Criminal Curses

After Flippy's incarceration nearly a month ago, Flaky and Lifty are trying to get back to the way things used to be. But terrible two things happens: Flippy somehow escapes prison and the curse that made everyone in Happy Tree Town resurrect and live forever is fading and only Flippy knows how to stop it but, he only has one thing in mind: everyone dead. Can Flaky and Lifty try to save themselves and their friends? Or will their lives finally vanish just like Flippy did?


7. Near Disaster

Shifty's van was parked up the street near Flaky's house. Everyone was in there except for Lumpy who was at his house, mindlessly clicking the garage door opened and closed to make sure it worked when they brought Fliqpy inside. Flaky was terrified, but was somewhat calmed down by Lifty, who kissed her cheek and told her it was going to be all right and he wouldn't let anyone hurt her or get to her. She got out of the van and began to walk up to her house where he was waiting. She walked through the door to find Fliqpy sitting there apparently watching the door. He aimed the gun at her and she instantly froze.

"You really thought your stupid plan would work didn't you" whispered Fliqpy, who's calm demeanor and soft voice was even more terrifying than when he yelled

"I-I'm sorry" stammered Flaky, who was now beyond scared

"What are you sorry for? For not being with me instead you chose the thief? Sorry for shooting me in the chest a couple months ago" said Fliqpy

"Y-yes, and f-for hurting you to c-cause you to not be yourself F-Flippy" She flinched on instinct as last time she had called him Flippy, he had hit her

But he didn't hit her this time instead pulling her into a hug. When he did that, his yellow eyes of Fliqpy soon faded as the green eyes of Flippy returned. He looked around confused. His eyes widen as he saw the wreckage around him. Broken windows, smashed chairs, and the dead body of Sniffles. He then noticed Flaky standing next to him with happy yet worried eyes. He could hear and see everything Fliqpy had done except for when he captured the two along with Sniffles and was glad that he was finally back.

"Thank you...." He whispered



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