked at her and tis looked at me and smiled, i smiled back. Wow she just need to look on me and i just smile.

Hailey's POV 

Luke, Ashton and Calum was cool i really like this gang, but Niall and Michael did i feel something else it feels like i can tell them everything. 
when the teacher came we all just stoppes talk and started work in our books.
someone pocked my side and i saw that Niall hold a note.
He gave it to me and i readied it........

a/n hahahhahha i'm feeling little evil but hey everyone does those things sometimes.
hope you enjoyed it and yeah like always i gonna upload a new chapter next Friday or maybe earlier. ;) have a wonderful week and hope you had an wonderful week.


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