Animosity (noun.) plural animosities: a feeling of strong dislike, ill will, or enmity that tends to display itself in action.

The world got discharged of compromises and spirits got vacated of mercy. Lives were replenishing with wars and we all fell victims to antagonism to a proportion that women and men became competitors to a great degree that league became quite repulsive and countries unite was forgotten.

Two leaders were collided together under compression of wars and their tenure devolved from being leaders of each assort to a member of an obstructed denomination.

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2. II. Sequestration

equestration (noun.)removal or separation; banishment or exile.

Niall's Pov

I held her wrist revoking her to an sequestration room taking the rifle she held in her hand and the gun in her pants pocket. They said there's an assault in here and it's renowned that it's from women. She seems to be the leader that's why they demanded us to retention her instead of killing her.

I locked the room twisting the keys three times before running to the elevator where two women with guns blocked my way, I shot each with a bullet right on the chest and their bodies fell to the ground right beside me.

I reached the third floor taking long strides into the Asylum room where I found Jex wounded on the ground, a pool of blood under him. I entered the room that's already open finding a girl who's also wounded.

"Women retracted." Fred said as I saw him. "There's a loss in the Asylum though."

"I knew this would happen." I frowned of how languid in taking action we are. " I constricted a leader." I acquainted.

"Where?" He asked.

"In the sequestration room." I answered. He walked to the door gesturing for me to follow, I look at his muscular big back. It's known that none of rivals can cross Fred unless they're greatly trained to a high degree that's not existed yet.

He headed to the sequestration room opening the metal door, she was already awake but looking vertiginous and sitting on her knees with her arms bridled behind her back, the room was empty that I can hear her loud throbs.

"Ruth?" Fred talked smacking her face, her body tumbled to the ground and betimes her mouth started bleeding.

I can shot a woman with a bullet but would never have the adversity to smack her face, but Fred can. Sometimes it confound me that him and I are leaders.

I kept standing at the door watching Fred as he takes hold of her hair raising her head up. Her cheeks were bloody red and her eyes were agonizingly shut. He left her hair when he found her inanimate.

"I'll get datum from her." I told Fred as he walked out of the room.


She woke up hours later, I put her on a chair holding a gun in my hand as a menacing method to her but it doesn't seem to discompose her. Her hair under her bandana was wet and stuck to her face and she stared coldly at me.

"What were you doing here?" I asked bending down to her.

"The same thing you were doing there." She stated looking at me in malignancy.

"You know that's not a reputable rejoinder." I said eye contacting her confessing antipathy through her faint blue eyes.

" Is it reputable to contemplate a rejoinder from me?" She chuckled at her words which was logic but I know that was superior of any other execution.

"Ruth, you know that this is unavailing. What were women doing here?" I repeated myself.

"What were men doing there?" She almost responded the same rejoinder.

"You know that we have other execution that would let you come clean." I warned.

"Men are creatures of imbecilities, you're not eligible for macerating me." I know that she's using provocation to piss me off and let me do a lunatic misconception.

"Don't push this any further." I shook my head.

"I'm not pushing anything anywhere just trying to illuminate that you, men are not eligible of being as felicitous as women are in getting datum. Your methods are orthodox." She chuckled again and making unable to hegemony my temper anymore.

Fred broke into the room with obvious anger on his face which immediately replaced my emotions from irritated to worrisome. That won't be a good end for Ruth..

"Ruth, speak for your own good." I whispered almost begging her.

"You try to oblige your citizens and soldiers of doing things they quite can't endure that's why you're fiascoes!" She screamed as if intended to let Fred hear her.

"Listen you Fred or shit, I don't mind. I don't fear you if you haven't perceived yet!" She screamed again and I saw Fred standing right beside me. I held his wrist before he could ever do any move.

"She's a woman." I exhilarated looking at his frowned face.

"She's an adversary." He adjusted. "If we don't beat them up, they'll end us up." I knew he's right and I know that since I'm a man, I'm only made to jostle women. I let go off his wrist just as he grabbed the collar of her shirt lifting her body up.

"You know that you're not menacing me, right?" She kicked him with her knee making him neglect her, she headed to the door before I held out my gun and shot the back of her shoulder.

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