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"Fine. My mom got a divorce with my dad because he didn't have a job, and he was a big alcoholic. When I was in eighth dad used to come home from the bar when my mom was at work and.........would get mad at me for the stupidest reasons an-nd- just hit me. I wore nothing but long sleeve shirts for the rest of year to cover up those scars and bruises. I haven't told anyone but you this. I haven't even told my mom. And still after all these years of keeping this secret and lying to my mom....I love him. He was the only one who could make me happy and smile. He was the only person I wanted to hang out with. He was my only friend...." I said looking down at the cracks in the sidewalks. Luke hadn't said a word but I could feel his stare.

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10. Thanksgiving

"How does this look?" I ask Char. I was wearing a Pink blouse with jeans, high brown boots, high knee socks and a little purse. My hair was also curled but I am not wearing any make up. It just makes my face itch and honestly I'm to lazy. 

"You look Great! He is going to love you!" She said peeking through the bathroom door to see me. She is taking way longer than I did. 

"Watcha doing in there Char. It's been like 2 hrs?!"  I said. 

About 5 minutes later, she walks out in this short, beautiful black dress. Her hair is all curled to one side and her makeup is to perfection. I look like a hobo compared to her. 

"Woah Char! Now I'm getting nervous and insecure!" I said looking down and feeling really disappointed in myself. Should I have tried harder? Do I have to look that? What if he doesn't like this? 

"Why? Kaylee you are a beautiful and amazing human being. You're wearing what you like and want. You're being your self and if Luke doesn't like that, then he's an idiot. Besides I love to dress up and we are going to a really fancy restaurant so I need to be a little bit over dressed." She said laughing making me smile. "Now come on, you don't want to be late for your first Thanksgiving together." She said winking and pulling me downstairs. 


"Is this it?" My mom says pulling up the drive way to Luke's house.

"Yep!" I said happily. I was about to open the door when my mother locked it.

"So let me get this straight. You guys like each other but your not dating?" She said looking really confused.

"It's complicated." I said unlocking the door to have my mother lock it again. 

"Come on. Why?" She said smiling.

"Mother, I don't know okay. Can we please just get out of the car?" I said laughing. 

"Alright, but try not to embarrass me in my future son-n-law!" She screamed right as Luke walked out the door.

"MA!" I said my face getting red as Luke walked toward me. I was hoping he didn't hear that but with my luck he did. 

"Future son-n-law huh? We haven't even gone on our first date." He said smiling at hinting at it. 

"Yea. That's my mom. She think's you'll help get me out of my funk that I have been in for the past few years. She's really hoping this will work out. " I said looking at the ground as I walked into his warm, house. The smell of turkey was everywhere and many candles were lit.

"Kaylee! It's wonderful to see you!" Liz said coming over to give me hug. She was wearing an apron and gloves that you use to pull hot things out of the oven."You look beautiful." 

"Thanks! It's so nice to see you again, Liz. The cooking smells great. " I said pulling away from the hug to give her a small smile. 

Before I could say anything else Luke butts in. 

"Okay Mom. Call us down when dinner is ready. We will be up in my room talking!" He said pulling me up to his room quicker than the speed of light. 

"Woah! What was that for." 

"I haven't talked to you in awhile and I don't want my mom to hog all of the time that I have with you today." He said closing his door and looking me in the eyes. 

"So what do you want to do or talk about?" I ask right when Michael, Sarah and Ashton walk through the door. 

"What do you guys want?" Luke said gritting his teeth. I had no clue they would be here. He said it was just going to be him and his mom. 

"Oh we were going to get something to eat and then going to a party. You want to come?" Michael asked

"Not really." Luke said looking really confused.

"Oh come on man. You can bring Kaylee. It will be all good." Still Luke did not want to go but they kept on pushing it."Fine how about you stay here and have dinner and we can pick you up on the way to the party. That means you can still have dinner here and "talk" with Kaylee some more." Michael said putting quotes around talking and rolling his eyes. I never thought Michael was such a douche. He was so nice to me until Luke and I became friends. 

"Kaylee, do you want to go? I don't care." Luke said 

"Sure. My mom won't mind. She wants me to be more social and have friends." I said making him laugh. 

"Alright see ya at 7!" Michael said shutting the door. 

"I'm not saying I don't want to go to the's just....who throws a party on thanksgiving? The one holiday that you get to share with your loved ones besides Christmas of course..." Luke said rambling. I still can't get the fact out of my head that he thinks of me as a loved one. 

"Luke.." I said. But he wouldn't stop. "Luke!" He was literally having a panic attack but I know the one thing that will shut him up. I leaned in and kissed him on the cheek making him stop at look at me.

"Wh-a--at was that for?" He said blushing, making me smile.  

"To get you to shut up. Now I know it works." I said biting my lip.

"How come you didn't give me an actually kiss?" He said smiling. 

"Because my first kiss has to be special." I said, just as Liz came walking through the door telling us dinner is ready. 


Dinner was amazing. It wasn't just the food part either. Talking with Luke and his mom was so much fun and what made it better is that my mom actually found someone to talk to besides me and her fellow co-workers she has know for like 10 years!

My mom and Liz ended up talking the whole time while also squeezing in some embarrassing moments of the both of us when we younger. The one that I found the most interesting is that Luke used to go around the house singing songs that his mom used to listen to all the time. Including Madonna and Britney spears. 

"To my offense, she only played the same 5 songs over and over in the car. It's not my fault that I was so young and impressionable!" He said making the table fill with laughter.

"Well not any worse than what Kaylee did when she was 3.." My mother started while I cut her off.

"Mom, please..." I said feeling my cheeks getting red. I knew what my mother was going to say. When I was younger, my dad took me to my uncle's work because he needed to grab something. Well, my uncle owned a bowling alley/bar that had pole dancers. While my dad was getting something I watched the pole dancers every moves and in that very moment I wanted to be like them. Mind you I was only 3 and I didn't know better. So the next day, I showed my mom the moves and danced like them right in front of her. She yelled at my dad a lot but now that I'm older, she looks back on it and laughs while I find it totally embarrassing. 

"Kaylee, you can tell us. I might laugh but it's not like I'm going to tell the whole entire school." He smiled. When he released how truly I didn't want to tell him, he slipped his hand into mine underneath the table to relieve my stress. 

"Mom, do you want to tell it? I can't find myself to tell the story." I said hoping she would. And she did. She told the story to all of them and when the most embarrassing part came, without releasing what I was doing, I put my head onto Luke's shoulder and squeezed his hand some more. I heard a little chuckle from Luke but that's it. When the story finished, I sat back up and brushed my hair down. 

"It wasn't that bad. You made it seem like it was such a bad story." Luke said letting go of my hand. I didn't realized it but I had squeezed his hand so hard that it was red. I mouthed a "sorry" and he mouthed "its okay" back. 

"Well, Kaylee and I should get going if we want to make that party on time." It was 5:00 but I told him that I needed to stop at home and get ready.  

"Alright, well have fun. And Kaylee you should probably drive. Liz doesn't want Luke taking her car to the party but you can take mine." My mom said with Liz nodding. She than threw me the keys while I asked

"How will you get home?" 

"Liz offered to take me home after we are done chatting. Now go have fun." My mom said practically shooing us out the door. 

"Wait Luke do you need anything?" I asked.

"Nope. We can go." He said walking behind me. We reached the car and I turned it on. 

"Will this be your first party?" Luke questioned.

"Yep and possibly the last!" I said pressing the gas pedal, driving all the way home.








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