Lorna's adopted son.

This story marks the prequel before Cillian meets his brother. Lorna and Rob has an adopted baby son named Cillian who's an electroknesis conduit. When he was abused by Rob, Lorna decides to run away and take him with her.


10. Epliouge

A month later. Lorcan and Cillian are playing their favourite card game. Lorcan heard a noise.

'...and you never let me eat sweets, you were wimps about watching horror videos and your kitchen stank of wet dogs...and I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU, EVER, AGAIN!!!' Said a girl from outside.

'Tracy! Welcome......back.' Said Jenny.

'OH, NOT AGAIN!!' Yelled Lorcan.

'So's that Tracy?' asked Cillian

'Yes. Yes, that's her name!' said Lorcan.

Mike run upstairs after Tracy.

'Tracy! Tracy, wait! Do you not want to hear the full Michael Milligan Children's Home Welcome Speech?' asked Mike.

'Not the way you say it - you're pants.' said Tracy.

'And what happened then when she walked to her room?' asked Cillian.

'She'll yell in 3..2..1!' said Lorcan.

'Nowwwwww!' yelled Tracy.

'Wow. We'll both survive together okay?!' Said Cillian.

'Okay.' Said Lorcan.

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