Animosity (noun.) plural animosities: a feeling of strong dislike, ill will, or enmity that tends to display itself in action.

The world got discharged of compromises and spirits got vacated of mercy. Lives were replenishing with wars and we all fell victims to antagonism to a proportion that women and men became competitors to a great degree that league became quite repulsive and countries unite was forgotten.

Two leaders were collided together under compression of wars and their tenure devolved from being leaders of each assort to a member of an obstructed denomination.

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1. I. Assault

Assault (noun.): an unlawful attack upon another; an attempt or offer to do violence to another, with or without battery, as by holding a stone or club in a threatening manner.

Ruth's Pov

I held the cold metal of the rifle recalling the trigger with bullets and afforded it to the starter, she trembled as she elevates the heavy rifle up, I run my eyes down her fragile body that's incongruous for an assault. Men have been drilling so good according to the spying report. Women kingdom is allowing few men inside it for reproduction as there's a deficiency in citizen since their previous assault and sometimes genes are exchanged to guarantee only girls' birth.

Other than reproduction, it's also subservient for the disloyalty of their soldiers since their logic isn't convenient as ours, we can easily lessen from their number using logic and they do in wars.

I left the starter with Kyle walking down the dark streets, we refuse to put lights in the streets stimulating people of jeopardy's presence, some others believes we use it as a depressing method to people just as men.

The elevator reached the 15th floor in the equipment building. I entered the weaponry room that's secured with a capacitor insurance system meeting Belison in there getting ready for the assault, I helped her putting the adequate assault rifle since I came in here as a professional in weaponry.

"We won't gather starters as the previous assault, loss was pretty obvious." I admitted putting the rifle in a black briefcase and a gun in my gun holder.

"Try to find a valuable caution." She handed me the first aid kit to put into the backpack. I roll my eyes at her remark, it's pretty laborious to be obligated to work with someone your mind can't quite collide with.

We got out of the weaponry room after Alexpar informed us that she gathered people for the raid cause she's the social worker and quite prerequisite for determinating the soldiers number before and after a raid.

"89 soldiers." She said.


Belison and I lingered through the their equipments building, our boots hitting the sloughy ground as we walk in. We met two muscular bodies on the way whom we shot with the rifle.

"I'll go into this room, you head to the other one." I commanded Belison.

"Why don't you head to the other one?" She asked.

"Belison, this is not the time for arguing, do what you're demanded to do." I roll my eyes.

I lingered to the room shooting the security system which was soon turned into glass pieces and the metal door opened, I got in finding metal drawers which is hardly opened.

"Don't proceed!" A man's voice behind me said. "Turn around!"

I did as demanded lifting my arms in the air never letting go off the rifle. A blond guy with blue eyes that was glistening in the dark, held the gun up to my chest ready to shot.

"Put the rifle down!" He snapped, but I squeezed the warm metal of the rifle in my hands. "Put it down!"

A gun's trigger stroke me on the head, soon my body landed on the ground and my vision went black at the edges.

Warning: 'Animosity' is a dystopian book that contains graphic detail in terms of sexuality, violence, language and overall themes. Please read if you're comfortable.

- I hate that I have to include this but countless instances of plagiarism make it necessary.

Disclaimer: This is my own original idea and storyline. Any similar stories are purely coincidental. Please do not steal or copy any of my ideas since I've worked for months on this one.

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