Girl fight

"Fine. My mom got a divorce with my dad because he didn't have a job, and he was a big alcoholic. When I was in eighth dad used to come home from the bar when my mom was at work and.........would get mad at me for the stupidest reasons an-nd- just hit me. I wore nothing but long sleeve shirts for the rest of year to cover up those scars and bruises. I haven't told anyone but you this. I haven't even told my mom. And still after all these years of keeping this secret and lying to my mom....I love him. He was the only one who could make me happy and smile. He was the only person I wanted to hang out with. He was my only friend...." I said looking down at the cracks in the sidewalks. Luke hadn't said a word but I could feel his stare.

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4. Detention

The rest of the day went by pretty normal. I had lunch with Sarah and her gang of riffraffs. But, I had Charlotte and Cal. Thank god for that! 

Now, it was the end of the day and the bell was about to ring. You know what that means....Detention with the one, the only, Mr.Dickhead(aka Luke). I was not ready for his perverted mind and weirdness again. It kinda creeps me out that he was so rude to me in the beginning of the school day and then became very sexually the rest of day. Like every time, and I mean every time, we passed in the hallway he would wink at me and say "Can't wait for Detention. Me and you alone with no teachers around." I just wish I would have kept my mouth shut and not have found my confidence until later. 

I walked back to my locker seeing Calum and Char hugging at her locker,which is right next to mine. 

"I'm not going to see you for a whole hour..What am I going to do with my life?" Char said laughing but also being serious at the same time. She always found those needy girlfriends to be to clingy and makes fun of them all the time. But, this time I think she just laughed because she didn't didn't know how to respond to what she just said.

"I know sweetheart but thanks to our rude English teacher who gave me a detention for being late, I'm stuck here til 4." After he said that all mopey I perked up. I won't be alone with Luke. With that I opened my Locker making Char jump. 

"I didn't even see you walk over here. At least we will get to hang out while this losers in detention. I call we go to the mall and go see a movie. I heard Paper Towns is pretty good?" Oh no. I totally forgot to mention to her that I got a detention. Thursdays are our girls days. I just thought since Calum was here she would want to hang out with him but I guess we're stuck in the same position. 

"Um. Actually...I-I Have Detention too because of Luke." I said looking down at the floor embarrassed I didn't want her to ask about it but knowing her she has to be all up in your business. She's even more nosier than my mom and my mom wants to know anything and everything about my personal, and social life!

"Wait, did I hear that right? Kaylee Collins...Got a detention....Wow. Someone's changed a lot since I was gone." Char said wiping a fake tear off of her check. 

"You learn a lot when you sit up in your room and read books your whole entire summer." I said laughing. Her not so much."And besides aren't you mad? You know since you won't have anyone to hang out with?"

"Yea,but their's nothing you can do about it. I'll just catch up on my T.V. shows that I missed while you guys are gone. It's only 30 minutes." She said shrugging it off like it was no big deal. I guess I don't mean as much to her as Calum does.....I wonder if she even cares about me anymore. I guess now that she's got a guy in her life she doesn't need a third wheel dragging her down. 

After our awkward conversation, I grabbed all of my stuff out of my locker, shoved it into my book bag and closed my locker. Giving me the sight of Calum and Char kissing. 

"Um...Can you wrap this up...I would like to get to detention before it ends?" Calum pulled his face away from Char's, looking down at her with his big puppy dog eyes. 

"I'll see you in an hour Babe." And with that we walked down the hallways to room 210 and with my luck, it wasn't just Luke...It was his whole gang. Including, that stupid bitch, Sarah. 


When I walked in with Calum, they all looked up. Everyone moved their eyes to Calum, except Luke. He just stared at me smirking. It creeped me out in a way that it was actually really hot. 

"Oh look, it's the skank that embarrassed my Lukey this morning." Sarah said making them all laugh, Luke just glared at her. "And you aren't even nice enough to introduce me to your hot friend." She said winking at Calum, flattering her bright blue eyes, and flipping her long golden hair.

"This is Calum" I say really quickly keeping my head down "He just moved here from Australia."

"Yep. That's me. And sorry to break it to ya, but I'm off limits. I already have a beautiful girlfriend." He said. He made the right choice in saying that. If he ever hurts my best friend, I will kill him.

"Well if you ever change your mind..." she said turning back around sitting next to Luke. 

"I don't think it will but if you want to believe that then go ahead." I laughed at that part, he actually stood up to her. Him and Char are weirdly alike. 

"Hard to get, I like. You can join are group if you want. You can sit next to Ashton." Sarah said pointing her finger to the seat behind her. Calum heisted at first, kind of looking for my approval. 

"I'm not stopping you" I mouthed to him. He then went and sat next to Ashton, talking about random shit. I then went and sat on the other side of the room and starting reading. After about 5 minutes more  Mr.Walsh walked in. 

"Alright, Detention has officially started I will be in the teachers Lounge. Your dismissed at 4:00." And just like that he went right out the door. It didn't phase me, high school teachers honestly don't care. They hate giving out to many detentions because that means you have to stay after school with them which sucks. So, usually they will just leave you there to do what ever the hell you want. 

I continued reading when I heard someone sit down next to me and say "Hey sweetheart, how was your day?" 

"Awesome til you showed up." I said. I really didn't want to deal with his shit anymore. 

"Wow, that one really hurt my heart." He said putting his hand over his heart and acted like he was in some physical pain. 

"Oh, shut up. You know you can be a real dick sometimes." 

"I know and I'm trying to fix the way I came over here to ask you if you could tutor me in some of my classes?" He asked. That's the first. Why would he want my help? 

"The school year just started Luke and besides I usually know what tutor means. It's a quick hook up which I told I'm not interested in." I said probably to harshly.

"I know it's the beginning of the year but these grades count. Every single one. This is the year where colleges are looking for athletes with good grades. If a fail a class that's it. No good college is ever going to get me. So will you please just help me. I promise it is not some hook up. I actually want your help." I totally forgot he played soccer...Do I be the better person or do I not give a shit.....tough decision. I didn't answer in a while and I think that made Luke nervous. 

"Please Kaylee. I need this." He said, almost pouting. 

"Fine." I said threw gritted teeth. I was then pulled into a big hug. 

"Thank you, Kaylee. Um, I was thinking tomorrow after my soccer practice?"

"Sure I got nothing better do to. When does practice end?"

"5:00." He said still smiling, ear to ear. 

"Okay." I said writing it down to remember because by tomorrow I am sure I will forget it. 

"Also let me see your phone." He said sticking his hand out. Phht. Like I'm just going to give over my prized possession just that easily. 

"Um..Why might I ask?" 

"Because I wanted to enter my number and text you later" He said "Now give me your phone." He said laughing. He had the most adorable laugh. I know I say I hate him but sometimes I just can't resist how adorable and cute he can be. I then handed him my phone and watched him take the weirdest selfie I have ever seen. He made a peace sign with his fingers, pouted his lip out and closed his eyes.  He then opened his eyes and started typing. 

"Here you go." He said while handing back my phone. I then did the same with his phone and handed it back.

"I better go now so that Sarah doesn't get upset." He said getting up.

"Wait" I said grabbing his arm, without thinking.

"Oh hell no! Get your slutty ass hands off of my man!" Sarah said running towards us."What is going on? Luke why are you talking to her?" 

"I was just telling her to not flirt with me anymore. I told her I'm yours babe." He said wrapping her in his arms. I just want to throw up right now.  And I am so confused at this point, he's the one who always flirts with me. He's the reason why I am here right now!

"Good. Now come on it's 4:00 we can get out of here." She said pushing Luke out of her arms and grabbing his arm, dragging him out of the classroom. 

I am so confused right now. I have no clue what just happened. All I know is that I'm going to have to spend all of my free time with Luke. GREAT!









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