Fate Drove Me Into His Arms

Michelle, a senior student in Julliard, has been trying to live her life as simple and normal as possible. Joshua, her rock star ex, comes back into her life after she hears of his band while taking her daily walk through central park. Will everything go back to how she had it or will he turn her life upside down?
(inspired by if I stay series)


1. The Time Has Arrived

The moment we locked eyes I knew I had to get out of there as fast as possibe. It was a mistake. I strictly promised myself that I would never turn back to those darkened days. He was my past and will never be my future. I just wish someone stopped me from looking him up.



Earlier that day...



"I'll grab my usual, Steve," I swept my hand through my bands, brushing them to the side. Steve handed me my usual, caramel mocha with extra foam. I reached into my wallet and gave him a twenty. "Keep the change," He smiled and whispered.


"Hey, have you heard of that new band...what's their name again?" he facepalmed and sighed. "Just look them up. They're great."


"Yeah, sure. A new overnight sensation. That's what we all need," Retorting, I walked out the front door, careful not to spill the caramel mocha on my newly bought leather blouse. "I don't have time for any more rock stars," I pulled my glasses out over my eyes and started walking my usual route toward Central Park.


The clouds disappeared into the light blue sky, leaving the sun shinning over all the flora. The aroma of pine trees filled my nose, and my heart throbbed. Ever since I left Washington to chase after my dream to become a composer, I've been away from nature. My fingertips brushed against the leaves of a pine tree nearby. I miss the isolatation the trees created when you were surrounded by them.

I remember when Joshua used to plan for us to go camping. He would always bring Doritos and chocolate-covered strawberries. He was a born hopeless romantic. When it got below thirty-degrees outside, we would cuddle under the bundles of blankets.

I shook my head, pushing away all the painful memories. Joshua and I haven't been together in four years. Everything was going great until he was discovered by a nearby record label. I already knew he would become famous; I just didn't think he would be so soon.

The wind swept my chocolate brown hair off my shoulder as I inched closer to the bus stop. Clouds above my head darkened as I sat on an empty bench. Pulling over my hoodie, a young blonde girl sat next to me, jamming to music that sounded familiar to me. I bit my lip and tapped her shoulder.

She pulled out one of her earbuds and raised her right eyebrow.


"I just was wondering...who are you listening to?" I spoke softly.


"Oh, it's just the hottest band of the year, Toxic Roses," She pointed to a poster that was hanging three benches away. There he was, Joshua Ortega. The blonde plugged in her earbud and bobbed her head to the downbeat of the music.


I slowly stood up and walked quietly to the poster, he had his famous smirk on. I can't believe he's here. I sighed heavily, and looked at the details. He has a two concert tonight.

My heart started to beat against my ribcage and I couldn't breathe. I'm not going to go see him...I'm not going to go see him.



My caramel mocha started to get cold while I was searching for the soonest and closeest concert for tonight. There was going to be one at nine and another at eleven. I decided to go to the nine one. I have a spring concert tomorrow and I can't stay up late. I drained my caramel mocha and headed to the shower.

I sighed into my favorite Sleeping With Sirens long sleeves and my black, skinny jeans. Glancing into the mirror, I blushed slightly damp hair into a high ponytail.


"Do I need makeup?" I questioned my reflection, and rolled my eyes. "What am I doing? Why am I doing this?" I leaned against the granite sink and teared up. I closed my eyes and sighed.


"Just forget it," I patted some lip gloss onto my bottom lip and rubbed my lips together. "Alright, I can do this," I grabbed my wallet and stepped into my black and white spotted flats. "Time to break a promise to keep another," I slammed the door behind me, locking it.



Crowds were dancing, singing, shouting. You name it, they were doing it. I managed to dodge drunk blondes making out. All I wanted to do was see him. After the first couple of songs, the crowds roused up more and I sighed. I made it up to the front portion of the crowd where you could see the band in perfect clarity.

Joshua had his gaze further in the crowd. He finally looked away when he walked toward the edge of the stage and reaching out, grabbing the fans' hands. That's when he noticed me. He smiled and reached his hand out to me. I didn't know what else to do, but run.



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