Fate Drove Me Into His Arms

Michelle, a senior student in Julliard, has been trying to live her life as simple and normal as possible. Joshua, her rock star ex, comes back into her life after she hears of his band while taking her daily walk through central park. Will everything go back to how she had it or will he turn her life upside down?
(inspired by if I stay series)


4. Ghosts from The Past

“Hey…” Paisley smiled wide. That familiar smile warmed my heart.

            “Wow. I haven’t seen you in years. You look amazing!” I gawked at her as she spun around, posing like a model on the runway.

            “You too, girl.”

            “Come in, come in. Make yourself at home…so what made you stop by?” I raised my eyebrows.


            She slapped a magazine onto my coffee table. The cover title was, “Pop star Joshua Ortega’s new affair,” below was a picture of me and Joshua under the maple tree, and next to it was a picture of him reaching his hand out to me at his concert. My face went pale and I could tell Paisley was staring at me.

            “Read it,” She demanded. I gulped and picked up the magazine.

            “Uprising pop star, Joshua Ortega, is known for his uplifting lyrics and catchy melodies. He has released his new album, “From The Heart”, which represented torn love and hope. Friday at 9 p.m., he had a kickoff concert to start off his new album across the country. The concert was a great turn out and definitely started with a bang…” I stopped, knowing what was next. “Do I have to continue?” I pleaded, Paisley shook her head.

            “Whilst reaching his had out to the fans, one seemed to have caught his eye. Renown musician, Michelle Andrews, panicked and rushed out of the stadium, after he reached out to her. We later caught a glimpse of them standing under a tree in the rain at Central Park. Is this a new love affair? Stay in tune to find out.”

            “You disobeyed me and broke a dozen promises,” Paisley crossed her arms, rolling her eyes.

            “What are you, my mother?” I retorted. She gasped and thumped my forehead.

            “You told me to do whatever in my power to stop you from seeing him.”

            “Well you’ve failed,” I huffed,

            “Why’d you break out promise?” She uncrossed her arms, softening her expression.

            “Because…Because maybe I thought I had a chance to win him back…” Covering my face, I fell back into my couch. I felt a hand press against my shoulder.

            “But he’s engaged. Engaged to a celebrity at that. It means he’s over you.” She sat beside me, holding my hand.

            “I know…It’s just that we went through everything together. And then, he just left.” She hugged me and patted my back.

            “Wait. What were you doing with him today?” She insisted.

            “He wanted to apologize to me for what he had done and…tell me he never stopped loving me.” I whispered to myself, not fully believing what I said.

            “Really?” She started shaking me.

            “Well…the letter was written four years ago, so I don’t know.”

            “Oh. Hm…”

            “Can we must change the subject and focus on you?” I grabbed a pillow, and clutched it to my chest.

            “Sure. Hm. Ah! I have a boyfriend.” She giggled. “And you know him…” She winked.

            “Who? I suck at guessing.”

            “Come on. Just try,” She started bouncing on the couch.

            “Uh…Channing Tatum?” I shook my shoulders and she laughed, lifting my spirits.

            “I wish. Well, this might shock you…but…I’m dating Matthew.” My eyes went wide and she gave me a small smile.

            “Our Matthew?” She nodded slowly. “But he’s gay!”

            “Was,” She laughed. “I guess you can say I turned him?”

            “Wow. I really did miss a bunch. How’d it happen?” She started explaining how they went to a frat party and ended up waking in the same bed the next day. They wanted to stay friends, so they avoided talking about it. But they decided since they had a great time that they would keep doing it until it turned into dating.

            “Geez. I’m happy for you guys. Truly,” I smiled.

            “Thanks. We’ve been dating for two years.” I raised my eyebrows.

            “That long?” She nodded. “Awesome.”

            “Also. I forgot to mention this…but there are reporters at the front of your building.” I went to the window, down below were crowds of prospectors and reporters. I blinked. “Sorry.”

            “What do I do?” I turned around to Paisley smirking. Great. A plan.

            In high school, Paisley was known for her scheming. Matthew and her would skip school, trying to drag me down with them. Of course, me being the goody-goody in the group, I stayed and went to school. I probably wouldn’t be where I am if I had joined them.

            “I got an idea.” She rubber her hands, nefariously.



            Paisley took an hour applying makeup and dressing me in clothes I never thought I had. She pulled me toward the bathroom, and showed me to my new reflection. My hair was curled into springs and laid on my shoulder. I gently shrugged my shoulders and they bounced. Smiling, I moved up to my lips. They were bright, red and glossy. Smiling more, I could see my dimples deepen. I blinked at my smoky eyes, knowing Paisley insisted on experimenting the look. Come to think of it, she did a really great job.

            “Whatcha think?” Paisley squirmed with excitement.

            “Amazing,” I packed my concert clothing into a medium-sized leather bag and pulled it over my shoulder. “Ready to go?”

            “Yup,” She placed a floppy hat on her head and sunglasses over her eyes.

            “They don’t know who you are…” I laughed.

            “So. I want them to think they do.”

            When we reached the bottom of my apartment building. The reporters surrounded us, and we managed to slip through.

            “We made it!” We high-fived and I smiled. “Hey P” I gently bumped into her.

            “Yeah M,” She bumped back.

            “What do you do nowadays?”

            “Well, I took a break from college and started working for movies, as a celebrity makeup artist.” She smiled.

            “Wow. That’s awesome. You’re living your dreams!” I poked her. “I’m proud.”

            “Thanks. And you’re living yours,” Laughing, we got to Julliard’s auditorium.

            “It’s funny how all of us were unknowns from a town barely on maps. And yet, here we are more famous than ev-“

            “Michelle…” Paisley stopped in her tracks. “I would of did the same if I were you. Being left the way you were must have been hard. I couldn’t imagine life without Matthew.”

            “Thanks for saying that. It means a lot. Quick question…what do I do about the whole Joshua thing?” I rubbed my arm, awkwardly.

            “Just tell him how you feel…how do you feel if you don’t mind me asking?”

            “I don’t know. Every time I’m around him, it brings back those feeling that overwhelmed me but at the same time it made my heart burst. Am I crazy to still feel that way after four years?” She laughed.

            “Yes. But it’s cute because it’s you who’s in love.” She hugged me tight. “You have to go get ready. Goodluck,” She kissed my cheek and we said our goodbyes.

            “I’m not that cute!” I frowned and walked to the bathrooms. Halfway to the bathroom, a tall brunette with jade green eyes bumped into me, causing me to trip and fall on my leg, breaking it. My vision darkened as my fellow students surrounded me. The last voice I heard was hers.

            “You got what was coming to you.” Her voice echoed in my head as I slipped into unconsciousness.


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