Star Wars: Jedi Academy

Prequel to Star Wars: The Force Awakens
May contain some spoilers about TFA.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...
a young girl with a mysterious past ends up in Luke Skywalker's jedi school, and has a strange connection with his nephew.


3. Arriving At A New Life

As the ship descended, Rey tried to put Ben out of her mind and focus on the actual decision she had to make, but she couldn’t do it. Who was this strange, handsome boy who teased her and seemed nice one minute, and then bit her head of the next? She had never met anyone as infuriatingly interesting to her. The ship gently touched down, and Ben returned.

“We’re here. You should be able to walk, with help,” he said, sounding caring. He was so confusing; did he hate her? Did he care about what happened to her? What was going on in his head? Ben approached her, and helped her to her feet. She stumbled, and grabbed his arm, trying to regain her balance.

“Maybe not yet,” he murmured, and lifted her off her feet, yet again carrying her. Did they not have a wheelchair or anything else she could use? She didn’t dare to ask, in fear that it would anger him. Fortunately, Luke intervened.

“Ben, she needs to get back on her feet. You aren’t going to carry her through training. You can help her, but stop carrying the girl everywhere,” he said, and Rey noticed Ben rolled his eyes ever so slightly. It was strange how Ben almost seemed disrespectful towards Luke at times, even though Luke was the master. Yet he obeyed. Ben let Rey down, but didn’t let her go, obviously knowing that she would fall if he did.

She started the slow, painful walk off of the ship, relying heavily on Ben for balance. This was the first time they stood side by side, and he was a good deal taller than her; she was 5’7’’, and he was well over 6 feet tall.

“Should I bring her to the infirmary or to a dorm?” Ben asked, looking over his shoulder to Luke, who was just exiting the ship.

“Dorm. She’ll be fine as long as a medical droid stays with her for a while. The infirmary would just be uncomfortable for her,” Luke said. Rey then looked forward, seeing the Jedi Academy for the first time.  It was a large, stone building that seemed ancient, almost like a castle. It just looked cold and lonely; there was nothing else around for miles. Ben led her into the castle, and they reached a steep, spiral staircase.

"Do you think you can make it?" he asked.

"I'll try," she replied, worried her wobbling legs would give out when she stepped up. She wasn't wrong, but she refused to give up. Eventually, the two made it to the top. There was a long hallway, going both ways. Ben led her to the left, past several rooms, to the end of the hall. He knocked on a door, and then shoved it open. The room had a double bed, neatly made with plain sheets and a grey quilt, a closet, and nothing else.

"Why'd you knock? There's no one in here," Rey asked, curious about what he expected to find.

"You never know who or what is gonna be in the empty rooms. A few years ago, someone was keeping a rathar in one of these rooms. Who knows how no one noticed it?" Ben smirked. His smug smirk was the closest thing to a smile that Rey had ever seen on his face. He led her into the room, opened a drawer, and removed a small envelope.
"Here's your key. You should always lock your door when you're not in here; some of the people around here aren't exactly trustworthy," Ben said, looking somewhat angry, "I'll be back soon with some uniforms for you to try on." It seemed like Ben thought she had already decided to stay.

After he left, she got up to look around the room. Opening the closet, she found a bookshelf with two books on the top shelf, and nothing else. One was a blank journal, and the other was an old storybook. She hadn't seen a book in a long time; most people on Lothal didn't read, and those who did were rich enough to own electronic readers. Rey picked up the storybook, but it was written in strange characters that she'd never seen before. Flipping through, looking for anything familiar, Rey didn't notice when Ben reentered, holding a pile of clothing.

"So this is the academy's uniform. This should fit you," he said, handing her the top two articles from the pile, "and the rest is just clothing for your free time, and more uniforms, obviously."  Rey waited for Ben to leave , but he didn't.

"Can you at least turn around while I change?" she demanded, and he snickered, and then obeyed. She changed into the first uniform he had handed her; he was right, and it fit perfectly. Looking at herself, she realized that Ben wore the exact same outfit. He looked a lot better in it than she did.

"You do realize that I haven't decided if I'm staying or not?" she asked.

"You do realize that I can see what's in your mind, and you and I both know that you've decided?" he retorted. He was right, though. This cold, strange place that would probably scare anyone else felt like home to her.

"Well, I have to go. I'm right next door if you need anything; just let me know," Ben said, and then he left her in silence. She sat on the bed, lost in thought, for what felt like hours, even though she didn't know how much time actually passed. Then a knock came on the door. Before she could get up to answer, it opened, and three new people entered. Two boys and a girl who looked about Rey's age looked at her curiously.

"Max was right. She's brand new," the girl whispered into one of the boy's ear.

"Do you think she trained elsewhere?" the boy whispered back. The other boy shot the two of them a look, and then smiled at Rey.

"Hi, you must be the new girl our friend Max saw. I'm Cody, and these two idiots are Jessa and Greev," the boy said, while Jessa and Greev made eye contact and smirked, "sorry about them, they're annoying little craps. All twins are like that, I guess."

"I'm Rey," she said quietly. She wasn't quite sure about these three; they seemed fake. Maybe it was the drugs for her leg that Ben had mentioned, but she got a strange feeling about them.

"Why did you room all the way down here? There's plenty of open rooms closer to other people," Cody spoke. Rey just shrugged, and Cody kept talking, while Jessa and Greev continued to whisper back and forth. Rey listened, trying not to lose attention. Even though Cody was just trying to be nice, he was boring as hell. She determined that the strange feeling she had gotten was just the fact that she trusted nobody; these three were probably great. At least she'd have a friend or two who didn't seem to be assholes at some points. Thinking of Ben, she zoned out until Cody looked at her curiously.

"Where'd you just go?" he asked, almost complaining that she wasn't paying attention to him.

"Sorry, I'm on some weird medications right now," Rey replied, rolling up the leg of her pant to reveal the three long, red gashes.

"Oh shoot. How did that happen?" Cody asked, almost sounding scared.  

"Back on Lothal, I was attacked by a Blistmok," she explained, but Jessa chimed in.

"Blistmoks are from Mustafar," she said, obviously not believing Rey's story.

"Yeah, well, in Lothal City, if you piss people off, they can bring some freaky creatures to hunt you down," Rey retorted, trying not to sound angry at the other girl's attitude. All three visitors stared at her, eyes wide.

"Who'd you piss off?" Greev said quietly.

"Some thugs from the Fromm gang. They have an extension in Lothal City. I actually did some work for them, and I learned a few secrets, got uncomfortable, and tried to leave. Well, you sure don't just leave the Fromm gang," Rey started to tell her story.

"Why'd you work for them? I mean, if you're here, you're supposed to be a good guy," Jessa demanded. Rey was liking this girl less and less by the minute.

"Would you rather maintain your morals and starve to death, or run a few errands for bad people in exchange for food? Because it's hard enough to eat well for adults who work for ten hours a day every day in Lothal City. When they first found me, they seemed kind and helpful. They brought me to a diner, and let me get whatever I wanted. I hadn't eaten anything since two days before that. After that, they'd buy me food whenever I brought a package from point A to point B. Well, one day, I got curious, and stuck around to see who came for the packages I was delivering. A wanted criminal arrived. That's when I realized who I was working for. I tried to get out of it, but they wouldn't let me, claiming I knew too much. So when I ran, they hunted me down, and they were about to catch me. That's when Master Luke arrived and took care of them," she finished her story off, not mentioning Ben. She got the feeling that he wouldn't want her to tell the story of his part in her rescue. Might ruin whatever reputation he had here.

Rey tried to listen to her new acquaintances, but they talked about names she didn't recognize and places she'd never been to. She felt alone still. 
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