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So this is my first fanfiction so hope you enjoy it.
It's a Michael and Niall fan fiction.
this book is about Haley, she is 19 almost 20 years. She goes in school like all humans. She is one of the most popular people in her school, she loves football and are her school quarterback.
She has everything. That is what everyone think.
But Haley hate her life, always same old shit. What she is missing is someone to talk to, have a real friend that doesn't just like you because you are popular.
Will Haley find someone? Or not?
if she does are they gonna fall in love?
like i said It is a fanfiction. If i says like this five humans that she didn't know exist gonna be big trouble, fantastic, amazing and absolute turn her life upside down.


2. Chapter 2 Monday

Hailey's POV


I woke up by my alarm. 7:30 I shut it off and went downstairs to eat breakfast.
Many people can't eat in the morning i'm straight the opposite, I most eat as fast as i wake up because i'm so hungry so i can't even describe it. 
I walked around the corner to my big kitchen there my sister sat on the table with her phone. She looked up at me and give me a bitch glare. I was too tired to even care so I just shook my head and looked at her. Why most she sit upon the table, i mean we actually eat our food there. I don't want hear butt sweat on my food.
I just ignored it and just didn't let it bother me. I went to the fridge, and saw pancakes from yesterday, i took them and just went upstairs. Like i said before i'm too tired to even care if they are cold or even if they doesn't taste anything, i just wants food.

After i had ate my pancakes i took my towels and went in to the bathroom.
i took a quick shower, i wrapped one towel around my body and one around my hair.
It most be so freaking much comfortable and easier for a boy, they can just twirl it around their weist. Damn boobs sometimes. 

I went out of the bathroom, back to my room and piced an outfit: a flannel shirt that says on the back " boy bands ruined my life", a nirvana shirt, black skinny jeans, a all time low necklace, all my favorite bracelets with all my favorite bands,a cap that says " f**kin problems", my kiss earrings, my black high converse and my favorite phone case that says " i'm actually in a very committed relationship".
My red hair is normally straight so i just brushed it.
I don't use make up because i don't understand why, i mean every human is born damn beautiful so i don't see the point. 
I looked on the clock and saw it was 8:00 so i decided to play some video games before school.
I played LOL until the clock was 8:30. I took my emoji backpack and my longboard and went straight out and before the door shut i scream bye.
I didn't hear if they answered, mom was probably on her work and dad too and you saw how my sister was so yeah.

I put my earphone in and blasted some nirvana, green day and the eagles, i put my longboard on the ground and started glide to school.

*skip to school* 
I entered school and took a deep breath before everyone come. 
Of course as i said come at least 10 people my way and said "hey Hailey".
I answered the strangers with a "hi".
This is what i mean of ten people does i only know one of them Willow.
"Hi" said Willow. 
"sup?" i answered, Willow started talk about how she feel and how her ex cheated on her (again), i just nodded and tried to look like i actually listened to her. I mean it's always the same she haven't get over him jet and he says he wants to be together again and it won't happen again but Willow says no but then she goes to me and says she want to be his girlfriend again. 
I just don't understand these things, that is why i'm not gonna fall in love or even come to close to any boys. I know it's just dump but i had never had a boyfriend and everyone just gets so sad when they breaks up so i don't see the point.
I got tired on hearing Willow interrupting my thoughts so i said to hear with full ones in my voice " Willow it happened for 3 years ago forget the boy and just move on, he is just a little shit that you shouldn't even waste your time on, life goes on you know".
She stared at me and opened her mouth " That is so true i should stop thinking about him and find a new better guy".
" Or you can just think about yourself and take a pause and don't be a slut because you hook up with people all the time" i said more to myself.
"What did you say?" I asked her.
" Umm i said that of course, go girl and get that boy" i said with my best smile.
"Thank you so much Hailey" Willow said and hugged me.
" You're welcome" i said, i didn't hug back not bc i didn't want to just 1 i don't like physical contact at all and two Willow is so fake i feel it, i know when she needs help i always most be there for her but when i need help she always is like 'no i can't help you right now or i can't my grandma is in hospital and i need to get there'. Does she think i'm dumb, seriously that is the worst excuse ever and i now it isn't true because her grandma is in Canada and live life. If you wonder why i know this, i know people, with people i mean her brother that had tried to kiss me like hundred times and always flirt with me, I hate it. 
"Oh i most go i was supposed to show a new student around the school 10 minutes ago" she said as she looked at her clock.
"Okay" i said with no emotionals.
She laughed and ran away down the halls.
How can she not see that i tries to avoid her.
I went to my locker and threw in my backpack and longboard. I took my books for my lesson. When i walked in the hallway to art class did the bell rang and i did realize that i gonna be late for class.
But i didn't care, like i think you had realize i don't care about much things.

I was 15 minutes late. When i steeped in everyone stared at me.
Mr Roswell looked at me and sight. 
" Again Mrs Lion" he Said with disappointment in his voice.
" Yes and please don't call me by my last name, can you please call me Hailey?" i answered annoyed, because i hate my last name.
"What is you excuse this time?" he asked me, he didn't answer me, that's mean.
"I don't have one, i just didn't wanted to be on your freaking boring lesson" i was pissed now.
"Go and sit in the back there you can't disturb anymore" he said pretty mad.
I did as he said and sat in the back in the middle of two boys one of them was blond with the bluest eyes i had ever seen and the other one had red hair like me and the greenest eyes i ever had seen almost just likes my eyes.
"Hi" they both said at the same time. 
"Hello" i said to the two strangers. 
"My name is Niall" the blond boy said.
"And i'm Michael" the red haired boy said.
They both smiled at me with a very warm smile.
"Nice to meet ya my name is Hailey" i said. Why not be nice for once, i mean i had never seen them before, maybe they don't know who i'm.
"Oh we know" Niall said. Damn it.
"And how do you know that?" i asked little confused.
"Everyone is talking about you and we saw your little show with the teacher" said Michael. They have a little little attitude, maybe they aren't so bad.
"You are really popular" Niall said.
"I know" i said and sighted.
" I had never meet anyone that doesn't want to be popular" Niall said.
"Everyone just use you, because they also want status and all that shit" i told them, wait did i just say the truth to them. How did them do that i had never told anyone that.
This is strange, wait a minute is this trust, wow i doesn't trust my own family but i trust some people i just meet.
"I had never think about it that way" said Michael.
"Of course, none does"
"Are you sure about that?" Niall asked.
"Wait did i say that out loud?" i said.
"Yeah" Michael said and started giggle.
I started laug, not a fake laugh a real laugh. I hadn't laugh a real laugh in a so long time so it feels so good.
Niall and Michael joined and started also laugh.
Their laugh is amazing. Wait did i just thought that. After we had calm down Michael looked at me, smiled and asked "why do you laugh?"
"I think you are the only boy i had ever heard that giggles" i said still laughing a little.
"My giggle is adorable" Michael said tried to be serious.
I started laugh again and asked " but why do you two laugh?"
" Because you laugh is so freaking amazing and it is like plague it contagious really fast" Niall said and winked at me.
i just laughed. I stopped when it hit me.
"So why weren't you guys sitting beside each other if you know each other?" i asked little confused.
" we couldn't decide on which side of us the pretty lady was suppose to sit on so we split up so that lady could sit in the middle" Michael answered and winked at me.
"Oh no who is the lady, i'm feeling so bad for taking her seat" i said the best i could to sound believable.
Niall and Michael just shook their head and smile at me. 
"So are you guys new here?"
"Yeah, we are" Michael said.
"So do you want a round tour?"
"It would be amazing" Michael sighed and Niall nodded.
"I'm like a lost little puppy on a parking lot" said Niall.
"Why a parking lot?" i asked and tried to hold in my laugh.
"Because it is so many cars and things so the puppy doesn't know which cars is his" Niall answered.
I just looked at him and laughed quite and shook my head.
"I can show you the school during lunch" i told them.
"Sounds good" Michael said. (hahahaha i can't believe i just did that, that is so boring).
We talked some more and laugh some more until the bell rang.
we went out said bye and went to our next lesson. 
I can't believe it, i think just made real friends, but they can trick me. Some people is so mean.

okay guys so here is the new chapter. Hope you enjoyed it. So if you have any questions comment below so will i answer them, and thanks so much for 100 readers!!! Next update will come up sometime next week probably Friday. 
Thanks for reading :)


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