Star Wars: Jedi Academy

Prequel to Star Wars: The Force Awakens
May contain some spoilers about TFA.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...
a young girl with a mysterious past ends up in Luke Skywalker's jedi school, and has a strange connection with his nephew.


2. Light Speed

After she had given Ben her name, Rey hadn't seen a soul. The only thing in the room with her was a medical droid that was insistent on feeding her a bowl full of purple slime, which was less than appetizing. She pondered for hours about the conversation Luke and Ben had had about her. What were midichlorians? And if these two Jedi were so powerful, why had she never heard of them before? They clearly knew their way around Lothal City, so why had Rey never encountered anyone who spoke of powerful, superhuman beings such as the Jedi? 

She got tired of waiting for someone to come explain what the hell was happening, so she tried to get up and find some answers. She sat up, slid her legs off the bed, stood up, and promptly collapsed. The medical droid didn't do much, just pressing a button. The button didn't appear to do anything, and Rey tried again to get to her feet, with similar results. She tried for a third time, but instead of falling to the ground, Ben was there to catch her. 

"What do you think you're doing?" He demanded, setting her down on the bed. 

"Stretching my legs," Rey retorted. 

"Your legs are 100% numbed. They're basically vegetables. Why do you think you feel nothing?" Ben asked calmly. 

"I thought it was your doctor skills," Rey sarcastically replied. 

"You don't want to be on my bad side," Ben said. 

"I didn't do anything," Rey replied, shocked. Ben had seemed so much nicer before. 

"You made me come down here to deal with your nonsense. Believe it or not, I have important things to do with my time," Ben spoke coldly. 

"Well, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to waste your time. I just got bored, and I wanted to figure out what is going on," Rey said, trying to sound apologetic. She was genuinely scared of Ben's power; after all, Ben was apparently more powerful than his master, Luke. 

"You want answers? Let's go," Ben said, and then lifted her up as if she weighed nothing. He carried her out of the infirmary, up a flight of stairs, and gently placed her on a chair. Luke was sitting in front of her, but with his back to her. 

"He'll give you answers," Ben said briskly, and then walked out, his long legs carrying him quickly out of the room.

"Don't mind Ben. He gets annoyed when he's interrupted during his meditations," Luke said, typing something into a panel, and then turning around, "So you had some questions?"
"Yeah, I had some questions. I wake up on a ship, my home planet far behind, with two strange men taking me to an unknown location, possibly against my will. I'm just a kid. How do you know you didn't take me from my family?" Rey demanded. 
"I wish you hadn't asked that first. Ben is a... powerful individual," Luke searched for the right words to explain, "he has powers that I've never mastered. I don't know how he does it, but he can look into people's minds. He saw that you were alone." 

"Okay, that's just creepy," Rey shuddered, feeling violated. 

"I know it seems strange, but what we're doing is what's best for you," Luke said. 

"Yeah, about that. Where the hell are you taking me, and why? Oh, and do I actually have a choice in the matter?" Rey demanded. 

"Of course you have a choice. We're not trying to hurt you. I'm bringing you to my Jedi Academy to train with my 58 other apprentices," Luke said. 

"I'm not a Jedi, though," Rey muttered. 

"Not yet, but you have strong potential in the Force, and I want to help you master it, so other people can't use it by harming you," Luke explained. 

"And I can go back to Lothal instead? I don't have to do this?" she questioned. 

"Not immediately. I'm not keeping you prisoner, but I'm going to make sure your leg has healed before I send you back, if that is what you choose," Luke told her. 

"I don't know what I'm going to do. This will change everything I've ever known," Rey murmured. 

"Yes, everything will change, but this is an opportunity. You can go from average to extraordinary," a voice came from behind. Rey looked over her shoulder to see Ben leaning in the doorway. He was teasing her; he must have seen her desires to be unique, different, and special when he was picking through her brain. Luke noticed this as well, because he gave Ben an angry look. 

"Bring her back downstairs," Luke commanded Ben, "We'll be landing at the Academy soon." Ben lifted her up again, and she looked at his face closely for the first time. His eyes were chestnut brown, and his nose was unusually large. Everything about him was strange and new to Rey. There was something charming about him, even though he was very intimidating. He looked down at her, and her gaze snapped away quickly, as she hoped he wouldn't catch her staring. 

"Why are you staring at me?" He asked calmly. 

"What else am I supposed to look at? You're carrying me," she tried to respond without panicking. 

"Just close your eyes," he said. He was walking slowly; she had seen him walk twice as fast before. He was probably teasing her again. Rey suddenly got very self conscious, for some reason. What if he thought she was immature? What if he thought she was dumb? 

He must've read her mind again, because he called her out on her thoughts. "You're not immature or dumb. You just can be annoying at times," he murmured, almost too softly for Rey to hear. 

"Yeah, about that mind thing. How does that work?" she demanded. 

"I have to be very close to a person, basically touching them, but they don't need to be thinking about anything. I can look through their memories, their thoughts, and their feelings," Ben said nonchalantly, as if it wasn't the creepiest thing. 

"And you don't think it's a complete invasion of privacy?" complained Rey. 

"You're not even trying to resist, and I'm carrying you. I'm not even doing it intentionally. It's like your thoughts are written in black ink across your face," Ben replied. They finally reached the medical room, where Ben set Rey down yet again. He left without another word. Rey didn't know what to think of him. He was intimidating, scary as hell, but yet his teasing wasn't meant to be mean. He was playing with her. She put the thought of him out of her head, and tried to wrap her mind around the situation at hand: could she become a Jedi? 

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