Criminal Curses

After Flippy's incarceration nearly a month ago, Flaky and Lifty are trying to get back to the way things used to be. But terrible two things happens: Flippy somehow escapes prison and the curse that made everyone in Happy Tree Town resurrect and live forever is fading and only Flippy knows how to stop it but, he only has one thing in mind: everyone dead. Can Flaky and Lifty try to save themselves and their friends? Or will their lives finally vanish just like Flippy did?


1. Escaping Unoticed

"What do you mean he's gone?!" yelled Sniffles

The blue-haired scientist was taking a part time job as a guard to make sure that the town most dangerous prisoner: Flippy. He had come into work today to find his co-workers, Lumpy and Pop, standing next to the war veteran's jail cell with looks of worry written on their faces.

"When we came into work, we went straight to his cell, only to find he just...vanished" said Pop

"What about the sleeping pills we were putting inside his meals, he should have been asleep most of the time" grumbled Sniffles

"He's smart, he figured out what we were doing and he dug the pills out of his meals" said Lumpy, who removed the pillow from the man's prison bed to find a small pile of pills under it

Sniffles cursed and began to walk away. He would have to find Flippy soon before he harmed someone. He knew that the war vet would go after the one person he truly cared for: Flaky.

"Where are you, Flippy" muttered Sniffles, as he stared out of the police station window and looked out onto the street.


Where Flippy was actually right above the three officers on the roof of the police station. He was also looking out to the street, but he was looking for a certain house. The niceness of Flippy was dead, replaced by the emotionless cruel evil that was Fliqpy. He was going to get his revenge on this town, even if he had to kill everyone including....her. "I'm coming home, Flaky" The war vet chuckled darkly as he disappeared into the shadows.

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