Storm: A Harry Potter Fanfic

Evanna Storm is a pure-blood witch, who is sure to be a Slytherin, she is cunning, sly and self-assured. But sometimes people change, or at least personalities do. Will Evanna change at all? Or is her future clearly set out in front of her.


1. Waking Up

A/N: I have been working on this story for a while, and it may seem a bit similar to Lilly’s movella, Hayley Williams, but we thought of these stories together, so that’s why.


"Who are you?" Evanna asked. "Oh you'll find out soon, trust me," a mysterious man replied. The figure began to disappear. "Wait!" Evanna cried, but it was too late. The man had vanished. There was a flash of red, then Evanna woke up. It wasn't a nightmare but it she was sweating. The dream wasn't a big deal, except she'd been having them for 11 years, the only thing changing is her appearance. She looked over at her clock, time to get up. Evanna walked downstairs and began to eat her breakfast. "I had the 'that' dream last night again." She groaned. "It's been happening for 11 years I'm not surprised anymore." Her mother replied. "Anyways, today, we are going to Diagon Alley with the delightful Malfoys, and we can get some Slytherin things." "But mum, what if I'm not in Slytherin, what if I'm in, dun,dun,duunnn Gryffindor!" "Evanna Rose Storm! I will not hear it! You will be in Slytherin just like Storms have for – she froze – generations!" Evanna's mother said, her voice wavering at the end. Evanna went silent, she pushes people, but she had never seen her mother be so enraged. She held on to her mother's hand and they apparated  to Diagon Alley. "I see the Malfoy's over there!" Evanna exclaimed, spying the well-dressed, blonde-headed family immediately. She rushed over to them, " Hey Drake," Evanna said sarcastically. "Evie, shut up." He replied in the same tone."Just saying, that's never gonna happen!" And with that, the two magical beings ran off to Ollivanders.

Draco and Evanna walked in and heard a loud BANG! They jumped, only to find Ollivander standing there, waiting to assist them. "Ah, Miss.Storm, Mr.Malfoy, the day has come!" He said mystically. While he rushed away to find Draco a wand, the eleven year olds began talking. " So Evie, what Slytherin banner do you want?" Draco asked, looking out the window at shops. "I don't know if I want a banner yet, I mean, what if we aren't in Slytherin!?" Evanna replied. "Then I wouldn't be a Malfoy, and you wouldn't be a Storm, our future is clear, duh." He said bluntly, "I just, I feel like it's not so clear for me, I've got this feeling." Evanna said, as she gazed blankly across the street.

"Heh hem." Ollivander interrupted, he had returned, with an assortment of wands for Draco. "Sorry sir," Draco replied quickly. He began to wave one around, "That is the one Mr.Malfoy." Ollivander cried. He turned to examine Evanna. "hmm, phoenix feather, maybe, what about unicorn hair, yes let's see." He hurried off. "Like I said Evie, you're going to be in Slytherin!" Draco started. "But what if I'm not," Evanna said, "what would people say?" she swallowed, "what would my mum say?" "We won't fin-" Draco began, but saw Ollivander waiting. Evanna walked forward and began trying wands. It took dozens of tries, waving around these magical wooden sticks, while Draco sat in the corner looking rather bored. "Hmm, you are a Storm, yes?" Ollivander asked, while frantically trying to find a particular wand. "Uhh, yes." Evanna replied, uncertain of what that meant. "Hmm maybe, just maybe." Ollivander came out with an extremely dusty box, as Evanna coughed, Ollivander carefully took the wand out of it's casing and handed it to her, she waved it around, closing her eyes and bracing herself for something to break, but she felt warm, as she opened her eyes she saw a red glow emerge from the tip of her wand, then she saw Draco's and Olivander's shocked faces. "Unicorn hair, ash wood, quite bendy, 10 inches." Ollivander said in a shaky voice, "You will do great, great things Miss Storm."



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