Fate Drove Me Into His Arms

Michelle, a senior student in Julliard, has been trying to live her life as simple and normal as possible. Joshua, her rock star ex, comes back into her life after she hears of his band while taking her daily walk through central park. Will everything go back to how she had it or will he turn her life upside down?
(inspired by if I stay series)


2. Nowadays

Last night was amazing. The fans, the music, seeing her again. When I saw her, I thought I was dreaming. Back when Toxic Roses were getting its rep, Michelle always came to our concerts to support us, and to encourage my dreams. She knew I wanted to become a world-known rock star. The dreams seemed unrealistic. There weren't many people who were discovered back then and I couldn't imagine my life the way it is today.

Toxic Roses has been on three world tours and released four top-selling albums. We were currently on a tour around North America. The first stop was in New York City. Next, we were heading down to Miami.

Michelle. Oh, how I longed to see her again. I've been thinking about her. I wanted to hold her in my arms again. My body desperately desired to feel her body heat radiate against my skin. To suck on her plush pink lips. To have her naked body pressed against mine...

The sunlight crept through the curtains and laminated the penthouse. My eyes opened wide and I yawned loudly. Swinging my legs off the bed and onto the floor, I reached for my Iphone. After turning it on, there were three voice mails and twelve missed calls. All of them were from Kimberly.


"Really, Kim?" I sighed heavily and played the first voicemail in the background while changing into my "Not a morning person" t-shirt and faded blue-ripped skinny jeans.


"Hey, babe. Just wanted to know how the concert went last night. Call me back. Love you!" I smiled. Right, I have a fiancé. How could I forget.


"Next message: Sorry for calling again. I was just wondering if you wanted to go to dinner tonight? Text me!"


"Last message: Hey, baby. I called to cancel dinner tonight. My manager got me an audition for a new movie. Rain check? Love you. Bye!" I sighed in relief and fell onto my bed.


"What's wrong with me?" My heart throbbed against my chest and my face started to get flushed. Before last night, I was engaged and couldn't be happier with anyone else. But seeing Michelle there, I knew something inside me changed.


I grabbed my cellphone and glanced at a picture of Kimberly Mendoza and me and grinded my teeth together. Nothing. The feelings I had for her are slowly fading. I clenched my fists and tried to keep calm. I sighed and grabbed a notebook. Time to put my feelings into words.

I grabbed a sharpened pencil and tapped the eraser lightly against the notepad. My feelings flowed from my head to my hand, translating those feelings to lyrics.


"There was a girl I used to know, who smiled so wide and was white as snow, she stole my heart and made it glow," Tears started to form. "I took her on some dates, and it probably wasn't fate, but I really couldn't wait, to say she closed my gates..."



Later in the day, I recorded the song and sent it to my record label. They loved it and decided to release it. The song was played everywhere and was mentioned on every social media website. I didn't care if the whole world hear my lyrics and sang it. I only really cared it it got Michelle to notice me.

My phone started to ring. I didn't recognize the number but I answered it anyways.




"I'm guessing you think I'm the last person who would call you."


"Michelle?" I blinked in surprise.

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