Criminal Curses

After Flippy's incarceration nearly a month ago, Flaky and Lifty are trying to get back to the way things used to be. But terrible two things happens: Flippy somehow escapes prison and the curse that made everyone in Happy Tree Town resurrect and live forever is fading and only Flippy knows how to stop it but, he only has one thing in mind: everyone dead. Can Flaky and Lifty try to save themselves and their friends? Or will their lives finally vanish just like Flippy did?


12. Author's Note: The End?

Hey guys.

This was the end of my 4th "Criminal" book, "Criminal Curses".

And I was wondering, should I end the series here or make a 5th book.

Because I don't know if I want to end it here or continue with another book..

If I should make a 5th book, comment below saying "Do it!" or something like that.

Love you guys :3


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