Tia, a simple girl, an everyday average blondie, enjoying life... until Junior year, one tragic thing that changes her life happens,
New School, New Friends, New Everything
Moving from Canada to Australia is a huge change in her life,
Will she make through the rest of High School and go to university or will she give up and run away back home to Canada...


4. 4

I walked to my locker, cause it was he end of the day, I grabbed my stuff and walked out of the school, i was just about to get out of the school yard, but someone came over to me, "Hey aren't you Tia Rex on YouTube?" the girl asked "uhh... Yes i am" i said "I love your channel, I was the 50th subscriber" she said "that was a long time ago, as you know, I'm at 10 million now" i said, she nodded while still smiling "Oh by the way, I'm Emilee" she said holding out her hand, I shook it "and as you know.. I'm Tia" I said smiling "Hey you want to meet my friends?" Emilee asked "Sure" i said "Ok lets go" We started walking and talking about Australia. 


Sorry this chapter was short, i was gonna make it longer because i haven't updated in 3 months but i kinda got annoyed that i couldn't think of anything, but i will update more, or at least try, I have it all planned out, so yeah, see ya later.

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