Criminal Curses

After Flippy's incarceration nearly a month ago, Flaky and Lifty are trying to get back to the way things used to be. But terrible two things happens: Flippy somehow escapes prison and the curse that made everyone in Happy Tree Town resurrect and live forever is fading and only Flippy knows how to stop it but, he only has one thing in mind: everyone dead. Can Flaky and Lifty try to save themselves and their friends? Or will their lives finally vanish just like Flippy did?


5. It's Just A LIttle Fun, Right?

After Fliqpy had finished tying them up, he arranged their chairs in a semi-circle. Lifty began struggled against the ropes and he spit out curses at the veteran, who in return punched him across the face, until he had a nasty purple bruise on the side of his face. Flaky remained quiet though, tears streaming down her face as he was struck. Sniffles, who was smart enough to not anger Fliqpy was not tied up and he sat there petrified in fear as he might be next to anger Fliqpy and be beaten. 

Luckily after beating Lifty, who was near unconsciousness and bruised, he had calmed down and sat in front of them on a chair, gun in hand. He grinned, "Anyone else want to make me anger?", when no reply came he chuckled, "That's what I thought".

"Why are you doing this to us" asked Sniffles, who flinched when Fliqpy sprung up from his seat and got right in his face

"Because, my dorky little friend, I want revenge on this whole town for imprisoning me, and revenge on him" Fliqpy pointed at Lifty, "For taking Flaky away from me, she was mine and mine only!!!".

"She was never yours...." wheezed Lifty, as he lifted his head up to look at the crazed soldier

Fliqpy let of a scream of rage and kicked Lifty in the chest causing his chair to tip over and fall on the ground. Fliqpy got on top of him, pulling out his gun, and placing it against Lifty's lips, "Open your mouth"

"Fuck off" Lifty spat

Fliqpy forced open his mouth and place the gun in his mouth, balancing the chair upward, "You can have one more look at Flaky before you die, that sound fair?", Lifty looked at Flaky, who was quietly sobbing. Sniffles watched in horror, but soon had a plan. He saw that Fliqpy had his gaze distracted by Lifty, so he sneaked around behind the solider and jumped on his back. Fliqpy reacted almost instantaneously and threw the scientist over his shoulder, knocking the breath out of him.

"Did you really think that could work!?" screamed Fliqpy, as he turned the gun on the scientist, Lifty's chair, along with him, fell back to the ground.

Flaky began to panic agian, once Sniffles was dead, Fliqpy would kill Lifty then her. She need to think quickly, then she saw it: Fliqpy's knife. It fell out of it's sheath when Sniffles jumped on him. It was lying near Lifty. She motioned to get his attention. He saw her moving her head, he looked puzzled

"The knife" whispered Flaky, so Fliqpy couldn't hear them, "Get the knife".

A grin appeared on Lifty's face as he realized the plan: cut himself free, sneak over to her, cut the ropes restraining her, then finally, escape out the broken window. He wiggled along the carpet towards the knife, and flipping himself around a bit, was able to grab the knife and slowly cut at the ropes. Meanwhile he was doing that, Fliqpy was busy beating Sniffles and screaming curses at him. Lifty felt the ropes slip away. He was free! But now he had to sneak over to Flaky and free her too. Flippy had his back to him, so it was easy to crawl on his stomach to reach her and cut her free. They both were on their hands and knees as they slowly crawled towards the broken window. Sniffles could see them out of the corner of his blood filled eye. He smiled slowly as they escaped.

Fliqpy noticed the smile on the scientists face and frowned, "Why are you smiling?"

"Because they got away..." coughed Sniffles

Fliqpy spun around and saw two chair, cut ropes, and no prisoners. He let out a yell of rage again and aimed the gun at Sniffles head. Sniffles wasn't scared though, they had gotten away and that was all that matter now. A loud BANG! was cut short as the world around him faded to black and he felt nothing.


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