Lorna's adopted son.

This story marks the prequel before Cillian meets his brother. Lorna and Rob has an adopted baby son named Cillian who's an electroknesis conduit. When he was abused by Rob, Lorna decides to run away and take him with her.


4. Lorna's Betrayal Letter

Cillian woken up from his bed as he found a present at the end of his bed, he sneaks out of his bed as he saw Lorna's leaving a note to him. The letter said

"Dear Cillian

If you're reading this, I'm worried that you will becomes an evil bio-terrorist, I locked you inside of the house is because I gave birth to your now officially ex-adopted sister named Ellie. I don't blame you for who you become but I'm no longer your mother. When you grow up, I want you to stay away from us.

So please please I'm begging you, just stay away from us.

Your ex-mother. Lorna."

Cillian felt betrayed by Lorna but its a good thing that she left the key. He unlock the door and abandon the house to begin his search to find him that Cole mention in the previous night.


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