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23. update + news


Hey guys, how have you all been? I have been pretty inactive on here and really sorry about that.

It's mainly because I forgot about this site and I'm trying to be more active again since I have a new

editing software - Photoshop CS6. It's been a while and it's safe to say I have made a lot of

improvements and I am much better at graphics than before so you will notice a change in the quality

of my work.


In regards to this, I will be tweaking the rules a little bit. I don't know how common it is to do it on

here but on the other sites I'm on like Wattpad and Quotev it's pretty common.

My graphics won't be free anymore, no you don't pay me real money. My payment honestly isn't

that big. All I am asking for is to be given proper credit for my work anywhere in your story and a

permanent follow. I do take my time when making my graphics so it'd be nice to get a little bit out of it.


I really hope you all can understand :D Just to make sure people actually read this and not ignore, in the

comments section write 'I ♡ Movellas'.


Here are my latest examples just to show you all my recent stuff. Please don't steal anything.

​That isn't cool at all.



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