Criminal Curses

After Flippy's incarceration nearly a month ago, Flaky and Lifty are trying to get back to the way things used to be. But terrible two things happens: Flippy somehow escapes prison and the curse that made everyone in Happy Tree Town resurrect and live forever is fading and only Flippy knows how to stop it but, he only has one thing in mind: everyone dead. Can Flaky and Lifty try to save themselves and their friends? Or will their lives finally vanish just like Flippy did?


11. Missing You (Final)

Nearly a whole year went by after Lifty's death. Every day Flaky would hope and hope that he would come back, but everyday was met with the same crushing disappointment. She was starting to think about giving up. Her friends visited her and tried to comfort her. She pushed them all away when they tried. She soon locked herself inside her house, coming out only to gather the mail as it piled up outside her door. She was sitting on in the dining room flipping through a photo album of her and Lifty.

She smiled when she saw a picture of her and Lifty, covered in mud. It was raining that day they took the picture and Lifty was bored so he grabbed her by the waist, went outside to the backyard and threw her into a muddy puddle, at first she was mad, but then started to laugh as he slipped and fell face-first into the mud and coughed up muddy water. They proceeded to have a mud war as they flung mud at each other.

She began to tear up as she remembered that day, how happy they were, who would have thought it was going to be one of the last times she had with Lifty. She closed the album and wiped tears from her eyes. She jumped up a bit as she heard a knock on her door. Her heart beat quicken as she wondered if it was him. She answered the door and saw it was only Nutty, who with his yellow and green hair and crazed eyes, looked rather frantic.

"Nutty, w-what's wrong" Flaky asked

"Its....its!" Nutty couldn't seem to get the words out

"it's what?" said Flaky

"Lifty's back!" exclaimed Nutty, giving her a crazed happy smile


As soon as Flaky heard that she nearly fainted, but was grabbed by Nutty, who dragged her to the Town Hall where Flippy and Shifty were waiting. As she got closer she saw it wasn't Shifty, but rather Lifty, who looked tired, but nonetheless happy. As soon as they both saw each other, they ran at each other and embraced. Both started to sob with LIfty, muttering, "I'm here, it's okay". They let go of each other and kissed. Nutty giggled happily and hugged Flippy as the two kissed. Finally back together. Everything was finally back to normal.

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