Girl fight

"Fine. My mom got a divorce with my dad because he didn't have a job, and he was a big alcoholic. When I was in eighth dad used to come home from the bar when my mom was at work and.........would get mad at me for the stupidest reasons an-nd- just hit me. I wore nothing but long sleeve shirts for the rest of year to cover up those scars and bruises. I haven't told anyone but you this. I haven't even told my mom. And still after all these years of keeping this secret and lying to my mom....I love him. He was the only one who could make me happy and smile. He was the only person I wanted to hang out with. He was my only friend...." I said looking down at the cracks in the sidewalks. Luke hadn't said a word but I could feel his stare.

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1. Back to Hell

When will this end I thought? I was in a maze running from a group of people yelling ignorant things at me. I stopped. I was out of breath and I couldn't go any longer. What was wrong with them? Why did they hate me so much? Why can't I go anywhere anymore without being screamed at for no reason? Then I heard the voices getting louder, and louder until they were right across the maze. I recognized who they were. The "It" group. Also known as the mother fuckers that are trying to ruin my life, like Charlotte my best friend would say. This group consists of Sarah Perks, Luke Hemmings, Carry Marcus, Bailey Belanger, and Ashton Irwin. Also their was that one kid that went along with them but never really did anything to me. Sometimes he talks to me but when he is with his "friends" he goes mute. I believe is name was Micheal, but I'm not so sure.

"What do you want?" I scream out, my voice cracking and feeling dry. Nothing happens.

"What do you want?' I say more forcefully.

"Oh, sweetie." Sarah says very sweetly. "What makes you think you can talk to me like that? Boys? Girls? Mind leaving us alone?" She said batting her eyes like shes some fucking innocent 10 year old.

They nodded and then vanished, like she casted some spell or something.

"So why are you here again?" I asked because I wanted to start some small talk. Standing here was really awkward when you have the meanest girl on the planet just staring at you.

"I think you know why." She said giving me a sly smirk. She always does that right before she ruins my whole fucking life.

I don't really know what happened. Sarah and I were the best of friends in Jr. High. But, when it came to high school she just completely dumped me. In the middle of Freshmen year she started a nasty rumor about me and how I had this disease that was contagious. And that I told her I didn't want her to get it so that's why we didn't talk. Everyone believed her and from then time on I didn't have any friends. Even the principles hated me.

But then a transfer student came in one day and changed my whole life. Her name was Charlotte and she is my only friend. She came in and saw what they were doing and put a stop to it. I love her so much for doing that for me! Plus she was new. That took a whole lot of balls to stand up to miss prissy on the first day of school.

"Hey! Are you even listening anymore? You stupid ass slut!" Sarah said snapping her hands in my face and snapping me out of my wonderful daydream. "Now where was I?" Right as she said that she pulled a bag over my head and started chocking me. Is this really how I want to die? In a maze? Please lord help m-. Then light shone threw and at first I was like "Jesus Christ saved me! He finally answered my prayers!" But then I realized I was in my room and It was 6:30 in the morning.

It was only a dream? It felt so realistic though! Man why do I dream of some crazy shit all the time?!

With that last thought I pulled myself out of my bed, dreading the fact that this the first day of Junior year. I have to go back to that hell hole. Like why couldn't we have moved or why didn't mom get a promotion and we moved to one of those big cities like L.A. instead of plain old Chicago. Like I know it's a big city but I just really need to leave. That's why I can't wait till I go to college far away from here!

Thinking of some other scenarios, I walked up to my closet and pulled out a pair of black jeans and a Paramore shirt. Honestly, what's better than that for the first day? I guarantee you that I'm the only girl that dresses like this for the first day. All the girls in my grade are basically sluts and dress like this their whole entire 4 years of high school. Including my big old Pal Sarah. She was the biggest skank in the whole grade. But she could get away anything because of her name. I never hated a girl in my life more than her.

After I put my clothes on, I then put on my Flower boots that I got from Dad last Christmas to match my Paramore shirt. They were my favorite things in the world and if anything happened to them I would probably die.

I was about to walk out of my room when I remembered my hair was probably a mess and I decided to clean it up. I never really liked my appearance. Long dirty blond hair with hazel eyes and freckles just didn't seem appealing to me. As I finished up brushing my hair I took one last glance in the mirror, and I walked out of the bathroom and downstairs to get some breakfast.

"So how did you sleep last night?" My mom asked

"Good" I always gave her one worded answers. I keep her happy and keep my self from getting pissed off by her trying to invade my privacy.

"Excited for school?"


"Why not?"

"Because no one likes me ma. It's a living hell." I said with my head down. Mumbling the last part. This is not the time to make eye contact or to speak loudly. My mom disproves of using profound language

"Sweetie, you have Charlotte and that's all you need. Besides I heard she has a boyfriend" She said winking at me.

"I have told you a million times ma, I don't need a boy in my life to make me happy. If I do find that one person, they'll just hurt me and my children like my dad hurt you and me...."

"Oh sweetie, that's only one guy out of the millions. I'm sure their has to be someone out there that loves you for who you are. Now go on. Don't you have to meet Char at the stop in 10 minutes. It's been like 3 months since you have seen her." Right when she said that I was out the door. I have been counting down the days till I got to to see her. She went to a summer Camp and returned last week. But she had been so busy with a lot of stuff, this is the first time I will be seeing her.

When I got to our normal stop at the exact time she wanted me to meet her, their was no one there. I looked all around and still no one there. After about 5 minutes, I was about to start walking when I heard 4 pairs of running feet behind me.

"I beat you!" I heard Char scream

"No way that was all me!" I heard a male voice say. Is this her new boyfriend?

I let them argue until they realized I was staring at them.

"Well this is awkward..." Char said looking at me and then looking at a tall, skinny, and dark haired guy. I will give this to Char, she sure knows how to find the hottest guys!

"Is this your new boyfriend?" I blurted it out because if it wasn't I wouldn't mind trying out what my mom had told me.

"Yes, and at the looks of it you want him to be yours!" She said while the guy blushed.

"Well, are you going to introduce me to him or I'm I just going to have to come up with some other name that is no where near his like....Thomas?" She laughed at this comment and started to introduce me.

"Kaylee this is Calum. Calum this is Kaylee." She said putting her hand into his, leaning on to his shoulder."And you were pretty close. Thomas is his middle name." I smiled at that.

"Hi. Kaylee it's so glad to meet you finally. Charlotte won't shut up about her awesome and amazing friend!" He said with an Australian accent. " OH and by the way I am Australian. I moved here with my mum because she got a promotion. Obviously Char and I meet at the soccer camp over the summer."

"Oh my god! That's so cool!"

After 5 seconds of awkward silence, Charlotte spoke up.

"Well we should probably get going now. We don't want to be late on our first day!"

With that we walked to the worst place in the whole entire world............Worse then the deep pits of Hell its self......







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