Excerpts from Stories I'll Never Write

Random little scenarios my brain vomits. I'll warn you now, most of it is straight up word vomit.


1. Excerpt from Story I'll Never Write #1

"Did you think before you judged me? Before you classified me as another mean girl? I'm sure to you, I look like that person who lashes out at anyone. The person who seemingly has nothing nice to ever say to anyone. To you I'm the Grinch, who has a heart the size of a prune, the color of coal. This isn't from my point of view. It's from power hungry divas, the wallflowers, and random people, whom I've never met! To everyone it looks like I'm a grade A  jerk. To me, it's a way of protection. It protects me from betrayal, heartbreak, and depression. It protects me from missing anything that I leave behind. I move to different cities every couple months, and I don't miss anything about them! Acting like I don't care, tricks my brain. It makes the fantasy of not caring, reality. After so many years of me being like this, I don't think I can EVER truly be the nice girl. And if you don't care about me, it'll make my departure so much easier for the both of us."


Okay, I was a bit hesitant about putting this on the internet. I will state right here and now, I was quite inspired by an account on Instagram to do this. However, everything on here will be words from my brain, unless I decide otherwise in the future. I'm done rambling now. (Y'all really should check their page though. There are SO many beautiful works.)            

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