Lorna's adopted son.

This story marks the prequel before Cillian meets his brother. Lorna and Rob has an adopted baby son named Cillian who's an electroknesis conduit. When he was abused by Rob, Lorna decides to run away and take him with her.


7. Rex's final request for Cillian

It's five-fifty-five am in the morning. Cillian saw a burglar attacking the female social worker. He uses his power to fight him, he uses his first ever lightning strike on him. The female social worker saw him fleeing to the alleyway where she couldn't find him.

He continue to find the Stowey House but he couldn't and decided to give up on his quest. His phone rang for the last time and it's from Rex.

'What is it now Rex?!' Cillian asked very annoyed.

'That social worker you saved is actually your brother's. She knows where's the care home is, you can go there now.' said Rex.

'What?! So that means I can be with him!' said Cillian.

'Well, there's only one thing before you go. I want you to deliver the notes and letters to Zeke Dunbar.' said Rex who has a request for him to deliver the notes and letters.

'Whoa! Like THE Zeke Dunbar?! The one who's best friends with Cole?!' Cillian asked that he knows who Zeke really is.

'Yep, I'll see you when you turn eight.' said Rex who's saying goodbye. 

'Cool, see you soon, Big Brother.' said Cillian who happily saying goodbye before hanging up his phone.

Cillian delivering the notes to Zeke at the hideout.

'Okay Cole, i got the notes.' said Cillian.

'Good, I'll tell Zeke that you show up, We met the resistances online, we can uses the notes to figure out the power your brother will have. We'll be in touch. And hey, when I die. I would be proud of you and your brother.' said Cole.

'Cool, thanks. Bye Cole.' said Cillian who said goodbye to Cole. 

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