Tia, a simple girl, an everyday average blondie, enjoying life... until Junior year, one tragic thing that changes her life happens,
New School, New Friends, New Everything
Moving from Canada to Australia is a huge change in her life,
Will she make through the rest of High School and go to university or will she give up and run away back home to Canada...


5. Chapter 5

Emilee took me to her friends,

"Tia, this is Stefanie and Lindee" Emilee said.

"Nice to meet you" Stefanie said

"Nice to meet you guys" I said,

"So Tia, we were planning to go to a party tonight, wanna come?" Lindee asked

"Sure i'd love too" i said

"nice, see you tonight then" lindee said as all three of them walked away.

I started walking home but then got stopped by Michael.

"Hey Tia" he said, we started walking together

"Hey Michael" i said

"do you want to to come over to my house?" he asked

"Uhh... Sure i'll come over" i said, we walked to his house.


A/N: Hello again so, i've recently decided to quit movellas after i'm finished a few fanfictions so, this one isnt gonna be a normal one, it will be different. And i wont be updating as much because after movellas i'm going to write on wattpad so go find me on there, i write dan and phil, 5sos, and other youtubers. so yeah, see ya

Wattpad acc: @Cxxkie_Monster

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