Lorna's adopted son.

This story marks the prequel before Cillian meets his brother. Lorna and Rob has an adopted baby son named Cillian who's an electroknesis conduit. When he was abused by Rob, Lorna decides to run away and take him with her.


5. Cillian meets his biological mother in a mental hospital

He travelled into the forest to find the boy he didn't know. Cillian discovers a mental hospital in Leeds. He walked inside and saw a Woman with a black hair holding a baby girl. She saw a boy which she's smile at him because she's remember him.

'Cillian.' Said the Woman who knows his name.

'How did you know my name?' Cillian asked very confused.

'I'm your real mother. I'm Molly. Your mum and a gravity conduit.' Said the Woman who introduced herself as Cillian's real mother.

'Wow, that was easy to meet you mom.' Said Cillian who's impressed. He notices a baby girl who's sleeping in Molly's arms. 'What's her name?'

'I called her Deathic. Deathic Cyntina Darcy.' Molly answered Cillian's question. 

Cillian didn't know he has a biological baby sister. Deathic hold Cillian's finger because she's starting to love him but then she reveals to be a water conduit.

'Mom, Cole talked to me last night and asked me to find 'Him'.' Said Cillian.

'Man, I knew this day was come. Cillian, you have a younger identical twin brother.' Said Molly who told him.

'Really? That's more embarrassing when my ex adopted mum made an accident in her underwear five years ago! But, why are you telling me this?' Cillian asked.

'Because, his social worker's been very cool and awesome. Your brother lives in care called The Stowey House. Leave Leeds and keep going.' Said Molly.

'Okay mom. I will.' Said Cillian.

'I want you to have these.' said Molly who hands him an half face mask and goggles for his journey. Cillian accepts them for the winter.

'I promised, I'll find my brother. Whatever it takes, I'll go after my enemy.' said Cillian made a promise to his mother. 

'Okay, go find your brother and when you're twenty, tell him to go after the Darcy's worst fear.' said Molly.

Cillian decide to do it as he walked to the door.

'It's not Cole's fault, I just got the same powers." said Cillian.

Cillian walked out of the hospital and begin his journey.

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