1. suicide


She wore her grief, strings of pearls
It's stupid how one goes to suicide
It's like a coma no one ever wants
The hammer just clicks
Suicide is falling asleep the dream being a trap door to eternal slumber

No more pain

No more hate or mind games or liars no more bullies nor anybody that can hurt her

No more ability to deceive or receive another beating no more nights of blood and days of panic or worry nothing

It's like there's nothing at all and that's perfect

No more enemies or people against her

No more nothing more than absolute abyss


Maybe someone will save what's worthless

Every trash is another's treasure

But likely just another night broken

Another day of being outspoken

Worry of what's about to happen or going to

Because if there was someone out there

Wouldn't they found her by now?

Or hear her cries?

Tell her it's alright even if it's not?

Wouldn't someone have come by now?

With scars visible

How must she be invisible?


Walking slowly every morning

Waking but not actually there

Waiting for someone to find her

It seems everybody smiles

Maybe one day that'll be somebody envies her

Maybe in another life

Perhaps another day

Probably never

But hopefully some day

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