Tia, a simple girl, an everyday average blondie, enjoying life... until Junior year, one tragic thing that changes her life happens,
New School, New Friends, New Everything
Moving from Canada to Australia is a huge change in her life,
Will she make through the rest of High School and go to university or will she give up and run away back home to Canada...


1. 1

I was walking around Toronto coming back home from Tim Hortons. I walked inside and saw everything packed up. I still felt really crushed inside. Even though i had no friends to leave i still would miss living in Canada, and going to Tim Hortons. I would miss my childhood playground but most of all, I wouldn't be able to visit my dad in the graveyard every day before and after school.

I walked up to my room and put my coffee on my counter in my bathroom. I looked in my mirror just thinking that tomorrow everything was gonna change. Leaving for Australia. After tomorrow there was no going back. In a way the move was a good thing for me, restarting my life, nobody will know the thing that happened here. The movers were already in Australia and the house was set up, but even if i didn't like the way my room was put i still was gonna change it to the way i like it. my mom came in the room, "Tia its time to go to sleep" she said and walked out. So i got into some comfortable clothes to wear on the plane tomorrow. I put the clothes i was wearing into my suitcase and went to sleep in the sleeping bag i was forced to sleep in.

*The Next Day*

I woke up to my alarm going off it was 4 am, our flight left at 5:30 which meant we had to be at the airport by 4:30.

I walked out of my bedroom and did morning things. I got into the car. "mom why do we have to move to Australia?" i asked, "because we need money and this promotion gives us a lot" i just looked out the window not really caring about what she said

we finally got to to the airport. I went to the Tim Hortons in the airport and got a coffee. Then i went back to my seat.

Our flight finally got called. i got on to the plane and put my headphones in.

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