Tia, a simple girl, an everyday average blondie, enjoying life... until Junior year, one tragic thing that changes her life happens,
New School, New Friends, New Everything
Moving from Canada to Australia is a huge change in her life,
Will she make through the rest of High School and go to university or will she give up and run away back home to Canada...


2. 2

The flight took off, my eyes started to close and i fell asleep


I woke up to the feeling of the plane landing. The plane landed, i got up and grabbed my carry on and went out the door, i went to the luggage spin thing, and waited for my bag, i saw my canadian bag and grabbed it, i sat down waiting for mom, she came and i got up, we walked out to the taxi that was taking us to our house. When the taxi started driving i went on to my phone. There was this band I liked, they weren't that big, But they were from sydney.

I went on to their Instagram page and looked through their newest photos, they were the only people i followed. We got to our house, i got out and grabbed my bags out of the trunk, i looked at the house, it was pretty big, i walked in a looked around, "your room is upstairs and to the left honey" my mom said, i walked upstairs, and my name was on the door, i walked in and looked, it was a huge room, with my bed in the place i wanted it, all of it was how i wanted it, there was a bathroom with all of my makeup sorted the way i usually sort it, and the walls were purple, It was pretty much my dream room. I went to my closet and opened it, It was a walk in closet, i grabbed my suitcase and started hanging up my clothes.


i finished hanging up my clothes, so decided to go to the beach, i sat down on the sand and looked out at the ocean, i heard familiar Australian accents yell, i looked over and saw 4 boys in the distance, they were too far away so i couldn't see who they were or why i recognized their voices. But i did see a familiar dirty blonde fringe, that made me wonder, was that 5sos?

i shook it off, i got up and went home.

By the time i got home it was late, and tomorrow was the first day if school. Why do parents do that to us? Why do they move us the day before our first day of school?

i decided to get my Pokémon pyjama's. I went to sleep wondering what tomorrow will be like

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