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So this is my first fanfiction so hope you enjoy it.
It's a Michael and Niall fan fiction.
this book is about Haley, she is 19 almost 20 years. She goes in school like all humans. She is one of the most popular people in her school, she loves football and are her school quarterback.
She has everything. That is what everyone think.
But Haley hate her life, always same old shit. What she is missing is someone to talk to, have a real friend that doesn't just like you because you are popular.
Will Haley find someone? Or not?
if she does are they gonna fall in love?
like i said It is a fanfiction. If i says like this five humans that she didn't know exist gonna be big trouble, fantastic, amazing and absolute turn her life upside down.


1. Chapter 1 introduction


Chapter one (Hailey's POV)

Had you ever felt that you just wants to run away from everything and leave your old life behind.

oh sorry i gonna introduce myself. My name is Hailey I'm 19 almost 20 years old. Don't get me wrong with the whole leave your or mine old life behind thing situation.

I have a good life, sure i have, seriously i didn't use any sarcasm now at all.

I have a caring family, even if my older sister can be very mean and when she gets really mad that, she hurts me but yeah we are siblings, siblings fights like that right? I Hope that. 

I actually have pretty much "friends" and i'm good in school not that i mean i always gets As, but i have some As actually and what i meant with "friends" yeah i gonna tell you later. 

I don't have anything bad that had happened that i can remember.

What can be so bad then? Are you all wondering, probably.

yes i gonna tell you why.

i'm so freaking tired of the same old things. Now you all thinking is that all that isn't so bad, but think again it is you gonna see what i mean.

you wake up 5 days every week only to get to school. I'm not saying i doesn't like school, i just hate it starts so early and I'm not the only one who thinks like this i know.

anyways not much happens only more homework. You comes home do the homework's in, i don't know math or english maybe then you eat, go to the training by the way i goes in football it's so fun because people can't bee mad if you take them down. 

ANYWAYS! Then you go home/take the bus or whatever again and you of course take a shower. Then you continue with the homework you have left and before you even can say "done" is the clock so much that you must go to bed. Every freaking DAY!

And if that wasn't enough, on the weekends it's matches with the football.                                                   After i had take a shower and that things, goes me and my mom always for a walk little everywhere like the park, the beach or in our city (Sydney) and sometimes we even wents in to a some shops and buy things (oh you don't say *face palm*).

My older sister and dad does something i actually don't know it's always different things like from go to stores to just watch a movie at home. 

Then we do much other things that i'm to lazy to tell you about anyways we eat and i goes always to bed super tired. ALWAYS THE SAME! 

Never one day off at all. But it is not the only thing that makes me want to forget my past. 

It's also because even if I have many so called "friends" and a very good family am i feeling alone. My family don't understands me and think i'm crazy or weird and my "friends" isn't actually my real friends they only wants to get popular because i'm one of the most popular people in school only because i'm our schools quarterback, did i mention that i'm in the boys team because i was the only girl that wanted to play. 

Had you ever heard something so stupid.

Anyways so because i doesn't have anyone to talk to does that i had start to be more and more closed, turn off my feelings and i had buildt up walls. 

I had actually got into depression if i gonna say the truth. 

People is only to blind to see it.

I wants to find someone or someones that actually understand me and can help me. That is why i wants to forget my past, get a new start. I don't know maybe so I can be as everyone else.



I know it is not the best but i gonna fix it. It's my first fan fiction so yeah and sorry if the english in this book isn't so good because I'm not english at all.

Thanks for reading, comment, like and keep reading☺️

It is something wrong with my phone so i gonna try to fix a front page.

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