Girl fight

"Fine. My mom got a divorce with my dad because he didn't have a job, and he was a big alcoholic. When I was in eighth dad used to come home from the bar when my mom was at work and.........would get mad at me for the stupidest reasons an-nd- just hit me. I wore nothing but long sleeve shirts for the rest of year to cover up those scars and bruises. I haven't told anyone but you this. I haven't even told my mom. And still after all these years of keeping this secret and lying to my mom....I love him. He was the only one who could make me happy and smile. He was the only person I wanted to hang out with. He was my only friend...." I said looking down at the cracks in the sidewalks. Luke hadn't said a word but I could feel his stare.

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8. Tutoring

"Okay, we have just enough players to make a team so you all made it. Practice everyday after school unless we have a game and we also practice with the boys on Saturday together." Coach Green said. She's super nice but sometimes can be very pushy, as any good soccer coach should. "Okay, well I'll see you tomorrow and don't forget to work on your math homework. Just because I'm the coach won't mean I will let you slack off!" She said smiling and walking away. 

Then all of the girls and I walked over to our bags, took our shoes off and walked towards the parking lot, right where the boys were still practicing. I was kind of shocked but couldn't stop looking when I noticed Luke didn't have his shirt on because they were playing shirts and skins. I looked over to Char and she was doing the same thing because Calum didn't have his shirt on either. 

"O-oo-mm-gg" Charlotte said stuttering.

"I'm assuming you have never seen Calum shirtless?" I said laughing.

"NO but I need to more often!" She said making both myself and herself die of laughter. 

As about 5 more minutes went by the other girls decided to leave. 

"Bye guys! See you Tomorrow! And don't forget to do your math!" They all screamed walking back to their cars.

"BYE!" We screamed back waving. Then we turned our attention back to the field where it looked like they were about to clean up. They only had about 5 minutes left our their score board for the teams to play. 

"So what do you have to tutor Luke in?" Char said starting up a conversation, taking her curly black hair out of her ponytail.

"I don't know. He just asked me if I would tutor him so he could get into a good college." I said. I honestly don't know what he wanted help with. He never told me what other classes besides World studies. 

"Well at least you get to spend time with him..." She said winking at me. 

"That is a plus." After that I heard the buzzer go off and it scared the living shit out of me.

"WTF? OMG, that scared me so much...." Right as I was about to finish the sentence I felt a sweaty body pick me up from behind attempting to give me hug without showing their face, I already knew who it was but it was more fun to act like I don't know. 

"Can you guess?" Luke said whispering into my ear making me shiver all the way down my spine. 

"I don't know...Do I know you?" I said trying not to laugh 

"You should. Unless your like Drew Barrymore in 51 dates." He said laughing, obviously not willing to put me down unless I told him the answer. But, I continued to carry it on just a little bit longer.

"I'm definitely not like her....Maybe....OH YES! You're...You're....Calum!" I said this time not being able to control my laughter. 

"We had one fight and you already forget me!" He said laughing and putting my down. I turn around to see a very tired but still very bubbly Luke.  I also turn around to see Calum and Char having yet again another make out session. 

"So do you want did leave so we can get the tutoring done before you pass out?" I said smiling while also getting a smile out of him.

"Yea let's go. My cars parked right in the front row so we don't have to walk that far."

"Thank the Lord! No body wants to walk further than 10 feet when you just ran for 2 hours straight!" I just noticed that I feel completely normal around Luke now. I don't feel out of place or that I'm going to be harassed. I feel like my normal self!


"So what was the Pax Romana again?" Luke asked confused.

"It was the era of Rome where there was peace throughout the land and their weren't any wars." I said flipping through the book. We have been studying for about two hours now and I think I have said at least 100 sentences with or talking about Pax Romana.

"Oh okay." He said yawning and his eyes fighting to stay open. It was only 7:00 but I could understand why he would be tired. Gee, even I'm a little warn out from the practice today. 

"Well, I'm going to go to the bathroom and then I should probably head out and let you get some rest for tomorrow." 

"Okay...Don't be to long in the bathroom like girls usually are. I really would like to be up when you leave." He said chuckling.

"Will do!" I said back. Then walking off into the bathroom. I then went to the bathroom, washed my hands and opened the door when I heard another door close that wasn't Luke's and I could have sworn his Mom was downstairs. But, instead of investigating I know I should probably get back to Luke's room before he passes out. But, when I walk in he is no where near passed out. He is laying on his back in his bed, reading and paying full attention to my song book. 

"HEYY! Give that here! No one has ever read that! Not even Charlotte!" I said trying to snatch the book from Luke but he pulled it away to quickly. 

"Why don't you want me to see it?" He said looking confused. I was just praying he didn't get to the song about him that I started writing after our first date. It was called Perfect Picture and it was how he came out of no where and Made my world come crashing down. 

"Because they are personal. All that I have ever felt or did is in that song book and I don't need you going through it. Now hand it over." I said sticking my hand out motioning to him to give it to me. 

"Not until you sing a part from one of your songs. I have never really heard you sing and I'm sure you have a beautiful voice. These lyrics are amazing and I really want you to sing them for me." He said looking desperate. When I didn't give him an answer, he started pouting his bottom lip out and made his eyes big. Oh! C'mon! How can you say no to that?!

"Fine. What song do you want me to sing?" I said while he started flipping through my book. Please don't see the song, Please don't see the song. 

"Ah-Hah! Found the PERFECT one!" Oh for gods sake! "Sing perfect picture." 

"Okay....." I said thinking of the lyrics and then starting. "I can't believe that I ended up here. I can't believe, I can't believe that. Just when I thought that the road was so clear. Had no idea, had no idea. You'd come right out of nowhere spin me around. How did you make my world come crashing down. Tonight, you made my perfect picture look like black and white. I know I've never seen my colors so alive. With you around, I know that we're gonna be fine. Tonight, you made my perfect picture come to life." I sang these lyrics with my head down the whole time but I could still feel Luke's stare and his warm smile hit me when it ended. 

"Wow." He said almost breathless. "Your amazing....." before he could continue I cut him off. 

"Can I please have my book back now?" I said, practically begging him for it. 

"One more question....It's short and sweet I promise..." He started looking to see if I would interpret but I wanted to know the question so I let him continue and he did "Who is the song about?" 

"Um...Uh.." I felt so uncomfortable. I just don't feel like right now is the best way to tell him that I like him. Like I said it's a complicated situation. "It's about my old boyfriend Troye. Of course before we broke up. It just got awkward after awhile." I hope he didn't catch that I was lying and if he did, he didn't question it. But, I did notice that his eyes got a little bit darker blue and his happy expression dropped almost to a frown. Without anymore words he handed me my book and helped me pack my stuff back in my back pack. We then walked down the stairs in complete silence until I reached the door. 

"Bye Kaylee. I'll see you tomorrow." He said pulling me into a hug. We stayed there for what felt like ages until we heard a coughing noise coming from behind us. Luke then turned around all grumpily.

"Mom, can't you see that we are trying to have a moment here." This comment made me laugh so hard making Luke look back at me with the same glare he gave his mom. 

"Aww. You guys are so cute! Luke, you actually brought home a good one this time. She's definitely a keeper." She said winking and walking back into the kitchen. 

At this point I was literally laughing so hard, I was on the ground. This family was to much to handle, but in a good way. I finally pulled myself together to finish the goodbye. 

"Bye Luke. See ya tomorrow." I said waving and walking out the door. But just before I got half way down the steps, I shouted back, doubting that Luke's Mom would hear. "Bye Ms. Hemmings! It was nice to meet you!" 

Without expecting it, she came to the door and said back "Bye Honey. And don't call Ms. Hemmings, call me Liz it sounds more laid back and "Chill" as you kids would say these days." She said making the Kala bunga sign with her hands. 

"Mom please, just please stop. Your hurting my eyes! Mom!" This moment made me realize that I never have fun with my mom like that and it is okay to have your mom care about your everyday life. They are not always going to be their for you. You might as well  have fun with them and learn with them now, now that they are still here.


Heyyyyy Guys! Hope your enjoying it so far! So many exciting things coming up in the future!


And obviously I did not write the song so all rights go to the real artist that did right this amazing song, Bea Miller!


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