Lorna's adopted son.

This story marks the prequel before Cillian meets his brother. Lorna and Rob has an adopted baby son named Cillian who's an electroknesis conduit. When he was abused by Rob, Lorna decides to run away and take him with her.


9. Cillian meets Lorcan and got into a fight.

Cillian finishing up his story to the social worker.

'And that was what happened.' said Cillian who's finishing up the story about what happened.

'Well, that was an amazing journey.' said the Social Worker.

'Yep, it was the best.' Said Cillian.

'Well, here we are.' said the Social Worker.

Cillian jumped out of the car after putting on his Half-Face Army Mask and Goggles. He also put on his hood before walking inside. A woman opened the door.

'Hello, you must be.' Said the Woman.

'The Nightmare...Prince.' Said Cillian.

He walked upstairs to his new bedroom. He discover that he’s sharing a room with his upstairs.

'Hi, I’m Lorcan, Nice to meet you.' said the identical version of Cillian.

'Hi... I'm the Nightmare Prince...' said Cillian who's very nervous.

'Cool Nickname!'

Cillian unpack his things and Lorcan saw his PS2.

'WHOA! Is that a Play Station 2?!' Lorcan asked. 

'Yeah, what's mine is yours. Is that the room-mate code?" asked Cillian.

'Yeah. That's right.' said Lorcan.

In the Kitchen. Lorcan gave Cillian a tour.

'Cool Kitchen.' said Cillian.

'Yeah. So tell me, T.N.P. Why did you come here?' Lorcan asked.

'My adopted father, Rob Hutchinson’s very abusive and abused my adopted mum named Lorna. Thanks to her SHE ABANDONED ME!!' Said Cillian who answered Lorcan's Question.

'You'll have new friends here at the Dumping Ground.' Said Lorcan.

A man walked to the boys.

'Oh I see you giving your new room-mate a tour.' said Mike.

'Yeah.' Said Cillian.

'Well, I might tell him about Tracy.' Said Lorcan.

'Who's Tracy?' asked Cillian

'She’s a sister figure to me, she used to live here. Every time she returned here, I yelled, “OH, NOT AGAIN!” Besides, me saying that it’s… what the word?' Said Lorcan forgot the word he's going to say.

'Awesome?!' asked Cillian.

'YES, IT'S SO AWESOME!' Yelled Lorcan.

'Well, I can't believe it that I've met you Lorcan.' said Cillian

'Why?' asked Lorcan.

'Dude, You're the spitting image of Cillian.' said Cillian.

'WHAT?!' Yelled Lorcan.

'Yeah, you two have a same face.' said Cillian.

'Weird...' said Lorcan.

'Besides, I hate you and you hate me!' said Cillian.

'What're you saying?' asked Lorcan who's getting mad.

'I'm saying, you're a freak Lorcan, you don't have any friends!' said Cillian.

'Take that back!!' said Lorcan who's getting angry.

'No!' said Cillian who refused to take it back.

Cillian punched Lorcan in the face. Which makes him angry. And hit him back makes them begin the Chicken Fight from Family Guy. The pair gain superpowers when they hit the candy shop, then end up in the cemetery, where their fight end with Lorcan wins.


Lorcan sit down at the tombstone to at the boy with his brother. Cillian walks up to him.

'Lorcan? I'm sorry for calling you  a freak. I'm just having a hard time because of my adopted father's abused me before I met you.' said Cillian who's apologising to Lorcan.

'Ah, it's okay.' said Lorcan who's forgiving him.

Lorcan saw some cards in Cillian's pocket.

'Are these, "Yu-Gi-Oh!" Cards?!' asked Lorcan.

'Yeah, Why?!' asked Cillian.

'I got those cards, I'm into Yu-Gi-Oh, too!!' said Lorcan.

'Really?! You see, my dream is to be a world champion!' said Cillian.

'That's my dream!' said Lorcan.

'Really?!' asked Cillian.

'Yes, Cillian will be very proud!' said Lorcan.

'Dude, I know who Cillian really is!' said Cillian.

'Who?!' asked Lorcan.

Cillian takes off his mask and goggle to show Lorcan.

'Me Lorcan! I'm your twin brother!' Said Cillian who showed Lorcan his face.

'CILLIAN!' Yelled Lorcan very happy.

Lorcan and Cillian are happily reunited as twin brothers after six years.

'Now, Let's go home and have our first duel.' said Cillian.

'You're god-damn on!' said Lorcan who accept his challenge.

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