Star Wars: Jedi Academy

Prequel to Star Wars: The Force Awakens
May contain some spoilers about TFA.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...
a young girl with a mysterious past ends up in Luke Skywalker's jedi school, and has a strange connection with his nephew.


1. First Encounter

A young girl, no older than 15, sprinted towards an alley, not looking back at her pursuers. She knew who, or technically what was following her. In Lothal City, a city named after the planet it was built on, you didn't mess with Koh Fromm. He came from a huge crime family on Annoo to create his own criminal organization on Lothal during its brief period of economic stability. Then, the economy crashed and burned, and yet he stayed. The girl had had an altercation with one of Fromm's thugs, and now she had about 12 angry friends of his sending creatures after her. She currently had an enraged Blistmok, a lizard-like creature from Mustafar, on her tail. Realizing that she was cornered, the girl climbed onto a crate and looked for some form of weapon. Finding nothing, she attempted to reach a nearby fire escape, but was unable to. The blood red Blistmok hissed from the ground, and scratched at the crate, trying to reach the girl. The girl knew she was trapped, and she knew that Fromm's men would soon be there to call off the Blistmok. She closed her eyes, waiting for her captors to arrive. 

"Well, boys, looks like we found her," a man said from below, and then hissed something in a language unfamiliar to the girl. She opened her eyes to see a face she recognized. The man, who she only knew as Darius, used to seem like a friend to her. He found her as a baby, and basically raised her until she was 7. Then, he abandoned her to go start a family of his own. Her upbringing had been more training than nurturing; Darius showed her how to survive on Lothal, how to fight, and how to find food, but he never showed her any affection. She looked at Darius, pleading, praying that he would remember the little girl he trained. He stared back, his eyes showing no hint of recognition, his expression cold. Three other men stood behind him, all dressed in the same outfit. They each wore dark pants, a white shirt, and a black jacket. One of the men held handcuffs, and another had a blindfold. In the crime-ridden Lothal City, nobody would question a group of thugs leading a blindfolded prisoner through the streets. As a last effort to escape, she turned and jumped, reaching for the fire escape one last time. She barely missed, but her jump was not quite enough. 

Suddenly, there was a strange sound, and the dark alley was illuminated with a green light. A man and a boy seemed to appear in front of her on the crate, between her and the thugs. They each held what looked like a sword made of green fire, contained within a single beam. The man held up a hand, and the thugs when flying back, while the boy turned around, grabbed the girl, and jumped up onto the fire escape she had desperately tried to reach. He then climbed up to the roof, and put her down. She was too shocked to react, so she just looked at this new captor's face. An unconventionally handsome boy, who must've been only a year or so older than her stood in front of her. 

"Are you alright?" He asked. Strange that a captor would care about her well being. 

"Please, just let me go. I haven't done anything wrong," the girl whimpered. 

"We're not here to hurt you. My master and I saw that you were in trouble. We just wanted to help," the boy's voice seemed to relax her. 

"I don't know if I'm alright. One of the men who just tried to kill me, I thought he was my friend, and that's rare, because who wants to be friends with a street rat like me?" she murmured. 

"You're bleeding!" the boy exclaimed, looking at her leg, where three long, parallel gashes tore her skin, an unnoticed result of the Blistmok's claws. 

"Oh, yeah, I guess I didn't notice," the girl replied, trying to stay calm. 

"Blistmok claws are poisonous. We need to get you help," the boy sounded frantic. Suddenly, the man, his master, climbed up onto the roof. 

"Master," the boy addressed him, "she needs immediate medical attention. We'll have to get her back to our ship." And that was when the girl lost consciousness. 


The girl woke up in a white room, plain and undecorated. The boy and his master were standing nearby, with their backs turned to her, staring at a screen. They both then turned around. 

"Hello, child," the master spoke, "my name is Luke Skywalker, and this is my apprentice, Ben. Don't be afraid. We aren't going to hurt you." The boy, Ben, approached her, and checked her wounds. 

"All the infection seems to be gone, Master," he said, and then walked out. 

"Where are we?" The girl feebly asked Luke. 

"Currently, in hyperspace. I'm bringing you back to the Jedi Academy to make sure you heal well," Luke responded. 

"Jedi..." she murmured. She had heard legends about the Jedi, a powerful race of good people who could manipulate the physical world with a power known as the Force. She also had heard legends about their evil counterparts, the Sith. But as far as she had known, they were both legend. 

"You should rest, child," Luke said calmly, and then walked out, shutting the lights as he went. But the girl didn't sleep. Instead, she strained her ears to hear the conversation between Luke and Ben right outside of the door. 

"Her midichlorian count is higher than my father's. It's higher than mine. It's even close to yours, Ben," Luke's voice sounded strained. 

"So you're going to train her?" Ben asked, sounding concerned, "she's far too old to begin training." 

"You don't think I already know that?" Luke replied, "but we can't have that much raw power left for anyone to use." 

The girl had no clue what power they were talking about; she was average at everything. She wasn't fast, or strong, or clever. She was plain, boring, generic. All of a sudden, the door slid open, and Ben reentered. 

"I never got the chance to ask. What's your name, kid?" He said. 

"Don't call me kid. I can't be that much younger than you. How old are you, anyways?" she replied tartly. 

"17. Now it's my turn. What's your name?" He snapped back. 

The girl was nervous; back on Lothal, you did not tell people you didn't trust wholeheartedly anything about yourself. But this boy, and his master, seemed trustworthy and different from anyone she had ever met, so she decided that it would be okay.



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