Kiki and her best friend Lexy are trying to make it to Italy to find Kiki's brother before their time runs out.
But will they make it? read to find out


2. Two Arsen

           "Come on! Jake let's get the fuck out of here!" "I'm trying!!" He fell on the hard tile of the school. Infected were sprawling out of the hallways and coming toward us both. "Arsen just go! I have a broken leg I won't be much help anyways...." I looked at the exit sign and then back at Jake. "Oh Fuck it!" I ran back to him and picked him and ran out of the exit. The sun burned my eyes and one infected wondered out to get us but as soon as I pulled my gun out the infected person screeched and boiled up. I put Jake on the damp grass and watched this man just melt like the witch from the movie Wizard of Oz. "What the fuck!" Jake yelled. I turned back around to face him. "Well we found out what their weakness is." I plopped down next to Jake to rest my legs. "Hey there's a gas station right up the road, they might have some sort of supplies." "Yea, we'll check it out in a minute let me just rest." "Thanks for saving my ass back there." "No problem." I said looking at his broken leg. "Let me see your leg." "Go for it." I lifted up his pant leg and his bone was sticking out and there was a mixture of dried and fresh blood on his leg. "Damn, this will teach you from jumping off a damn four story building." "For sure." "Hop on my back." "Alright."

               We got to the gas station and their was nobody or nothing there, besides the medical kit and a couple of waters. The back door to the office was opened so I wondered back there. Nothing. I put him on the ground and walked back out to get the few things I saw and I secured the entrance door. "Okay so what I'm going to do is push your bone back in and stitch it up and wrap it." "Fuck no!" "Do you want your leg to get better or not?!" He looked at his leg and back at me. "Just do it." "Alright." I lifted up his pant leg again and looked at his leg. "Ready....One....Two....Three!" I pushed in the bone and he screamed and punched the stack of newspapers on the ground. "FUCK!" I started to stitch it up and then clean it. I wrapped it up nice and tight. "That should work for now until we find a hospital and a car." He moaned in pain. "I hate you...." "Hey if I didn't do this it would have gotten infected." "I know....Look I'm tired as fuck so I'm going to rest." "Alright, I'm going to go find a car or something. I found the key to this door so I'm going lock you in here so you'll be safe." "Thanks man." As I walked out and locked the door I heard someone break down the front entrance. I ducked down behind the cash register and took out my gun. I heard two girls talking and shuffling through some shelf's. I looked up and they were walking out of the store. They had a car and from the looks of it they were just starting off with this horrible place with the infected. They were just to clean. I stood back up and walked outside I saw a mall down about a mile or so away from the gas station and the girls were heading in the other direction. I started walking towards the mall hoping to find a working car that will get us to the nearest hospital. 

            The mall parking lot had at least five-hundred cars there. I went around looking for a car that worked. About an hour later I got into this black Chevy truck. I found the key right on the dash board and a note. I picked it up and it said 

Hello person, you are one lucky motherfucker. This truck is working and there's a couple of gas containers in the back, and some guns. I left this truck here cause sadly I got bitten and I am going into the mall to kill myself so I don't become one of those things. Anyway lucky person, Good Luck. - Peter 

"Thanks Peter." I started up the truck and looked at the gas and it was at the F. "Damn Peter full tank of gas....Thank you!" I drove back to the gas station and walked into the back. Jake was still resting but I woke him up. "What man!?" "I found us a truck." "No fucking way!" "Yes way! Hop on my back I found us a map too and it says the next three miles is a hospital." "Awesome!"

About thirty minutes we found the hospital. I parked the car right out the front. "I'm going to go find you a wheel chair so I don't have to carry you." "Alright, be safe." "I will." It was starting to become dark outside so I had to hurry before the infected came. I walked in with my gun loaded and in my hands. A little ways of me I saw a wheel chair. I quickly walked to it and as I passed by one of the rooms I saw a girl sitting on the bed weeping. I looked at her and walked in quietly. "Hello?" She turned and my heart dropped to my stomach. " can't be you....."

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