Kiki and her best friend Lexy are trying to make it to Italy to find Kiki's brother before their time runs out.
But will they make it? read to find out


12. Twelve Arsen

             "What the Hell man!" I pushed Nick. "Dude he was a fucking zombie." "We call them infected not zombies." Kiki said. "Well whatever, either he came to bite me or I shot him." "Arsen at least he's finally dead." Lex said. I looked down at Jake. He was pale blue and his eyes were red. "You're right....Sorry, I just can't believe the only friend I had throughout this whole thing is dead...." "It's fine I get it...." Nick said putting his gun away. "So why the Hell are you guys back?" Kiki asked. "Hayden got what he wanted and then left us for dead. So I knew ya'll were gonna be up here so yea...." Lex explained. "That's such a shame..." Kiki smirked. "Go head Kiki laugh...." She shook her head and went back into the room we slept in. Lex crossed her arms and looked at me. "You know you did a shitty thing..." Lex said nothing. I walked into the room. "You okay?" She was looking out the window. "Yea...." Her breath fog up the glass. She turned her head. "Can we just leave?" I nodded. We got on to this small airplane. So glad I took flying lessons. Lex, Nick, and Shy stayed in the back, and Kiki stayed up front with me. I started up the plane and then I started go. 

           Nick came into the front. "Hey so where are we going?" "Italy...." Kiki answered."Thought we was going to Canada?" "I mean I could drop you all off at the safe place." "Yea, I just wanna feel safe for once..." "Is that okay if I do that Kiki?" "Yea..." I changed the direction where the plane was going and headed to Canada. 

          We got to Toronto in two hours. We all got out of the plane and now we had to find a car to take. We walked out to the car parking lot and we all looked for a car. I saw this whine red Buick car. I opened the door and is was a little under of quarter of tank full of gas. I hot wired the car, Jake taught me how to do that. I honked the horn and they all ran over to the car. "Nice find." Nick said getting into the front. Shy sat in the middle of Lex and Kiki. "How much is in here." Close to empty." "Oh damn." Nick said. "So the safe place is how long from here?" "Well it"s in Montreal, so about four hours." "Why didn't we just fly over there?" Nick asked annoyed. "Cause they shut down the airport there cause that's where the safe place is." "Oh...." "Plus I'm sure we'll get there quicker cause we don't have people in our way." No one replied and the car was quiet. 

           About three hours later I saw the safe place. I pulled over about two miles back. "You guys can walk the rest, I can't drive up there." "Why?" Lex asked. "Cause when I get up there they make you drive in the area and they are very forceful to get people in there and be safe. That's what I've heard....And I'm not risking that." "Understandable....Well thank you for the ride and everything man." Nick said getting out of the car. Lex looked at Kiki. "Bye Kiki..." Kiki looked at her. "Bye..." Shy got out of the car and Lex closed the door. Kiki got in the front seat. "Well I'm gonna need to get some more gas." "Okay..." I turned around and went back to the direction we came from. 

            Once we got back to the airport I looked for a plane that had more fuel and was able to carry the car we found. Kiki seemed really depressed. She hadn't said a word since what had happened with Jake. I was depressed since this whole thing even started but I don't let it get in the way, but she is and it's getting on my nerves. I found a plane that was able to carry the car but didn't have that much fuel to get us to Italy. "Let's just leave the car behind. The plane we had before was small and had lots of fuel." Kiki said getting frustrated. "I'm just trying to make this easier on us...So when we get there we won't have to go searching for a car....We got lucky this time but I can't say we'll find one when we get to Italy." She sighed. "Then what are we going to do?" "Well if I can find enough fuel to fill this plane up then we'll be set to go." She just looked at me. "Well I guess let's go searching for fuel. 

           We looked for fuel and I had found some, not enough to fill the plane up but enough that would at least get us there, but not back. I filled up the plane and got the car in. Once I got everything ready we set off to continue our journey to Italy. "Does the letter have an address?" Kiki pulled out the letter and a photo fell out of her pocket when she pulled it out. I looked at the photo and it was a family photo. She picked it up and put it back in her pocket then she unfolded the letter. She read it out loud. "Nope no address." "Well how the Hell are we going to find him?" "I can try to call him...." "I doubt that will work...." "My brother is a Chemist and I know he was semi-popular there....I could maybe find him like on google." "You still get data on that thing? How are you even charging that?" " dad made me a portable charger that took batteries, and he saved a bunch of batteries over the years, so that's how. And I keep my phone off unless I really need it, so that also saves the battery life." "Damn..." "Yea..." "Well look his ass up." 

           Thirty minutes later she interrupted the quietness with, "Okay so he lives in Catania." "Alright...I'll stop at the Rome airport and then drive the rest. We can sleep in the plane once we get there and then when we get up we'll leave to go to Catania....Now if you could try and get a hold of him that would be great so we know his address." She nodded.  

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